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  1. The Dude
    Hey all, like the sound so far; a mix of old and new. Besides that im still keeping my expectations in check for this movie because of all the previous letdowns. But when Adrien Brody says he saw it and that its "f**king epic" it gets harder and harder to stay level headed and not get excited like a little schoolgirl.
  2. moonchild
    WOW! That must be Skywalker Ranch. Listen to that intense       orchestra through those very Live B&W speakers. They are 800Ds at $11.500.00 a pop and there are Five of them. I can't wait to get the soundtrack.
  3. Death_OR_Glory
    Anyone who has something negative to say about this just doesnt get it and more so then likely knows nothing about music. All you Negative Nancys out there who swim around on this site... go do the rest of us a favor and kill yourself. You know deep down you want to. (we want you to too.) :-*
  4. Warghost
    Awesome. Has it's own unique flavor blended perfectly with the old cues. It is a "sequel" to Predator, so why would it sound nothing like the original? Stop complaining. This is perfect!
  5. AmandaT800
    Im so happy cant wait for this to come out already & so getting this score but u know not to piss anyone u know someone out there is going to have it on net to download but i rather buy the real thing but then again i would still download it lol.
    Splendid! Debney is just the man we need for Alien Prequel Soundtrack Score I am pretty sure that his music would be awesome in it and I am looking forward to tons of Jungle Percussion in this one.
  7. RoaryUK
    Hmmm, as much as I dislike what I've seen so far for this fllm, so far the music score appears to be something special, and maybe the one thing they got right....great stuff.
  8. Elorrra
    As far as I remember...the original Predator was not a big success in cinemas. It got its reputation from videos and love of the public. (If Im mistaken I apologize) If this happens with this Predator movie...its just as good for me. I want a movie what I can watch 1000 times like the first and not get bored. THAT makes a movie good. Not the numbers. The music is really good and with the proper scenes it has potental to give goose bumps.
  9. invisible hunter
    Not sure, sounds ok. Nowhere near as good as alans original. I know they need new music but the first 130 seconds ummmmm ........... will make my mind up when i hear abit more. I love the original music and always love somthing fresh, but sounds abit messy to me.  ???
  10. Starkiller
    very nice! esp that last 20 secs :) however i was hoping for something new, fresh and different, but non the less, this sounds promising. cant wait for the film, im hoping this 'new breed' of predator are lean, mean, agggressive and very scary ;)
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