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Alien Fans Documentary

You may remember the Alien Makers documentaries put together by Dennis Lowe. His newest documentary is about the fans and he’s interviewed various members in the online Alien community. The interview includes Mike Lynch, Julian Bloom, Michael Seigler, Philippe Carini, Marc Caro, Aaron Percival, Fred Blanchard, Graham Langridge, Bijan Aalam, John Milas, and Dominic Kulcsar.

 Alien Fans Documentary

Some of those people you may know from the community. Mike Lynch runs Anchorpoint Essays; Aaron Percival is our very own Corporal Hicks; Michael Seigler, you may better know as Mr. Domino and Dominic Kulcsar is also known as wmmvrrvrrmm. They basically talk about what they thought of the Alien series and how it’s affected them in their lives. It’s quite interesting.  The interview runs for about an hour and half. You can stream it over on Alien Experience or you can download it directly here. (344MB)

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  1. alienfan
      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      ;D      :)      :)      :)      :P      >:D      >:D      >:D      >:D      ::)      ::)      ::)    AWESOME! Cool!
  2. Jukebox Joe
    Been getting these Alien Makers/Fans DVDS in the post for ages and only just got around to watching them. Really great stuff, loved getting to see how the film was actually put together from the people who did it, instead of just the stars.

    Also, congratulations to everyone who appeared on the Alien fans DVD, it was a great watch. I want your Alien merchandise.
  3. Kimarhi
    Mr. Domino totally reminds me of a young Tarantino.
    Kind of interesting how the stories are somewhat similar.  I started with the movies, then got into the comics, but spent alot of time comic hunting over the 90's.  To be young and carefree.

    So far its been interesting. 

  4. Darkness
    He's in Australia for starters. I think he had a video camera and he was going to do it over the internet at one point. I guess there's a lot of people who wanted to do this but couldn't for various reasons.
  5. Mr. Domino
    Wonderful film. More or less just repeating what I've said elsewhere, but this and the Makers films before them are a real blessing to our community.

    Other franchises have documentaries that are controlled by the studio that focus on only the director, and some of the stars usually. We've got that now, plus some that focus on the other guys, the guys that worked and toiled doing all the amazing things that made Alien seem so real to us, both then and now, and they weren't controlled by the studio, so there was no censorship as to what was said (I'm looking at you, David Fincher...)

    And a documentary about the fans? I mean, sure, there was Trekkies, but that was more of an exercise in "look how weird these people are" rather than a celebration of why they were fans. Alien Fans is a truly unique film, in that it manages to take all these people from radically different backgrounds and situations, and boil it down in 90 minutes to just what makes Alien such a special and enduring film, and what makes everyone here love it so.

    Also, that ending was fantastic.
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