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Alien Fans 2 Documentary Released

You should all remember Dennis Lowe, one of the SFX artists behind Alien, producing a number of fantastic documentaries called Alien Makers. A year or so back he also produced a documentary called Alien Fans, looking at how the movie had effected the life of those who had watched it.

Dennis has now released his second Alien Fans video, this one including the fantastic Andrew David Clark, the man behind the upcoming Aliens Encounters: 25 Years of Superior Fan Power and Gareth Ellner, AKA Abe T. Alien amongst others. Be sure to check out the rest of Dennis’ work on his website!

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    I loved the costume play; guy's story about visiting ALIEN-WAR* (*a live action attraction in London in the early 1990s) and being impressed so much he took up dressing as an ALIEN as a corporate event performer.

    I also loved his genuine passion for ALIEN and ALIENS but his genuine hatred for the films that followed- ALIEN 3 onwards.
    I cannot stress how right he was about ALIEN 3 almost killing the franchise to the point of no return.

    As for that musician guy at the end (who took up the last 20 minutes) he was creepy  :o. His story was a little too histrionic, over-sensitive and (dare I say it) a fruit-loop. His trying to make connections between Rock and Roll music, school days, the film ALIEN and a failed attempt to enter advertising as a career purely because he liked ALIEN..............very much like a closet serial killer.

    But props to that CGI guy in the middle- a perfect interviewee and I loved his story.
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