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  1. Zero T.
      :o  I went and Stpooed by the website,and it's pretty cool.(Even though the website is haftway done.)Thanks for the news!!! The f_cking website is cool,BUT it is a little short of imfo.....I can understand that he just made the website,but that much imfo soooo fAr!!!!....If that was my website,I probably would have the imfo about the hive by now!!!!(I know alot about the Aliens.) Thats all for now,but I will continue to comment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Carry on,lads!!!   ;D     :D  
  2. megachu17
    That site ROKS!!!  Any future movies sould build off that essay, it maks the aliens seem like living beings, like there bodily processes and behavioral interactions are that of an observible animal.  I realize some people would think making a fiction creature seem realistic is a waste of time, but to me it just makes them even scarier!
  3. cdiehl
    so now simply because i stated that i think the guy wasted a good amount of his time suddenly means i'm a teenager. go figure... i'm a definite fan of the aliens and predators, but not one of those... what are they called? oh, yeah, OBSESSED fans on here who have to drool and read over everything and anything over AVP, and have to print it all out. does the guy have credentials in physics? if so, then he probably knows what he's talking about with pH levels and all that stuff. if not, it's all crap and you guys take it for what it's worth and read it like a bible. wow.... i'm touched.
  4. Rob - - - - - - ski
    Very informative for the information seekers. But ,when you read it, it feels like a rule book. It puts so much depth into its phyiscallity, traits, behavior, and abilities that it sounds like if you write a fanfiction, make any movie, etc. you have to follow anything about it by the book.
  5. The Big Bad Wolf
    This site is ok but the backgroung f**king hurts your eye's and may not be good epileptic's whoever runnin the site,  please change the background...peace
    i agree with you xenomorphine about what you said and i did a similar essay on the aliens and the hive too and i think its awesome to guess and figure out what the aliens are and about their hives. its cool stuff and that moron who says its a waste of time is not a true alien fan like us. i'm glad the site is back and running i missed it alot. ALIENS AND PREDATOR RULES!!!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  7. Dark Method
    What's wrong with some people here? Why's everyone gotta bitch all the time? It's called "fan fiction" for f**ks sakes. You all want all want that..and you all f**king bitch about everything. From what I read, I thought it was a decent read. Quit f**king bitching about every little thing you don't like. f**king teenagers.
  8. Xenomorphine
    Yeah, sure, he wasted his time on doing something he enjoys.  Yeesh... Are you going to say the 'Colonial Marines Technical Guide' was crap, too? So what if it's in such demand that copies can self for thousands... It's all "bullshit and made-up crap", right?  So long as it's of a professional standard, I don't see the problem.
  9. cdiehl
    yeah, i find it kinda stupid.... it's just a movie creature. sure it's fun to think about what the hive is like at times, but to actually write essays on it? tssh... please. it's all a work of bullshit and made-up crap. if you ask me, the guy DEFINITELY wasted a huge amount of his time.
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