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More AvP3 Concept Art *Updated*

Not too long ago we reported on a few pieces of concept art from Rebellion’s new AvP that had made their way online. Seems that fellow site Aliens Online had more hidden away in their gallery:

 More AvP3 Concept Art *Updated*

As well as the four we have up in our gallery, Aliens Online has an additional 7 new pieces of concept art including cross sections of a dropship and a crashed dropship on the surface of BG-386. Thanks to Doomsday for the tip.

EDIT: In addition to these 7 shots, AvPGalaxy is proud to present you with a further 7 exclusive pieces of concept art courtesy of local games guro Ikarop. You can find these in our gallery. We’ve also got 3 high-res copies of the PS3 controller layout posters used at EuroGamer Expo. You can see those here.

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Comments: 23
  1. Darklarik
    Did anyone else see the Praetorian with Predalien mandibles and a tail that has a striking similarity to the Predalien in the predator E3 campiang Demo?   :o   Predalien + Praetorian = ?awsome?
  2. Clovers
    The Dorman's Predalien is cool, probles is mouth. The dreadlocks are ok, not like chet from avp:r. This Predalien is definitely cool,but  Dorman's Predalien is the 1º. Rob is Dead space comics good to buy,yes or no? And Thanks!    ;D  
  3. Rob
    The thing with Dorman's Predalien is it mouth, its mandibles are its mouth i mean with other Predaliens, there mandibles they have a mouth behind the mandibles. There is a pic of it in the gallery.
  4. Rob
    Chris P: Someone swiped your comment off & I asumed somthing's up no biggy.   ;D   How is your web site soming along ? I relly should visit it more    :)    Clovers: Hi long time no speak   :D   Sorry to her about your free net death hope it turnsout ok. can't wate to see your comic & there isn't any concept art of the Predalien online yet. i hope there will be.
  5. Clovers
    I´m stil alive , Rob!   :D   My free net is dead... My comic stil in works. Rob is some Predalien  concept art from this game also online?
  6. Xenomorphine
    That upgraded dropship is interesting... Just a LITTLE bit pointless, because it seems like they only did it, almost purely to double the amount of weapons it can carry or fire (including twice the number of gun barrels), but nice to see they were trying to keep mostly faithful to the original concept of it.
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