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More AvP3 Concept Art *Updated*

Not too long ago we reported on a few pieces of concept art from Rebellion’s new AvP that had made their way online. Seems that fellow site Aliens Online had more hidden away in their gallery:

 More AvP3 Concept Art *Updated*

As well as the four we have up in our gallery, Aliens Online has an additional 7 new pieces of concept art including cross sections of a dropship and a crashed dropship on the surface of BG-386. Thanks to Doomsday for the tip.

EDIT: In addition to these 7 shots, AvPGalaxy is proud to present you with a further 7 exclusive pieces of concept art courtesy of local games guro Ikarop. You can find these in our gallery. We’ve also got 3 high-res copies of the PS3 controller layout posters used at EuroGamer Expo. You can see those here.

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