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First AvP3 Gameplay Footage! [Updated]

As previously announced, some Aliens vs Predator gameplay footage was shown on Spike TV’s Pre-E3 Special last night. The scenes include a Predator fighting with an Alien and ripping its jaw out, lots of scenes showing the Predator’s new vision modes and a Predator killing a Marine from behind.

20090529 First AvP3 Gameplay Footage! [Updated]

You can now watch the gameplay footage in HD on GameTrailers. You can also find almost 40 caps in our Gallery. Thanks to Yellow Alien for uploading the first footage and Sinister for the HD link.

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  1. Omega
    Just shut the hell up,f**kin children,than u go and develop a game...this is gonna be an ass kicking title    >:D   And graphics are not outdated,what're u blind or something.....
      :o   This is some insane shit but Gearbox better get their asses in gear and rebbelion studios better not let us down or anything like they did when they got rid of Star Wars Battlefront 3. And they sure as hell better not f**king be bought out just like free radical studios EVERYONE donate ur money to rebbelion studios!!
  3. pred 1
      ;D   looks good hope we can change in to more then one species i.e pred 1, pred 2, scar ,elder would be cool. aliens,worrior, runner,predalien,and also queen,.humans well heavy metal ,chan gun , mini gun you get my drifft...some games get rushed or spent to much time on back ground pictures when really its all about game play..i hope i get proven wrong with this game and we all get blown away..   >:D  
  4. alpha defekt
    I can't believe "Aliens vs Predator fans" are criticizing the game so hard. Why are you here if you can already decide things like "Oh the game looks bad" or "This and this needs work" It was what? a minute or more video? lol Show your love for both species, and for this game. What else would you play instead?    :-\  
  5. jtreg
    I agree about the stupid comments. i cant believe all these people that are criticizing a game that is clearly in the early stages of development. I also agree with Tmistro. The Predator needed the most work and I'm glad to see that rebellion has seen this aswell. can't wait to see footage of the marines and aliens aswell   ;D  
  6. alpha defekt
      ;D   I can't wait to own as the Alien once more! The 1999 classic was great online! Rebellion looks like they are going to blow my mind again. My thoughts are that the Alien creature looks great! Yet I hope they add some type of custom character option. I would love to make my own Predator with mask and trinkets. Or Marine with custom decals on the armor.
  7. Tmistro
    I  completely agree with reaper here... To be quite honest the graphics on AvP2 where shocking, but half the time you need that to have decent gameplay. I don't know why some people are asking for this to be stopped just go away if your going to constantly complain about it. Avp2 was awesome for me and i loved each class because they were all enjoyable to play. The predator in my opinion should probably be stronger because if you think about it in reality they do absolutely own everything. I think they need to try and make it a high skill factor needed to play the predator to the best of its abilities though. I found them so easy to kill as a alien or marine in Avp2 so i still cant see why people are complaining so much. Really looking forward to this game as long as they have kept survivor mode :)
  8. Reaper
    It looks amazing to me!    :o   Everyone who is criticising the graphics is not a true fan , remember what graphics avp2 had but we still played it because its gameplay kicked ass! And add that they have 1 more year... I dont care 'bout graphics if gameplay is cool. Those who criticise predators in the game wait for A:CM all your life or play only alien vs human in game... Its obvious that predators are much more powerful than aliens cuz they have their physical abilities and high tech weapons added to that , aliens only have their phisycal abilities. Remember aliens(movie) marines killed huge amount of aliens with weapons(except the scene in the hive,but marines werent allowed to use weapons...) they werent equal... The only advantage aliens have is their huge number... I cant wait to paly this game    >:D  
  9. Manoel Metodiev
    Who is stronger Predator or Alien?It is impossible to determine until the game come out.  And why criticize GAMEPLAY and GRAPFICS, as the game is still in development?We are in 2009 and to 2010 have time, video and photos presented only a small part of the game nothing more  Went out of the market and play it,then will have got to criticize AvP3  I think the Rebellion will cope well  Sorry for bad English
  10. EaglePred
    I'm sick of alien v predator games / movies as well.  I want a Predator game that is GTA style with NO aliens.  P:CJ was cool, even though it was bad, but it wasn't nearly as much as it could have been.  I say after AVP3 end all alien and predator joint adventures.
  11. Spoon
    I dont favor any specie over the other but you must realize that the alien kills on stealth.  Im sorry but you cant sneak up on a predator.         I think the only way an alien could kill a pred is 3 to 1 in close quarters.   Avp movies were a joke how they made the predator so damn slow and its like they show off a bit before they kill.  Watch pred 1 and 2 they take you down with no hesitation.  They are pure hunters in those movies. Im actually a aliens fan sooo...
  12. Hicks_0998
    Maybe it's just me but when the first 2 AvP games came out, they both reflected the universes respectfully.  When that footage was shown, I couldnt help but remember what the movie AvP and AvPR were like so I'm guessing this game has borrowed heavily from the 2 movies as the first 2 games had no cinematic inspiration to draw from in the crossover.  2 wrist blades on each arm?
  13. Predboy
    The game looks pretty good so far for the predator. The jungle looks f**king flawless. One thing I'll be looking forward to when playing as the predator. Graphics are fine, dont know why the hell people are bitching about it. The aliens, well yeah, hopefully they'll look better.  I want to start hearing more about the Marines and Aliens. I hope this whole reducing the alien's speed thing isn't true. Honestly, one of the things aliens are best known for is their speed, so why the f**k would you take that away?
  14. Rebel-Blood
    I knew it, its gonna suck. One more reason to separate the Alien franchise from Predator franchise since no one can make an AVP game right. I will be waiting for CM maybe itll be better than this.
  15. RidgeTop
    Gearbox dosent work hard enough and delays their games all the time.  They focused on Brothers in Arms when they should have been making Borderlands, and now they are focusing on Borderlands when Aliens CM should be their biggest priority.  Sega knows this, Im sure Rebellion impressed them with their commitment to return to their former glory with the title that made them well known in the first place.
  16. LeoTPred
    to all people that say that predator ruins the alien franchise... I totally disagree with this statement because avp and avpr made alot of money and not only alot but enough that if their was an alien 5 Avpr would have gotten more money in top box office and not only predator one and predator two got top box office when it came out... didnt beat the amount at the alien series but I do believe if there was a predator series it would have
  17. Icarus
    @Apone  How was Aliens: Colonial Marines "taken away?" It was never out in the first place. Gearbox couldn't put out a profitable product, so they had to layoff some of their employees and delayed the game for another year. You might as well blame them, instead of the Predator franchise, for not getting their asses in gear. Suck it up, and just play as the Marine or Alien, or don't get the game at all if you're that sardonic about another Predator-related title.
  18. randy4321
    Somewhat impressed on the WIP but like hart said...but still impressed so far   Hart | 29 May 2009 08:17 6  Don't like all the relying on finishers, silly shakey cam animation but I hope for the most part the game is in your control.
  19. Soffish
    People, You cannot judge it at this time. If you didn't read the top right corner it said "Work in Progress". It still has alot of work to do and I don't think Rebellion are really worried about the graphics at the min. They just working on the gameplay, Bug testing, story and other stuff. They will pollish the game once they have done most of the stuff they need to do. The game is still at a very basic stage.
  20. Apone
    @FU On the money. We get A:CM taken away, only to have to sit through more Predators crashing the party. Predator films wish they were half as good as Aliens. Sick of Predator crap. Especially when we were so close to having a pure Aliens vs Colonial Marines story. Game over, man. Secure that shit.
  21. Mr. Stizout
    @FU I do kind of agree, the Predator frachise would be pretty dead if it wasn't for Aliens because of AVP.  I just feel like games are too predator fanboyish even though it is debated Alien is the most revolutionary sciencefiction franchises next to Star Trek and Star Wars, which Predator is not even remotely close.  But I think your wording should be reworked.  I hope the game will me more balanced because taking down the Aliens' speed is stupid and it should be a lot easier to kill a Predator cause in AVP games a noob pred can take an expert alien player cause the games are unblanaced.
  22. FU
    I knew this was going to be shit, lol. Predators ruin everything, this game should be f**king boycotted and the makers dragged into the streets and shot for inflicting more predator crap on the Aliens universe, if not for predator Alien would be a thriving franchise and the predator fans would be off masterbaiting to power rangers or something.
  23. Predator is prey
    Wow i cant believe how ppl judge a game when there still a year for its release. Stop whining about looks and movement of marines and aliens. I wanted to see some alien gameplay or marine.   :-\  
  24. FearPeteySodes
    Marine movement looked awkward and the aliens were meh at this point.  Still a day one buy for me at this stage but i hope they go for more of the horror style of the original rather than a generic schmup featuring a few aliens.  Personally i'd rather have A:CM.
  25. The Man
    A bunch of 13-14 year old kids who want Crysis graphics can go jump in a crocodile infested waters.  :)   It looked awesome in every single aspect.The clip was just too short though.Besides the game is FAR from being finished.... Personally i don't give a rats ass about phenomenal graphics.Who knows why,maybe because i'm not 14.
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