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First High-Res AvP3 Screenshots!

Well we’ve all seen the screenshots in the magazines and the scans we’ve uploaded but now AvPGalaxy is proud to present you guys with the first high-res screenshot from Rebellion’s upcoming AvP3:

20090520_01 First High-Res AvP3 Screenshots!

I know this isn’t a new screenshot but it is the first to be officially released by Sega on internet. It is also being labeled as the “Marine POV screenshot” by Sega. You can the original article over at if you want. Keep nosing about as even more screenshots and a trailer are apparently being released sometime in the next 2 hours.

EDIT: Sega has released two more high-res shots. Unfortunately none of them are new. However some minor story details have also been released which confirm my speculation that the ruins where actually a training pyramid like the one seen in the first movie.

There is also supposed to be a trailer but I can’t find the link. I’m just waiting back on Sega to find out what’s going down regarding the trailer.

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Comments: 14
  1. shinigami
    I dont realy like the idea of an Predator training pyramid. I think it would have been better if it would be an another abandoned Space Jockey's artifact or something like in AVP2 game.    :-\  
  2. Private W Hudson
    Cool trailer and that but with the high res screenshots im really not digging the new marines whats going on with them!?! they dont look right they look like gears of war soldiers or somthing or Unreal tournamet players
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