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Updated AvP3 Predator Gameplay Demo

Aliens vs Predator was showcased at Igromir 2009 last weekend which is a games show in Russia. You can watch a ten minute video of them playing the first Predator level. While this is the same as the E3 demo, this video shows an updated build of the game and you’ll notice many subtle changes, particularly to the HUD. This also shows the number of Predator missions: Tutorial, Jungle, Refinery, Ruins, Research Lab, and Pyramid.

In related news, AvP will reportedly not be released in Germany due to its gory content. It was rumoured that Sega would have to cut it there but now, they’re refusing to censor it altogether because it lessens the gameplay experience. Thanks to Ikarop, yaji and AMC_Duke for the news.

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  1. Bio Mech Hunter
    @Incredible: Hypocritical? You're misinterpreting me. It's one thing to explain you're reasoning like how & why. It's another to make comments like "shut the f**k up u f**king prick. This is A GAME u dumbass. For me it's a f**kING MUST BUY!".
  2. kakarotssj4
    well, as somebody said 'the alien should be 8ft tall' and they are !! because predator ain 5,5ft ? hes more likely to be 8ft too. The game can be balanced in a different way, for example pred will have to charge his shoulder canon, such a small thing but when it comes to the multiplayer, it does a huge difference :)
  3. Bio Mech Hunter
    Good grief, I can't believe some of you guys. Ravenous zealots.   ::)   We shouldn't be grateful just because we're (finally) getting a new installment to the franchise. The AVP series deserves justice and it deserves to be done right. Damnit, we deserve it (Lord knows we had to wait long enough for it). It should be faithful to the series we love and not include half-baked elements then try to justify it as "gameplay-balance". That's sheer BS. What I have a problem with, are the UNNECESSARY sacrifices to authenticity in the name of "gameplay". A recurring thorn in the series' side.  Some details, like the Alien's size, strength, intelligence, weight, speed, etc., don't even have anything to do with gameplay and they can't even get that right (which in turn, would allow them to justify ridiculous animations like a Predator picking up an Alien and breaking it's back or a Marine kicking one off himself; I mean c'mon, this is absolutely absurd). It makes one wonder if they've even scene the films they say they love so much.  Or the plasma caster and the way they've changed how it charges up. *face palm* The targeting laser is what's suppose to give it away and it worked pretty damn well in past AVP games. Why change it?  Anyway, there are other ways of balancing a game's gameplay while keeping it as authentic to the subject material as possible . Rebellion's inability to do this is what makes me wary of them re-helming the AVP franchise.
  4. Ferazel
    I wish they would release this demo to the public so we would have a better idea of what this game plays like. Then we can ask for any last-minute changes that NEED to be done from the fans.
  5. n3m0
    looks great except few things... enemies still explode into pieces and hit dont stop focus jump :P pred stance with dual blades is sooo stupid! dont like block either :P and i hate spine breaking...well for alien atleast, breaking a marine will be cool =)  everything else looks great! cant wait for the game ^^
  6. Rob
    Xenomorphine: The Alien is a lot liter than the Predator & Predator is a lot stronger than humans let alone the Alien, it macks sents when the Predator lifting the Alien up & bracking its back with ease.
  7. Thoughtful
    Something else I noticed. @ 3:42, two bullets impact on the predator's armor and the health bar on the bottom-right breaks off into a new segment but doesn't decrease (indicating lost health).  Then when fighting with the Marine a few seconds later, he loses the exact same amount and the section next to it breaks off into a segment which slowly rejoins the rest of the health bar. Is it possible that the Predator has armor that protects it from small amounts of damage?
  8. Thoughtful
    Re: #15 - charging plasmacaster is for gameplay balance. not everything can be 100% pure to the movies, and even then varying strengths of plasmacaster bolts are arguably movie canon.  Re: the second half of your post and also #19, single-player enemies will be by necessity weaker than you. Your opposing factions will be, by necessity, weaker than you. The game wouldn't be very fun if fighting two Aliens left you mortally wounded as a Predator, would it? With that said, it looks like the Aliens did a good job flanking and in large numbers would kill you (unlike avp2 where you could slaughter them by the dozens).  The game so far is looking really good. My concern, particularly in light of Modern Warfare 2's release, is how multiplayer will be handled. Will there be dedicated servers? Will there be console commands? The ability to kick/ban?  I am watching eagerly. A free pre-release demo would be a tantalizing way to put my concerns to rest (HINT HINT REBELLION).
  9. YautjaZer0
    im glade the pred has gloves now. i thought the gloveless hands looked a bit weird.    :)   i would like to see some spear gameplay.
  10. Xenomorphine
    I still have trouble taking this seriously when a Predator lifts up an Alien and it just flails in the air... My sense of immersion goes right out of the window.  Anything like that needs to be very fast.
  11. Yautja117
    They're playing on easy now, not har like before. The Alien is as tall as the Predator or else they wouldn't stand face to face. They now try to fight and attack you. Weaker? It's not a game change, it's a diffuculty change.
  12. Jigsaw85
    WTF!? They said the Aliens were going to be harder once they finished and now their weaker than ever. Their slower, their dumber, their attacks do less damage then they used too and of course im not surprised to see the alien get his spine broken in two by a predator. f**k it, im done with this Alien vs Predator shit or should I say "predator slaughters Aliens" shit. The alien is suppose to be 8 feet tall, why are they ignoring facts about the Aliens? If you can't do it right, don't do it at all.
  13. Pelax
    Gentlemen.. for me it's a MUST-f**kIN-HAVE  I know it could be done better, the single player will be very short, game engine won't be superb, etc.. But for an hour in Predator/Alien/CM shoes I will pay every price.  Hoping only that the story would be interesting.
  14. Bio Mech Hunter
    Well, overall it looks like it's coming along nicely, but there are a few things they've done I'm really not happy with.  Like the way they made the plasma caster charge up. It's unrealistic and it draws too much attention to you. The one trophy kill animation where he ripped the marine's skull and spine out (of his stomach no less?) was cheaply done. And you would think with all that CQC with the aliens, and all that acid spraying everywhere with each kill (like severing it's head at point blank range lol), he would've be dead by the second one he encountered (at most).   ::)   I'm also quite irritated they've once again made the aliens too damn small!   >:(   For Pete's sake... *face palm*
  15. tigerija
    I think he will upload one more video. I hope, coz this isnt the end. And its his third video. I bumped to this one from the second video of this guy actually where I tought was gameplay -.-' .
  16. Rob
    They changed quit a bit of it,the Predator hands, the rist blades, the Preds viser vision the energy & health bar. the jungle environment looks dark creepy & the cut seen looks amazing, shame it didn't come to the Predalien cut seen that would of been ineresting. They eve put in 1 or 2 Xeno Drones among the Warrior Xenos that was good & if theres any changes with the Xeno gameplay, I can't wate.
  17. Spoon
    OMG the preds blades look so much better now.  I personally would rather see one handed blades and little shorter but damn they are an improvement. great to see these changes.
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