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Predators Casting Call

It was rumoured last week that Fox were looking for four people to play a “Black”, “Asian”, “Russian” and “Latino” marine in the upcoming Predators movie. posted a casting call for these characters two days ago. The article has since been removed now but here’s the character descriptions:

ASIAN MALE – 30s. Slender, stealthy and a master with the katana. A man of few words…LEAD
BLACK MALE – 30s – 40s. Quiet but full of deadly old-world wisdom. A natural-born killer not afraid to die. Authentic African…LEAD
RUSSIAN MALE – 30s – 40s. Frightening bear of a man…shoot first, ask questions later…LEAD
LATINO MALE – 30s – 40s. Hardened, brutal…Danny Trejo type…LEAD

You can read the casting call in full in the forum.

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  1. PyroAcid
    by reading the fourms and kind geting to know what kind of people are fans of Aliens,(xenos) Predators(Yenji) there trying to aim this at all the emo kids out there with hair in front of there faces. lol this moive is truely going to blow camel srotem.
  2. blackhawk
    Nathan Jones would be good...don't know if he's Russian for an Asain male...maybe Tony Jaa just give him a katana and he'll be good....Latino male would have to be Danny Trejo....and finally a black male...Deobia Oparei (destroyer in Doom) not sure if he's from Africa though.
  3. Space Sweeper
    The just put a ton of cliches into every one of those races... this movie is going downhill into a pool of mud, and dragging the cloaked Predators with it.  I really hope this is just a stupid rumour, or by some amazing chance the characters.. are.. handled... well?
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