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Arnie Cameo for Predators?

There’s a small piece on MovieHole about Arnold Schwarzenegger making a very small cameo appearance in the upcoming Predators movie. It’s just speculation on their part, I think. They say he may appear as one of the prisoners in the ‘prison camp’.

…Robert Rodriguez is writing a part in his new “Predator” sequel (smugly titled “Predators”) for ‘Dutch’ himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yeah, no surprise really. Anyway, what I’ve heard – and again, don’t take this to the bank until I can get some kind of confirmation, but it would be nifty – is that cigar-chompin’ Dutch may appear (and when I say appear, I mean the appearance could be as long as his cameo in the forthcoming “The Expendables” – so not much at all) as one of the prisoners in the ‘Prison Camp’ that the film’s set in, or, the character may be reintroduced another way – say as a relative (read : father) to the new male lead. I’m thinking a deal for Arnie to appear probably won’t happen overnight, but just a heads up that the wheels may be in motion for a guestie by the big guy.

Thanks to Pvt. Hicks for the news.

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  1. TiggerRN
    The concept of having Dutch in the film aswell as it being set in the 17th century both got mentioned, and all you focused on was Arnie's cameo?  They aint time travellers - amusing to see everyone moan about it though.
  2. rudyripley
      8)   i would think so also, Purebreedalien. i would like to see Arnie again in "Predators" like Mcg did with Arnie in TERMINATOR SALVATION even though u guys haven't seen T:SALVATION yet. But go see it, if u guys have the time. I don't want to spoil it for all of u. Happy PredHunting.
  3. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    what about his governership saving California? let's have different people playing different characters? with a different story?much like a reboot:like how the Preds came about to Earth?just my suggestion.
  4. Deco
    Awwwh this gets worse by the minute. Arnie should only be in a film that will directly relate to his character and the his story. Not just show up in the movie for no damn reason. This film is going to be bollock juggling at its best. That Script outline was worse then AVPR
  5. Neon_Knight
    Personally, I just don't like Schwarzenegger.  I don't like him, at all.   He's not particularly good at acting, and always plays the same character role of someone who seems like an utter utter moron.  He just gets on my nerves really.  Don't just put him there for the sake of putting him there, it'll just worsen the film in my opinion.
  6. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    i really don't think that Arnie should appear in "Predators". he just got a lot of work to do and also that Arnie is in big trouble by Obama already.
  7. invisible hunter
    Sound like they are going to use some of the original rodriguez script, ohhhhh does not sound good. surely if he and his team love the predator movies they cant f**k it up.............PLEASE...........
  8. Predboy
    *sighs* Dont you think we've been through enough. AvP was such a dissapointment. It destroyed the predators, so two idiots decide to make it even worse by making AvPR, destroying the aliens. And since that was obviously not enough, Rodriguez wants to come in and destroy the predators completly with his piece of shit script and ideas. I have officially given up on this movie. Im not gonna bother, might as well spare myself the pain of being let down again while I have the chance.
  9. Hicks_0998
    If anyone here has read the Predator comics (not AvP) did you think they were good stories despite the fact Dutch wasn't involved in the majority of them?  That same principle could hold true to another Pred movie, although I highly doubt it as everyone's bitching about Dutch this and Dutch that.
  10. MicroN
    I wish they would scrap this movie all together. And get a court order so that Rodriguez never utters the word Predator again. Nor alien, or marine for that matter. This movie is going to suck
  11. Corporal Hicks
    @ Weyland: I here that mate. I'm finding it hard to be enthusiastic for this at the moment. Especially after putting myself through the original script...if this is based off that script then we have nothing to really look forward to.    :-\  
  12. Hicks_0998
    Guys this news item was posted on Monday so its nothing new for us here in oz.  Ever since then we've heard nothing more about it so it's anyones guess as to what role Dutch will play (if he's written in it at all).
  13. Predhunter
    Predators taking human prisoners???   They´re hunters!!Their life is all about hunting prey...  Why would predators want to keep human prisoners?? To play chess??  WTF!?
  14. Mr. Weyland
    The more I hear about this, the more I don't like it, and I actually like all alien, predator and AVP, to a point, I guess I just don't like remake or reboots, there is no point, and so far I am not liking Mr. Rodriguez very much.
  15. Nachtfalke
    Uh, not just for the sake of a cameo thanks. It can still refer to Dutch without having to show him in the flesh. With all the hype about Arnie's cameo at the end of AVP that amounted to nothing, I'm not getting my hopes up here either. Still, T4 has opened some doors for this 'pasting technology' over stand-ins. Perhaps we may one day see a feature using this technique full time.
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