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Predators Script Leaked!

A recent draft of the Predators script has been leaked onto the forum earlier today. You may remember Latino Review gave their impressions of it in September. It’s the same script dated July 12, 2009 by Mike Finch and Alex Litvak. Read at your own risk…

20091111 Predators Script Leaked!

The script is certainly not as good as Latino Review painted it out to be. Especially with these “Black Super Predators” which may as well not be Predators at all in my opinion. If you get past them, it’s an entertaining movie. The Predator dogs and falcons work pretty well in the script. There’s references to the first movie like “If it bleeds we can kill it” etc. The worst part is the alternative ending with Arnie which is just plain ridiculous. I’ll be praying Arnie declines the role. Thanks to Stringer_Pred for posting it.

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  1. Deco
    Cheers Gord Pred.  To those saying the director can turn this script into something worth watching:  'you can make a bad movie out of a good script, but you cant make good movie out of a bad one' - Alfred Hitchcock
  2. Pred34365
      >:(    The script is awful and as poor as the AvP 1 and 2 scripts.  If people like this and call themselves a fan, they don't deserve a good film!
  3. Deco
    This script is terrible.... nothing we havent alreay seen.  The Characters are useless.   Dont get your hopes up guys, its a dreadful, ABISMAL attempt  PS; STOP USING QUOTES FROM THE ORIGINAL FILM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD
  4. sak1na
    Well to be perfectly honest and not trying to be rude... i personaly didn't like this draft very much. But that's just my opinion. They can do way way better then this. And, of course, there could've been a better story. But that's not my duty to choose... i just hope they make it far better then the draft can make me think.
    I didn't think it was a horrible script, but i would never, ever compare Adrien Brody to Rambo. I hope they do make the ending better than what this has.   Does anyone know if all the special effects are going to be all CGI or did they actually have suits made for the super preds?
  6. Gort Pred
    holy shit. this is going to suck. Like omg, AVP and AVPR portrayed the Predator better then this bull shit.   I think its just no one cares about the Predator anymore. Is that it? Is that why were not going to be getting good movies out of these now? Might as well have this be a Sci Fi original. Man Rob, you and your team suck at story telling! Now I'm even more pissed that were getting another Alien movie. The only hope we have or we pretend to have is Ridly Scott. We should officuall abandon the idea for future Predator and Alien movies. Love the games they make still, enjoy the comics and enjoy the original movies.   For one I'm not blaming just fox, but everyone working on this. f**k.
  7. Zack
    Clovers, I am not trying to argue your point, you have a valid point. I am just pointing out that it is hard to make out what you are typing. lol Sorry if I offended you. I wonder what these big black predators are gonna look like.......Predators, or something entirely different.
  8. Clovers
    Zack , my friend,wtf are try to say is Michael Bay, in  this  remakes of horror movie, for example ,he put Freddy kuger  toy in new Jason movie , just to make sore are no more crossovers, this two characters. And my fear is Rodriguez done same thing in this movie. Is Avartar movie the movie of year?
  9. GbSlvns
    Im not gonna read it.  And you guys cant judge a movie from its script alone. I bet Predator looked stupid on paper; "Some invisible guy in the woods with eyes that sometimes glow yellow".   Anyway, i try to stay optimistic about this movie, including supporting Adrein Brody even though everyone else has totally rejected him w/out giving him a chance.
  10. Zack
    Okay, for one I am not going to read the script, I have messed up one too many movies that way. Two: Even if this is the actual script these guys are running with, do you honestly think they are going to follow it to the letter? Alot of times things look like sh*t on paper, but once it is brought out of context, it can actually count for an entertaining and unforgettable experience. I am a Predator fan from way back, I am not pleased with the way the franchise has been delt in the past few films. But I am just happy someone decided to revive the franchise. Im not saying it will be epic, Im not saying it will be sh*t. Im saying I am curious.
  11. Andy
    Whatever happened to the myth and the lore of the Predator?  Sci Fi Horror vs Sci Fi Action.   The Original Pred's 1 and 2 were horror.  There was buildup to the Predator, hunting, stalking, hiding etc....Now it's just straight to it, they add all these pointless dogs, and birds and a "Black" Pred, big fukin deal.  Not impressed.    I want the hunt, the stalk, the wondering where Pred is hiding, apparently Hollyweird does'nt give a sh!t and aint gonna do it.  That's why most movies suck now-a-days anyway.    I'll Red Box this pile.  It's maybe worth a dollar.
  12. Clovers
    Xenomorphine, Rob ,is this script have something , made Predator 2 and AvP and Avp canon or not canon? Because the last thing ,I´m hate see in this movie ,is one characters have comics Aliens or shirt . Because Michael Bay, have done same thing, producing remakes of horror movies ,this away to have sure ,are more crossovers.
  13. Xenomorphine
    Don't blame Fox for what can be blamed primarily on RR and the often-referenced producer who fought to get this greenlit. They're just a studio. They back ideas which are pitched to them in such a way as they believe they can make decent money from them.  If Fox interferes too much, you get 'Alien 3'. If they keep things to a hands off basis, you get this.  Either way, don't blame them. There are others who are far more responsible.
  14. Elorrra
    Actually I'm kinda worried... This movie will be nothing but a pile of smelly shit. They think having Predator on big screne will be enough to lure people and there is no need to have a good script...There is no need to be original or have it well-writen. What for? Idiot fans will go and watch it anyway...and I must confess no matter what it will be we will all go and watch it. Thats the truth.   :-[  
  15. RakaiThwei
    I've read the script, and I think it's crap. It's official, Fox doesn't care about the character, nor does it care about the fans. I now know how the Dragonball fans felt when DB: Evolution came out.   The Predators are completely out of character, some of the scenes are just rediculous, and it's a damn shame too. The endings are the icing on the crap cake though.   Rodriguez has said he wasn't doing this for the fans, but for casual interest... I believe Rodriguez has no idea what the hell he is doing.   Just cause something is "cool" doesn't make it right.
  16. Bladehuntr
    Personally,I have read the whole thing and, personally i like it, its a new twist on the concept and i like it. And personally i can see the people they casted for these roles in this movie..  Before i read this i was completely against this movie. but now...I gonna go see it.  I say give it a chance.
  17. dread7154
    If Fox would stop being so stingy about budgeting... AVP-R had much more potential, especially since the Strause Bros. planned it to be in space, in the fututre... just like the games... Also, if there is a third installment of AvP for the movies, let's hope they don't call the xenos "serpents"
  18. Predboy
    Just goes to show what a horrible pick Rodriguez is for a predator movie. Judging by these comments Im pretty sure he made yet another piece of shit script. I'm not gonna read it because I dont want to put myself through the pain of reading more of his crappy ideas and how he's getting ready to destroy this movie.
  19. camshaft
    good god, now what. I swear Fox is trying to f**k this character up. God I hope thats not the actuall script. If this movie is as bad as it sounds, it'll put the final nail in the coffen on any further predater movies.   I have to mention the latest comic release from dark horse is a steaming pile of shit as well.
  20. SomeoneContactRobRod
    Dear God, I'm sorry to disturb you but I really would like you to intervene, I know you don't like to do that during wars, genocides, and the like but this is a true travesty.   Please come on down and talk some sense into the assholes behind this shitty shitty movie. Explain to them that quoting "If it bleeds we can kill it" just makes the audience roll their eyes and remember how much better the original movie was.  Also, tell them to completely rewrite the ending, becuase the two they have to choose from now are Ed Wood-level bad.   Thanks God/Jesus/Holy Ghost you the man.
  21. TheWolfMan
    Just read the script and holy f**k BOTH of their planned ending are complete bullshit - worse than that Planet of the Apes remake ending, this is COMPLETE shit. Why oh why has God forsaken Predator fandom.  I give these ending a f**kYou/10
  22. Dutch
    first 85 pages (minus the pathetic use of "If it bleeds we can kill it") I'd say a 9.  The 'original' ending is a 4 and the alternate 'Dutch' ending is worse than anything in AVP... negative 6.   As others have said it is laughably bad, I cant think of anything as completely butt-f**ked stupid as this bed shitting 'cameo' ending, its single-handily destroys everything even remotely cool about Predators and negates the entire script too trashy fan fiction, or worse.
  23. EpsilonOrpheon777
    i haven't read it because my gf thinks i'll be "happy" i didn't when i'm watching it next july... well can anyone tell me on a scale of 1 being the first AVP and 10 being like the dream Predator movie we all want, what does the script score?
    Both Ending are TERRIBLE, the proposed Dutch one is laughably bad. Holy f**k. This is complete shit.   Well actually everything before the endings is pretty good.   Someone tell Latinoreview they have shitty taste if they think that Dutch ending will make fans happy.
  25. dallas121
    Like most of you, I think, it's going to far, I will not read it, and I will try to do not take more news... I'm not satisfied with the whole things, but anyway, I'm glad to see an another Pred Movie!  I saw Arnie on TV, he is not top shape! Wonder how they will deal with that...
  26. Tundro
    Did anyone read the words RECENT DRAFT?  That in no way means this is the script they're shooting from.  There could be ten scripts leaked anywhere online at any given time.  Damn, use some common sense here people.
  27. Joe
    Ok. Wtf.. The Predator is awesome. Why do they keep making him look bad. fund the damn movie so it'll actually be good. I don't want to be disappointed again with AVP R. Tho the predator looked so good. In it. Don't get me wrong I love the predator, I have pred tattoos, toys, shirts. Ect. The AVP games gives the predator the respect it deserves but the movies since Predator 2 have not. I have low expectations for this movie and as a Predator fan I SHOULDN'T!   BTW AVP 3 GAME LOOKS amazing. F#@k Halo and COD in FEB
  28. The_Most_Trustworthy_Idiot_In_The_World
    Stop complaining about what magnum said. It's not like he (or she) gave the whole script away, is it?  I just going to not download it, mostly because of the reviews and I don't want the film to be ruined when I see it in theaters.
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