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Predators Officially Released!

The official premiere for Predators took place in Austin, Texas last night. Today, Predators is now officially released across the UK including some European and Asian countries while the US has to wait one more day. The vast majority of reviews so far have been quite positive, many praising Adrien Brody, the plot development and action sequences.

 Predators Officially Released!

If you’ve seen it, feel free to check out the Fan Reviews thread in the forum and post what you thought of it. I shall be seeing it later tonight.

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  1. Dylan
    Solid 6/10.  Good movie, not as good as I had hoped but that's okay.  I thought the predators were too short, I was annoyed that Ian Whyte was kept out of the movie because of his involvement in AVP even though he was the only good thing in those films.  The vision mode was terrible, too AVPish and the lack of classic predator sounds/roar made me miss the original creature so much more.  Some of the Characters felt extremely thin, maybe if the movie was longer they could have spent more time developing the plot and characters instead of speeding through the last 15 minutes.
    I was happy with it for what it was, I just wish it had been more.
  2. Starkiller
    the bad points to the movie was the opening credits, could have been longer and more epic, after all its been 20years since a pred movie, the predators in the movie went predators, they didnt have the physique, the 'movements'. the vision mode was terrible and felt robotic, like terminator, i prefered 'the wolf' from avpr, ian whyte was needed, i liked the movie, but the preds just died too easy and they didnt act, feel, behave like preds. i just wish they could stick 2 the orginal 'stan winston' design. hopefully the sequel will have ian whyte potray the predator again, love that guy! and hopefully the vison mode will go back to the orginal and actally feel 'alien' and all the sounds, movements and gestures will return. i rate the movie 6/10. could have been 9.
  3. Starkiller
    i thought the movie was good, alot better than the avp's, the cast was great, the story was cool, the score was great, needed alot more new material however it went well with the film esp the nod to the alien theme, all in all a good movie but certainly not great.
  4. stewartcrawley
    I must say therehas been alot of negative comments in the forum about this movie and they are not justified!
    The movie was great and i thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and wanted more.Every thing in the movie was far superior to AVP 1&2 the acting alone was not wooden at all and brody was great.Sombody made a stupid comment earlier about cuchillo saying"help me" afer he was shot well if they had been paying alot more attention to the movie they would realise hea was already dead when they found him and it was the predator that had sampled his voice and was the one doing the calling!!!! Fishburne was also great and played a fantastic part portraying a "f***** up soldier who had been stranded on the planet for some time and it had driven him mad.The effects were goos and the classic pred looked excellent.Dispite what others had said about the new black predators face after being unmasked too me it did not dissapoint at all.The ending left the film open to a sequal but i really do not think they should tell the story of Nolan move on!!!! Get royce and Isabella back teamed with the freshly dropped andn unfortunate new humans you see get dropped on the planet in the end!!!! It had a very different atmosphere to the other movies darker and more sinister in some way and seemed to be alot more serious with better characterisation better acting and a feeling of dispare as they are all trapped on this alien world with basically no hope.The fight scene with Hanzo was ok not as bad as others have said!!
    All in all a great movie which both i and my Partner enjoyed if you havent seen it go and see it take it for what it is a vast emprovement oin the previous efforts which could have been so much better with better actors,better directors and sharper stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. crashsucks
    Whoever loves the Predator series will not be dissapointed with this movie! I hope they make more and soon! What Chris Nolan did for the Batman movies is what Robert and Nirod did for the Predator series! don't worry about the negative talk about this movie; most of the negative talk about this movie is coming from the real life version of Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons (aka Jeff Albertson) who thoght that the final issue of the comic Planetary was earthshattering awesome and they are also willing to say that Marvel makes great comics still! Guys do not be mislead by the haters of this movie! What Rick Rubin did for Metallica (MUSICALLY) in 2008 is what Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Atal did for this series, I cant stress this enough! Also I am soooooo Relieved that the Rock or John Cena were in this movie and lets hope it stays that way. Also it is great to see the Predators as a different type of Yautja. Anyhow don't expect Avatar when going to see this movie cause Avatar sucked! I had so much fun seeing this movie and walked out wanting to sneak back in again. also I can't forget this THE SOUNDTRACK WAS SOOOOO GREAT! By the way did anything happen after the credits rolled?  Anyhow thats all I've got to say.
  6. Predators2010
    I seen Predators yesterday, and I haft to say that it is worthy enough to be added into the Predator Franchise. ;D  It was just simply awesome in my opinion! I do have one question though. What kind of gun did Royce use in the film? ???
  7. wingchun8
    Saw Preds.last night 8.5/10. I think the film was great,liked the fact that the Preds.still have a mystery surrounding them,keeping the fans hungry and still wanting more.Great introduction to some new characters/creatures as well and nice and subtle nods to the other films in the franchise.Will go and see again-Wingchun8-8th Predator Clan.
  8. mrblack

    yeah i know what you mean maybe its in the DVD Cut edition

    Wait till the DVD comes out

    Seeing the movie for the 4th time I f**king love this movie finally we can forget those horrible AVP Films

    :)  :)  :)  :)

    Thanks RR you made predators fans very happy
  9. Guest
    Whats weird is that in the trailer for the one point , Royce had 15 predators locked on to him...But in the movie there was only, three predators that locked on to him ???
    There were always 3 preds on that planet :o

    WTF ???
  10. modprecar
    what a great flick, looks like another predator movie on the way as you see more poor bastards being dropped off on that god forsakennnnnnnnnnnnnnn hole.Modprecar Sydney
  11. ninashi
    anyone notice the nod to the Alien theme in the soundtrack?
    also one of that characters eminded me of one of the characters in Aliens, Paul Reisers character.
    Haha at least I can agree that he's one ugly mother f**ker(the new one)
    Seen it three times already, going back for more. Lots of nice Predator eyecandy going on. I'm a VERY
    happy Predator fan at the moment!
  12. AmandaT800
    just saw midnight show it was packed and all can say loved it even the feel of the music felt good like the first but
     brody was like the arnold in this movie but felt bad for clasisc predator well cant wait to see it again saturday.
  13. Drakolowe
    @stealth  what about when tht yakuza guy fights the pred and it shows pred on right n him on the left of the screen. tht pred hugeee lol.only one thing i didnt like there was a few things copid from the first predator movie. part from tht great film.
  14. stealth bunny
    Just got back from the cinema and gotta say its pretty damn awesome, brody is great and the rest of the cast is very strong, would have been nice if the preds were a bit taller but thats the only negative thing i can say,really good fun,go see! ;D
  15. Selected
    More bad critics/reviews are rollin' up... :-X
    hmm...well f**k them, everybody has to deside it self if it is a good or f**ked up! ^^

    Well see...
  16. SHREK
    Just went 2 the my ticket....but the cinema was so shit in a lil basement and smelt like piss.... so got a refund lol ...have 2 watch it sum other time
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