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Predators to Start Filming Sept. 28 is reporting that the upcoming Predators movie starts filming September 28th at Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios in Texas.

Production Weekly says that director Nimrod Antal is scheduled to beging filming Predators on September 28 at Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios in Austin, Texas. Produced by Rodriguez, the new film is said to involve a very intense group of people stranded on a Predator planet discovering unspeakable horrors – that are not always from outside their group. 20th Century Fox is releasing the sci-fi action-adventure, written by Alex Litvak and Michael Finch, on July 7, 2010.

Thanks to JaredK21 and Darkoo for the news.

Update #1: Bloody-Disgusting has some casting news. The makers are currently searching for a “Black”, “Asian”, “Russian” and “Latino” marine.

Update #2: This has been known for a while but Shocktillyoudrop is reporting that the co-founders of KNB EFX, Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger, worked on the original Predator.

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  1. K
    Well, the Mythbusters proved that you CAN, indeed, shine shit, so I guess we can't say for sure, based on the horrendous start, until D-Day arrives... But at least most of us would be pleasantly surprised if it turned out opposite of most logical expectations at this point (that is, if it actually turns out half way decent).
  2. Brian
    You guys have to stop this shit bout judging a movie before the release. Just dont go c a new predator movie. have it be a boxoffice bomb and fox will not make anymore. That easy.
  3. Brian
    You people should not put a comment saying this movie will bomb. You got no shit clue yet about anything of this movie. There is no cast yet and they start filming next month. U have absolutley zero clue how this movie will be. If its a bomb, then there is garantee no more avp, alien and predator movies till 2020. Untill July 7, 2010 nobody should say this will bomb if it still looks like it will by news.
    this is going to be absolutly an over the top movie. And will not fill the Predator guidlines, and it will most deffintly not feel like a Predator movie. Im so dissipointed
  5. ce3kman
    How old are you guys. Because you  dont seem to know a lot about sci fi movies.I Mean you dont know that "Alien Nation" was a movie. it was  first a movie then a series and Stan Winston worked on it
  6. ovechkinfan84
    On an alien planet full of predators where there are unspeakable horrors, such as humans actually having something the predators would trade for, because as a superior race they are unable to take it from us with force...assuming the story sticks to that thing called a script we saw a couple months ago
    Yes xan21 Alan Silvestri soundtrack was fantastic, they should stick with him or use the predator theme. Its imperative they use Silvestri for this. Also alien nation was a film with james cann back in the 90s. Wasn`t that good though. I cant wait for Predators, counting down the days.
  8. Xan21
    I think Rod & co don't know how to capture the essence of the Predator, they will go with full action scenes and one dimensional human characters. Bet we will not get the suspense  Shooting in a studio is aweful too, these movies need a realistic setting  And who's going to do the music? Alan Silvestri was awesome with both soundtracks...
  9. Slaine
    You cant say its going to be bad cause you think the script is bad....if you read the A:R script from start to finish, you would very likely agree that it seems like it would make a fine film....  anyway, why do people keep saying they 'deserve' a good film? have you done anything except bitch in the last 10 years? ^^
  10. dakk marr
    Unlike most - I like all the Alien, Predator and both AVP films. While granted some are superior to others, the fact remains that until 20th Century Fox is willing to give the film a decent $100 million plus budget, it won't matter who produces it - it'll still look dodgy!  Considering the recent excellent reboots of Batman and the Star Trek franchises - maybe Fox should get their act together and cough up some serious money! Rodriguez previous films are OK ge bags the AVP movies - so let's see If he up to it all full of it - I'll wait and see?!
  11. Akarou
    The only real problem I can see with the PREDATORS movie is the script! I mean it's meant to be a reboot of the series right? Well that's fair enough look at how Batman did, however the idea for the story being set around the same time as PREDATOR and having referrences to it, with refugess on the Yautja homeworld? Seriously that is just asking for a bad movie in my opinon. This is also the first major film that Rodriguez will be writing so it will either make him or break him and considering the current acknowledgement people have of the Yautja race is with that of the Xenomorphs. So in the eyes of most jurnalists I'd probably say the film we be poorly rated. I just hope for everyone's sake that we don't end up with an Alien Ressurection and AvP1 repeat    :-[   (I like AvPR so I'm not going to consider that a bad sequal to the series)
  12. Gabe
    i doubt it will be better than avp2 (or maybe p2) because a real director makes the movie not 2 who the hell...your problem guys is you dont know anybody besides spilberg, scott and cameron...
  13. Ash 937
    They were suppose to go to the Alien home world in Alien3.  Instead they went to Fury 161.  The people that hate on this movie will be Alien franchise fans that are just pissed off that Alien3 didn't do what Predators in doing.
  14. Hicks_0998
    Ok so why was District 9 so successful? Originality! We have never seen the idea that aliens could be refugees stuck here on earth before and the governments "evicting" them and so on.  Predators seems like more of the same but with a Rodriguez twist which could be good or bad.  I reckon if we don't raise our expectations too high (just think of it as a way to kill 2 hrs) and enjoy it for a popcorn movie.  But at the same time it's killing a once original, classic franchise.  Ergo an enjoyable way to waste time by watching a non-classic modern movie of our lovable creatures.
  15. mjacobson
      ::)  Really? We're still on the "Let's make fun of the director's name" thing? If the movie sucks, I really doubt it will be because of the six letters of his first name. The problem will probably lie with the script that everyone hates.
  16. Slaine
    im going to laugh so much if you guys get prooven wrong....ill never understand why you call it bad before its released....people were praising how AVPR looked before it was released. even when the first 5 mins were shown, people said it was gonig to be good xD  and btw, District 9 has done amazingly well in the box office....91% approval rating.
  17. Brian
    First comment. This movie doesnt sound like a blockbuster but i can tell you one thing district 9 is going to be a sleeper blockbuster. Watch out!!
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