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Aliens RPG Officially Cancelled

This isn’t really surprising given the fact we’ve seen hardly anything about the Aliens RPG other than some leaked concept arts. Though today, the rumours have been confirmed by Obsidian and Sega. Aliens Crucible has been cancelled. The news can be found on Giant Bomb and Kotaku. Here’s Sega’s statement:

“At this point, SEGA has no plans to move forward with the Aliens RPG. The Aliens franchise offers us so much content to choose from that we feel it important to take a step back and carefully consider the type of game we want to release. We plan to continue working with the Aliens franchise and ask fans to be patient and stay tuned for more information about what SEGA has coming out for the Aliens series of games, starting with the upcoming Alien vs. Predator game. We are very excited about and focused on Alien vs. Predator, which promises gamers a fantastic single player game and an equally compelling multiplayer experience. We are confident that it provides all the excitement and fun that the Aliens and Predator fans are looking for!”

It’s a shame we never got to see how far they got with it or even why the game was cancelled. Aliens Colonial Marines is supposedly still in development. Thanks to funcroc and Mr. Domino for the news.

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  1. herbie1
    if alien colonial marines gets cancelled i will b so pissed of because it was only the other day they said it was still being made   >:(  
  2. DivineStrike
    damn that pisses me off colonial marines will be next i guess. they need to give the alien franchise over to someone who actually intends to finish an alien game, and not just start em and get everyone all hyped up and drag out devolpment forever with no news and then cancel them suddenly.
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