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Aliens RPG Finally Cancelled?

And as the days go on, Sega remains quiet but everyone else is shouting. AvPGalaxy visitor Kyle recently uncovered the blog of an ex-designer for Obsidian, with the “cancelled Aliens RPG” on his resume:

“April 2008 ”” February 2009 (11 months)
Designer for canceled third-person action Aliens RPG (Xbox 360, PS3, & PC)”

David Kondor’s blog also lists his roles while working on the game. Still nothing official. Thanks again to Kyle for the news.

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Comments: 23
    It's sad that any game would be canceled involving Aliens.  I don't know how the game would had turned out,  but none the less I would have bought it just for the experience.  I think the only thing we have left are the games.  With all the talks of remakes these days(including the idiot who wants to remake Predator and not just make a third) we are lucky that they have not wanted to "Remake" the original Alien thats now almost 30 years old.  They take every other great film and butcher it, whats stopping them?  At least give us a good game if you can't give us anymore good movies like Alien and or Predator.  Please let AVP 3 and A:CM make it out alive. Especially for us the fans.
  2. xor_ew
      ::)   messages like this makes me smile... One advice for SEGA: Just stop talking about games you are not sure! Just a big bag of lies and false hopes. News about A:CM 'abortion' was a shock for me and now add Aliens RPG... many of the gamers had been waiting for those titles... Pathetic!    :-\  
  3. Xenomorphine
    Nobody's killing the franchise. That would be impossible, to say the least!  The status of one game was apparently reviewed by the company funding it as crappy and got put a stop to. That's a good thing. The other, we don't know about, but neither have we ever really had much in the way of details, either.  The third, most recent of the titles, is the one with the most promise and unique potential. If we had been given something of real substance about the others, then maybe I'd feel depressed, but I never read anything which convinced me that they would be anything other than generic.
  4. JD
    I think im going to burst into tears.... Why is everyone trying to kill the franchise! Im counting on AVP3 and A:CM. Wait for the official word though.   :(  
  5. MrFacehug
    The idea of an Aliens RPG is exciting to me, so I hope they won't cancel it. Although this game has the third place on my hype-list. The first two being AvP3 and ACM. If they have to cancel any of the games, it should be the RPG.
  6. chuck fausel
    Doesn't surprise me, either. I never really could see an Aliens RPG game on my television, but a FPS... HELL, YEAH!!!!  I am so desperate for A:CM to come out. Don't get me wrong: AVP on the 360: anytime. First thing is first... Keep your word on A:CM original release date. So much for that.   >:(  
  7. Hicks_0998
    Amen to that xeno.  I just hope Sega can finish what they started with their new AvP game otherwise the Alien RPG and A:CM will become a cliche like Doom 3's "it'll be done when its done".
  8. Xenomorphine
    Griffith, what gave you an indication that there was even a plot mapped out, much less that it was particularly good?   :)    We knew virtually nothing about either of these projects. Considering neither of them would have allowed you to have been one of the creatures, I suspect they would have just devolved into typical fare, in any case. The newer game will let you do that, which would at least set it out from the rest.
  9. Hicks_0998
    This isnt a surprise as we've barely been given any information regarding both games.  However isnt it funny how when Sega announced the development of an AvP game that they suddenly come out saying oh were sort of canceling A:CM and the RPG.....but we wont give an official statement because we love to leave you guys hanging.  Just give it up and make a statement already for gods sake.
  10. Griffith
    I don't get it..this game with a good plot could be a very good RPG why cancell this? I mean look others RPG that are EPIC classics like Zelda, Chrono, FFVI, Breath of fire and recent RPGs like Bioshock among many others. *sight* Maybe one day we will have a chance to get an RPG based on aliens franchise hopefuly
  11. marinm
    aaa...its all going to 2011\12 colonial marines....come my opinion they should have kept in secret all the projects and then in hm... 2014 surprise...A.CM!!!!hahaha   ;D  
  12. Zwecky
    This doesn't really bother me, never really liked the idea of the RPG, I  just don't believe the genre is well suited to the aliens universe.
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