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Aliens: Colonial Marines DS

According to Destructoid, a new Aliens DS game was in the works but was cancelled by Sega due to financial reasons. The game was a side-scroller developed by Wayforward in association with Gearbox Software.

20090526 Aliens: Colonial Marines DS

Gameplay footage has found its way onto YouTube. Notable scenes include a Space Jockey Alien, a Rhino Alien (?), and a Powerloader fighting with a Queen. Thanks to Mr. Weyland for the news.

Update: Sega had the video removed from YouTube. You can watch the gameplay footage over on GameVideos.

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Comments: 43
  1. thewoozy
    Does anyone know where I can download that song? (I think I've seen two different songs as well. One with Predators as well, i think that's "Requiem", and the one with just Aliens, the one that's in the game ad.)
  2. Xenomorphine
    Marky, thanks!  I'm astounded at the song... It's like Nickelback were working on something and though, to heck with this, let's just put random pieces of dialogue from the films in this, to suffice ffor lyrics.
  3. Hicks_0998
    In the second last scene just before the sulaco, is that the empress or the king alien? Fatlot of good it is taking it off youtube when the f**king game isnt even coming out anytime soon so by the time it does come out, well all forget what the storys about.
    i had a bad feeling that it was gonna be canceled just like the one that playstation was planning on doing years ago and that was canceled. it looked great of the pictures i've seen of Aliens: Colonial Marines but i cant wait to play the new Aliens vs Predator.
  5. Ash 937
    Were they really going for such an old school look for this game?  I know the DS doesn't have that much power but this game looks like it was developed for the SNES.  I would still buy it in a heart beat.
  6. shinigami
    Looks like the good old Alien 3 game for a different console. Interesting song there was. Though as an Alien game it would most deffinetly fail.     :-\    The Jockey Alien look should have been taken from the comic book, this one looked bad.
  7. Redskins
    I'm glad it was cancelled. The last thing we need is a Rhino Alien and Space Jokey alien.... Although the powerloader fight looked kinda cool, wonder if somebody would make a flash thing out of that?
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