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Sega Considering Third Aliens Game

There’s a new article on Kotaku about the various projects Sega have got going. Nothing new was revealed really. It’s no secret that Sega was thinking about doing a third Aliens project. What genre it will be is anybody’s guess.

Might the newly announced, Ridley Scott Alien prequel project be a source of Aliens inspiration for Sega? “We’re quite excited about that and buzzing from the news of that,” Hayes said. But of the third game, Hayes would only say, ” We’d like to think we’ll be doing a third project but at the moment we haven’t confirmed what the third project will be.”

There’s a little interesting bit about AvP. Apparently, Vivendi was the original publisher of AvP until they merged with Activision in 2008. Then Sega took over as publisher. This sorta explains why Sega dropped Colonial Marines from the limelight and made AvP its first priority earlier this year. AvP is the bigger project, afterall. Thanks to Newbeing for the news.

In related news, GameCom in Cologne is happening next week (19-23 Aug) and Sega plan to show some marine footage at the convention. Alien gameplay footage will also be shown behind closed-doors. It’s not clear whether Sega will release anything online but maybe someone at the convention will record some cam footage. Watch this space…

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Comments: 16
    Sweet God, just release something already.  Don't hype us up over something that will be canceled 4 years later after we all fall in love with the idea.  I'm starting to think Sega is the biggest gaming tease in history.
  2. Chet
    I'm looking forward to AvP more than A:CM but i'll definitly get them both. I hope the third game will be a Predator game like Predator: Concrete Jungle cause i'm afraid the Alien franchise gets hackneyed if they do a third Alien game.
  3. Ferazel
    Yeah, while I'll definitely get AvP3. I'm actually looking forward to A:CM more. I think the co-op nature of the game is more interesting. I'm sure AvP 3 will be OK, but just nothing new from the gameplay perspective it seems.
  4. Chris!(($$))!
    We all know. A:CM has more potential to be better than AvP3. AvP3 has already confirmed info that is upsetting a LOT of us. And @ Can't Wait. We do not know whether Xenos are playable in A:CM. Not yet anyways.   :-\  
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