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Aliens Colonial Marines on PSP?

According to games website Joystiq Sega and Sony have recently been meeting in regards of Sega games going to Sony:

“Juicer still, that little mention comes right after talk of a project named “Vanquish” and a possible PSP iteration of the currently shelved Aliens: Colonial Marines that Gearbox Software is working on.”

Personally I find it hard to believe considering the PSP is somewhat of a dying platform. Thanks to Ash 937 and Hemi for the news.

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  1. konradski
    the psp will die but mainly due to sony misguided pspgo shenanigans and folks not able to keep there umd collections if they upgrade(if it can be callled that)who knows this game may turn it around  .i was going to buy one but for parasite eve 3 as it was to be psp exclusive pick one up for a £10 when the time comes   >:D  
  2. Slaine
    Hand helds have their good points and theyre bad points. it depends on what games you want, what type of play you like, what system suits dont start a pointless debate on what consoles better -.-  either way, psp is not dying. ACM on psp would be pretty sweet!
    Portable games systems just don't cut it.  They could never have the power of a home console or PC.  If your happy with half assed graphics then good for you.  I want my Alien experiences to be looking the best as possible.
  4. Spoon
    funny I thought it was dying ever since it was born. Portable systems and games should be for on the go and time killers on the bus or something.  yet the PSP is like a replacement of a home console.  So much effort is into the games that really how much percent plays the system at home for hours!?  Sure graphics are a bonus but games should be pick up and play and playing 5 min wont differ from 30 min.  Yet PSP they are making role playing games which you spend 1 hour playing.  Buy a damn console!. Or for portable buy a DSi or iphone.  Im sorry but you kids get blinded by useless power. Kids keep  the PSP alive and Parents keep the wii alive..... both so clueless and power of per-pressure and advertising.
  5. Chris
    It's one of the best platforms, because you can play Game Boy (Color), GameBoy Advance and N64 Games on it   8)    You can as well port old PS1 Games onto the PSP. It's just amazing.
  6. David
    @Tordyn  By your very same logic, the Wii is a dying platform, because it's shit.  And yet it clearly isn't a dying platform, is it? The Sony PSP is an excellent device, with a number of very good games released for it, and a vast amount of seriously awesome homebrew software and games.   And it isn't a dying platform because games are still being released for it, and people are still buying them.
  7. Chris P
    Well we know who owns a DS now.    :D    I think the PSP has alot of potential, and when put with the PS3 release, I think we can expect some seriously cool features to arise.  WHat would be cool, AVP on the Wii, where you can get like Alien Claw controllers, or Pred weapons, pulse rifles, etc....
  8. railgunner
    Guys face it the PSP isn't what Pony wanted it to be its not that good a system.   But it still could be a game for it.   :P     :P     :P     :P  
  9. Sexy Poot
    Oh my gooood this turned into a fanboy war real quick. The PSP IS in fact a dying platform. It sucks, and it sucks hard. If u cant see that well than, i donno, too bad for u. ANYWAY to get everyone back on topic, its gonna be a motion tracker if anything which is really cool. I have a DS so no tracker for me but it is a really cool idea.
  10. Chris P
    WHy do you all think the PSP id dying? PSPGo is coming out next month, with GT4 and a crap load of new features. I think it's certainly expanding. But the UMD is certainly a factor of depreciation. The sales for them have fallen quite a bit. I think it could work, I personally love my PSP FAT and the games with it. I would love another Aliens game on PSP.  Dying Platform? Highly unlikely.    8)  
  11. Xhan
    Compared to the ds/dsi it is a dying platform. They picked the wrong format, and the engineering on the device was outed by a fired engineer to be substandard by design, just like the first iterations of the ps2. Making "disposable" consoles is fine when your economy is great and the console is relatively cheap... the economy isn't fine, and the PSP is way too expensive to be considered "cheap". Sony picked the wrong methods and thought folks would buy it simply because it had the Sony brand-name.. if that didn't work for the PS3, it sure as hell isn't going to work for the PSP.
  12. RidgeTop
    The PSP sales are as strong as ever,  There are plenty of new and great games being released, and the "Go" model is being launched this year, I dont know what gave you the idea of it being a "dying platform"
  13. Hemi
    who said its a game for the psp? It could easily just be interaction between the ps3 and psp.(like the document says) and that would mean motiontrackers / terminalhackers etc.
  14. Hemi
    lol, I made frontpage...    :D    indeed its not dying...but its also not thriving either. We have some good games commin up. If they use the PSP as a motiontracker in that will be brilliant!    :D  
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