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London Film and Comic Con

There will be a small Aliens reunion at this year’s London Film and Comic Convention. The guests include: Carrie Henn (Newt), Christopher Henn (Timmy Jordan), Jay Benedict (Russ Jordan), Holly De Jong (Anne Jordan), Barbara Coles (Cocooned Woman), Bill Weston (stunt performer on Aliens) and John Hurt (Kane from Alien).

The convention takes place July 19th-20th – in London, Earl’s Court 2. The Q&A session with the Aliens actors will take place on the Saturday 19th July. Thanks to Nicky and War Wager for the news.

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  1. XenoPred
    Im going to this now, have ordered 2 tickets for myself and a mate. Should have more friends going once they manage to book the time off work, but no other Aliens fans like myself.  Have booked photos with John Hurt and Carrie Henn. I'll prob bring a load of DVD covers with me to get signed from the actors as well. Pete Postlethwaite from Alien3 has also been added now.
  2. nicky
    I'm going to this all the way from Dublin. I was at the last reunion and met all the Alien/s and Predator AvP guests they've had so far. I'll try to post a report of the Q+A.
  3. Corporal Hicks
    I always saw him as the crazy Betazoid from Voyager too. I thought he was so mis-cast in AR. I'm tempted to go but they were only small roles so I don't think it'd be worth it. Not like that reunion a few years back.
  4. War Wager
    Purebreedalien:  Nah, I live in Scotland remember. As tempting as it is, I ain't traveling to the other end of the country just to get some busts and autographs. I could though...
  5. Clark
    Any ideas for what to get the 'Jorden' family to sign? Taking one of my old DVD covers just doesn't seem worthy/enough in this case.    8)  
  6. Uncanny Antman
    Damn, would be cool to see John Hurt.  And you can get the entire Jordan family to sign something.  Somehow, getting all of them at once makes it less lame than if you just got "Newt's brother and parents"     ;)  
  7. marky
    It's a shame I can't go there    :'(   I really want an autograph from (I do not think I can get them all): Carrie Henn, John Hurt and Patrick Stewart (OK I'm a Star Trek TNG fan too).
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