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Carrie Henn Returning to Aliens?

Back in May of 2015, Sonnet Realm Films announced they were working on an Aliens fan film. The film, Alien Identity, would have served as an alternate sequel to Aliens where Newt survived and was the main character (to be played by Elle Sonnet). Aliens veterans Ricco Ross and Carrie Henn were going to appear in the film playing other characters. It would have marked Carrie Henn’s return to acting after 27 years.

Then in July, Fox issued Alien Identity a cease and desist order, stating it was worried Alien Identity would confuse fans of the upcoming Neill Blomkamp Alien 5 which is believed to share a similar premise. Alien Identity then went on to become a new project called Triborn.

Last night Carrie Henn shared a cryptic Tweet on Twitter with the hashtag #NEWTLIVES which was the tag Alien Identity was using.

Perhaps in the wake of Alien 5’s postponement we might be seeing a return of Alien Identity? Or maybe there is something new in store for us regarding Carrie Henn and Aliens?

Update 16/11/2015 – Carrie Henn has since tweeted some clarification. The announcement isn’t to do with Alien 5 but judging from her hashtag #Aliens30th, it’s to do with the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Aliens next year.

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