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New Colin / Greg Interview

I was just randomly searching on Google and found a new interview with Colin and Greg Strause on DWScifi. It was posted Jan 15 but I guess we all missed it.

What did you think of the original Alien Vs. Predator?
Colin Strause: Like most of the fans we weren’t crazy about the last film. It didn’t deliver enough suspense and tension, which I think are the key elements to making a good Alien Vs. Predator film. Requiem begins with the aftermath of the last film, where we see how the Aliens arrive back on earth, especially our Pred-Alien, along with a lone Predator warrior.

Greg Strause: AVP was actually, from a financial standpoint, the most profitable of all of the films – from either franchise. I think Fox was really wise, though, in realising that even though the last film was a financial success, the hardcore fans weren’t crazy about the film. We’re on the internet message boards all the time, keeping in touch with the fans, and the fans felt that AVP left them cold and unsatisfied. We’ve taken a whole different approach with this film.

Colin Strause: We feel the pressure to make up for the last film; to regain the fans’ trust.

It’s quite an interesting interview. Be sure to check it out.

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  1. thegodfather
    Sulaco: For me I watched all 8 alien/Predator films and Black Hawk Down, then i sit in me room with a pad think out action sequences and remember various memorable bits in the films, and think to myself what new things need to happen, In my new version i have a character Bishop Weyland who is a emotional wreck as he is clearly hanging on to the co-orp he's losing to, William H Macy is in my mind for the role here, Iam clearly aiming to write for talent alone.
  2. Sulaco
    thegodfather: Dude I'm lost with my script... I've just got some space jockey ideas. Reading your comment I can reflect years ago, when I use to paintball... I went around to military surplus and came up with gear that matched Billys from predator. When I use to race motocross, my helmet back in the day, say 98 was custom painted with original predator face on the back { expensive, detailed @ cool} Maybe I can get this stuff up on myspace someday, what do you have for collectibles?   ;D  
  3. thegodfather
    Sulaco: Dude i'am in the U.K,  Thought out 1 battle in my AVP:E film, it's a 4-way fight a Human soldier named 'wolf' (who is like billy with Mark Dasacos playing the role with little to say) a Predator, an Alien and the Pred-Alien. However the Pred-Alien in my version isnt very friendly towards the Alien and is really on it's on side killing anything that gets in its way, New weapon for the Predator is  a tomahwak like weapon Predator style, Soldier wolf also has human like tomahawk weapon as well, The hybrid wins in the end.
  4. freshbreath3
    Hmmm. is right  you people should be ashamed of yourselves talking crap about this movie.  the directors work their asses off to entertain and you talk shit to them.  if you were directing a movie, you learn your mistakes and make another movie  so shut up and move on  AVPR had disappointment but at least they showed gore and violence. that's how it is suppose to be.
  5. Hmmm...
    Le Celticant... Why do you keep coming back to hate on this movie?? If you really dont like it, then leave it alone.  I dont see how any fan can HATE this movie... but I can see how a lot are dissapointed.  Theres a lot of movies I dont like... but I dont go around to all the message boards talking crap about them... I just leave them alone.  Theyre only movies for christsakes.
  6. Bio Mech Hunter
    I don't see Grid as a "super" Alien at all either, but rather an Alien recognizing the nasty threat that are the Predators, and maximizing it's ability to combat them. Granted, I also think the battle should've gone a bit differently, but I think the end result would've and should've been the same.  My reasoning being because it demonstrates the Aliens are a terrible threat, not to be trifled with, and a truly worthy opponent for such an honorable and powerful race as the Predators. The Aliens are suppose to be the ultimate prey, and as such, are given the "honor" of being used as the final test for Predators entering adulthood. If they are watered down severely and are made so easy to kill like in AVP:R, the comics, games, etc., what the heck makes them the "ultimate" prey? Sounds to me like Preds shouldn't even waste their time.  I personally feel that if Anderson was able to implement 5 Preds like he originally wanted, rather than the 3 we ended up with, I don't think it would've bothered us so much.
  7. Bio Mech Hunter
    Predhunter: "Sorry, Xenomorphine but i still don´t agree with you...Paul Anderson gave too much Protagonism to Aliens.  At the end of that Alien-Predator fight we end up with a super alien that alone kills as many Predator as he encounters. That hand-to-hand combat should have had a diferent outcome."  Hmm... I have to disagree with you on that. Despite a few hickups on the part of the Aliens, I feel Anderson did a great and respectful job of our favorite bio mechanical terrors (regarding a faithful and accurate portrayal). There were a few things that needed adjustment (some that would’ve made perfect sense had Fox not cut certain scenes), but overall I think he did the species justice. Which is much more than I can say for the countless majority of AVP comics, novels, games, and of course, AVP:R.  I tend to get a lot of flack for this following statement, but I believe, given the context of the situation and their ranks, the Predators in the first film were accurately portrayed using logic and common sense when pitting them against such creatures as the Aliens (which includes their extra armor and their specific armament). Not that there weren't any problems at all. lol But I think they were very well done. I also find the shortened mandibles and extra teeth argument to be a non-issue given their relatively young age. The only problem would be the elder, but again, that could be a result of budget and time constraints.
  8. Sweet Daddy J
    Are they freaking kidding or what ??  AVP seems like a Oscar Winner compared to that new piece of Crap. AVPR Killed the franchise, thanks guys for f&#king up another movie.
  9. thegodfather
    Sulaco: Good war flicks my friend, dont give up on the script, i'am on page 20 now, so in about 10 pages time the carnage truley gets underway Oh i've also put Matthew Keys in me version, Great grandson of Peter Keys, in my mind played by Jake Busy, nice link there.
  10. ZEN
    Rob-----ski:I basicaly dont give a s**t about what people think of me,i just dont do anything that would seriously embaress my family or piss them off.I'm not going to conform myself just to make some jackass happy.You should start thinking the same way,it makes life a lot easier   ;D  .  Rob-----ski & Sulaco:The preds would never hunt anything to extinction,because what if in the end theres nothing left to hunt?.It would just be them,and  they would never hunt themselves because it go's against their religion.Remember what happened in PREDATOR:HOMEWORLD #1-4?.Its sorta like that.The elder wupped the rogue preds a$$es!   ;D  .
  11. Sulaco
    thegodfather: Actually I'm a GD idiot, come to think of it my story makes no sense, because of previous installments to the franchises, back to the drawing board.
  12. Sulaco
    thegodfather: I like your stuff too, the Kurt Russell would work, I thought Benicio Deltoro would have worked good for the sherriff in avpr. P.S To give you an idea of my war movies at home: Apocolypse now, Platoon, Saving P R, BlachHawk D, Full Metal J, Bourne on 4th July:
  13. Rob - - - - - - ski
    To ZEN: WOW!!!!! Thank you for the praise to seem to have given me. I worry posting anything from what's in my head to the public because I fear failure and rejection from people's judgement. People who don't know better.
  14. Rob - - - - - - ski
    To Sulaco: "Predators hunted almost everything to extinction"  DREADFUL IDEA. It completely goes against the predator's respectful sportmanship and honor system in hunting. They don't kill pregnant because they carry the continuing survival of their species. What's so thrilling  about hunting so much now when you there's nothing left to hunt later? In the AVP series a large amount of the stories are when the ALIENS get out of control and the Predators go there to stop them, because if the Aliens spread they eliminate all their hunting species. Unlike us humans, who only care about how much they hunt today, they would preserve the "hunting reserves" for generations, like we use to in the acient times.
  15. Sulaco
    Heres my take on AvP3. The Predators have hunted almost everything to extinction in the known universe. The space jockey scientists are the last hope and send a lone warrior pilot to deliver their latest horror of weopons upon the predator planet, oviously the pilot never makes it and crashes on some rock called LV426. Oviously theres alot more to all this but not to give anything else away.   8)     8)     8)  
  16. Predhunter
    Sorry, Xenomorphine but i still don´t agree with you...Paul Anderson gave too much Protagonism to Aliens.  At the end of that Alien-Predator fight we end up with a super alien that alone kills as many Predator as he encounters. That hand-to-hand combat should have had a diferent outcome.
  17. ZEN
    Bio Mech Hunter:Also,maybe they should watch EVIL DEAD.That movie had very intense scenes and there was more suspence in the first half hour then what there was in AVP AND AVP-R PUT TOGETHER!!!! (especialy in the celler).  PEACE!!!. l..l_   ;D  _l..l
  18. ZEN
    Bio Mech Hunter:I totaly agree with you,they made themselves sound smart a few weeks back,but they're just a couple of idiots,they obviously never read some of the novels."Having one pred builds suspence..." Blah blah blah.Anderson had it right with multiple preds,because you could'nt tell which one would make it to the end.And as for superior fire-power,it does'nt matter what weapons you use,or how you use them,because sooner or later the Black Warrior is gonna get ya,weather its one baby drone that bursts from your chest or being stuck in the middle of three warring hives or a one-on-one with just a simple drone.And in the novel AVP:PREY,did Yeyinda not say about the warriors and the hive?.Idiots.....  Rob-----ski:Dude!.Thats a lot of movies!.Not saying its bad,just saying it sounds really awesome!   ;D  .I'm not sure if it would do better as a series of movies or as a mini-series!   ;D  .As the guy from ROBOCOP said "I LIKE IT!!!".I always wanted to see one pred in multiple movie,not like the preds in AVP who died in AVP-R,but like the elder from P2 being in another film and not getting killed.Souens awesome man!   ;D  .
  19. Bio Mech Hunter
    I can't help but go "LOL" when reading this excerpt:  "One Predator against an army of Aliens seems like a more suspenseful battle than an army of Aliens against an army of Predators.   Colin Strause: Exactly, because the Predators would kill all of the Aliens. The Aliens would do some damage, of course, but the Predators would kill them all because they’re such great warriors and their weapons are so good. That’s why the Pred-Alien is such a great monster."  Boy, you wanna talk about gross misconceptions of both species.   :-\    If this interview is legit and the Strause Bros. truly believe this, then they're even more ignorant than many fans have come to suspect. Stupidity claims yet another rabble of victims.   ::)  
  20. Freshbreath3
    I meant to say   After Alien 3 but before Alien resurrection  the weyland - yutani corp. is about to shutdown, but the company located xenomorphs on unknown planet, they send expandable marines.  the predator was sent to destroy the hive.
  21. thegodfather
    I loved AVP-R and liked AVP, but if the 3rd AVP is to be done, it needs Ridley and Cameron on it. I currentley writing my own AVP film which is set in space on LV4-26  thats all iam saying, and i'am writing it so it'll be a 2hour 30min war flick, (to me if AVP was ever made it should be like a space version of Black Hawk Down) I've just watched all the Alien/Predator films and have a few actors in mind while writing it, (Kurt Russell as my general in the script) they'll be hundreds of Alien's and hundreds of Predators with the 'humans caught in the middle' part but all my characters are being written as badass mothers and the odd reference to the old flick's  (in one part of my script on the ship going to LV4-26 where the marines are chilling out/training/preping the song from Predator 1 (on the helicopter) playing in the background, oh and an android as well, to keep in tradition to the Alien franchise.  Iam calling it ALIENS VS PREDATOR: EXSTINCTION video game buffs will like that My tagline (may change) would be:- This Summer One will Become A Myth And One Will Become A Legend I dont know it's just fun thats all,
  22. Xenomorphine
    Predhunter, Anderson speaks in teh original features about claiming that nobody has watched the films of both factions as much as he has. He was a fan of both of them.  Freshbreath, no. 'Alien Resurrection' canonised that Ripley's encounters with the creatures were the last ones they knew about.
  23. freshbreath3
    I forgot to say that the WEYLAND - YUTANI CORP.  should be in AVP3.  AVP3 should be at after ALIEN 3 event, when the company is about to shutdown  but they will try to capture the queen, but the predators will the company down for taking the predator's weapon in AVPR  I think the marines should work together with the predators in order to survive.  that would be cheesy, what do you think.
  24. freshbreath3
    I agree with dane  Setting AVP3 on space in the aliens planet  Which i think the movie should have the alien runners or alien dogs we call them in ALIEN 3, bring the alien queen,alien warriors, bring at least three predaliens. I think the predaliens should have the predator's weapons: Spear, Plasma caster, and smart disc.  they should create the alien king and try to surprise us by his ability.  few marines and three predators  wait one predator, because it would be like DIE HARD with one predator killing hundreds of aliens.  AVP3 should be rate R and should be at 2 hours and 15 minutes.
  25. Hicks_0998
    Seeing as this interview is legit, it is a sad day for AvP fans the world over.  For starters, just because a movie makes a wadload of cash does not mean fans will like it.  Secondly, gore is an element of a great movie that directors will employ as a tool to their movie, much like power drills and sanders.  Thirdly, present day is not as interesting as the future as we *live* in the present, 2008.  Fourthly, you actually cared a bout Kane, Dallas, Hicks, Newt, Ripley et al in the previous movies because they had character development.  Mention the word Dallas or Morales and people will hang their heads in shame because they are THE most underdeveloped and could not be cared less for.  Finally: they *would* deny or not "remembering" this interview as they would've already seen results from Dec 25th showings from countries like Australia, go you good thing!!, so by Jan 15th it is pretty clear that a film would've tanked.  PLUS the whole theatrical run was finished by Australia Day, Jan 26th so that's saying something.  Finally what is that bullshit about the armour? The pred from the first movie had ceremonial armour, just look at the shoulder and calve muscles on his legs.
  26. Le Celticant
    Dragon_ash said: "God If you're all so unhappy about the film , why don't you direct AvP3 yourselves? I bet U can't make sh*t!!! "  good idea... let me 7 year, i will finish my cinema study and then i will work for some movie company and see what i can do :D
  27. Rob - - - - - - ski
    And through all six stories, there'll be a Predator that'll be in five of them. Being among the cheif driving forces of the story.
  28. Rob - - - - - ski
    List of titles: 1) Predator: Bad Bloods 2020's 2) Aliens: Origin            2020's 3) AVP: ?                     2020's 4) AVP: Apocalypse      2020's 5) AVP: Site B              2280's 6) AVP: ?Qurantine?      2320's
  29. Rob - - - - - - ski
    To Zen: I wasn't in depth enough. AVP: QURANTINE is the sixth and final part of a multiple series I'm coming up. The connection between the Aliens and Predators in a more complex manner rather than hunters breeding "serpents". The origins of the first Aliens created by the Space Jockies hidden within earth. How the Predators come in pocession of them. Why keep them hidden from the Space Jockies? How the modern Homo sapiens came to being? How the space age in the Alien films was accomplished by the Weyland - Yutani? The reason will be more dramatic than from a single Predator pistol. The connection between Predators and Humans will be explored. How they are THE REASON OF CIVILIZATION. Giving us a reason and purpose to exist from our originated states. And the rise and fall of Weyland - Yutani. More dramatic and worse than being "bought out by Wal-Mart".
  30. ZEN
    AVPGALAXY:The directors for the ALIEN,PREDATOR and AVP films are like the dish fugu.The first time you try it,you have a very high chance of surviving.The second time around it will probably kill you.
  31. ZEN
    Deco:Like i said,I loved AVP-R,but if the Straus Bros. were to do another AVP it should be only after they direct 5 or 6 other movies.Hey,ya know what?.They should get Michael Bay for AVP3!.He did ARMEGEDDON and TRANSFORMERS,maybe HE could do the epic AVP we all want!.What do you think?   ;D  .
  32. ZEN
    Rob-----ski:Your idea sounds nifty with the aliens trying to take over,and did you ever think ALIEN:RESSERECTION  would do better as an avp film?.I did,imagen after the scene with the water they feal a BOOM and they go "What was that?!".Then 8-10 minutes later a tribe of preds decloak.Then they have to fight their way through them AND the aliens.It would be an hour longer,but the lighting was better suited for aliens and predators rather then just the aliens (I thought it was to bright).But it would have gotten (maybe) a 10/10.Would'nt it have been cool to see super-Ripley and Ron Pearlman going up against the preds?.And the preds watching Ripley at a distance ripping the inner mouth out of the alien and thinking she was taking a trophy?.If the predalien is yellow in that vision mode (in AVP-R),what would Ripley look like?.And would she look normal in the thermal visions?.What do you think of it?   ;D  .
  33. Predhunter
    I doubt if this interview is legit. I don´t think they would say this: "(...)but the Predators would kill them all because they’re such great warriors and their weapons are so good."  Never. If they would say this, they would be shooting their own foot and would be self excluding from directing a third movie.  About the The Brothers  being Predator fans, well, Paul Anderson was a fan of which species?? I´ll give you a hint:Not Predators...  So, i think this franchise needs new blood and new ideas. It needs not just good stories, but being looked at from a new perspective as well.
  34. Xenomorphine
    Actually, it seems Colin can't remember it, which is different from claiming it's an outright lie and such. It isn't beyond the bounds of possibility, as a high number of them were carried out.  In any case, it repeats a lot of things said in other interviews, such as them claiming the original Predators never wore armour, which is clearly false, in anyone's view. :)
  35. frakaster
    FUN FACT: DOES THE AVP PREDS dosen't act like when a children tries to be like its parents and fails miserably?  they tried to be cool, but they weren't
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