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NECA’s Wolf Predator Figure

NECA has just released some official pictures of its upcoming Wolf figure, both masked and unmasked versions:

20080109 NECA's Wolf Predator Figure

“The Predator’s trademark shoulder-mounted Plasma Cannons are jointed, can swivel and pivot up and down, and be folded back when not in use. And just like in AVP: Requiem, they can be removed from the shoulders and used as hand-held guns with attaching battery packs! The interchangeable left hand allows the Predator to hold two weapons at once, and his right hand features retractable blades! All weapons are interchangeable between both the Masked and Unmasked figures.”You can find more pictures on NECA’s website. I expect we’ll be sent some higher resolution ones soon. Thanks to Sabres21768 for the news.

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  1. predalien freak
    If your wondering how I got wolf already Go to I am prety sure they still have 1 or 2 in.  They got them before they back orderd to feb. They also have the hotoys wolf in for pre order in feb!!!!!!!!!!    ;)  
  2. ZEN
    the preds can see in color in this book,but i'm not upset because at each point the preds see colors theyre wearing their masks.And maybe if the mask see's colors it can change it into heat making the preds see colors (cold=black,warm=yelow,hot=red,very hot=white etc).Theres also another mention of the christen wars,and in the book it says that afterwords everyone passed a law that forbids the teaching of hate and violance towards other beliefs.And earth is dying.After countless wars and the aliens taking over, earth has almost no atmosphere and people (like Andar) are releasing ozone packets and such into the stratosphere and such to try and save it.Thats about it,if i remember anything else i'll tell ya's.I hope this expands our knowledge of the preds.And sorry i could'nt find anything new for the xenomorphs alien fans,but the last books i baught with aliens were avp:prey and war (SORRY!!!).I hope i helped,i could'nt find anything in the forums or in other comments so there ya's go.well so long,and i hope i was of help!!!.PEACE!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  3. ZEN
    Also Dre-Nath's people believe its cowerdly to hit the prey in the back unseen.And they also all preds dont leave trash bihind because disrespect to the hunting ground is showing disrespect to the hunt.And very few use translating devices because they beleive that the other races will muddy their beleifs.UNISC makes a return (United Nations Intersteller Settlement Corps).Bet-Kahr said this"...and humans had proven a challenge to other clans through the years.".Adding to the fact of there being more clans.And preds go from pup to stripling(<new info) to adult.Theres a new species,Its a lumbering dun-colored beast that stores and discharges pure electricity (that was Bet-Kahr's first kill).
  4. ZEN
    Whoopsy!.let me try that again!. Dre-Nath (leader) Bet-Kahr Mor-Jut Kaj-nal  Wrak-Oto  Kirs-Giras (leader) Heith-Rek Kaj-Nal Mal-Rek Pran-Ser  Blay-Kral  There,thats better.Now,Dre-Nath's people use what thier victems leave behind,whereas Kirs-Giras's people rely on the tech they develop.And theyre all in a ship that belonged to another species.Dre-Nath people are much more honorable,because they hunt rather then slaughter thier preyNow,the preds name planets!.Unlike in FOREVER MIDNIGHT were the planet was called SAFARY PLANET 376,these planets are called Danter and Kassin!.The humans also have a new planet thats called Felicity,its kinda like the planet Bunda but with a lot of Mining.The preds have a new (actualy old) saying:"Words,like weapone,should be chosen carefully and with full understanding of thier use",words to live by.
  5. ZEN
    HOWDY Y'ALL!   ;D  .I just finnished reading PREDATOR:FLESH AND BLOOD,and its a very good book,it was a lot better then what i thought it whould be.Now,lets cut to the chase.There two new clans who are trying to become one because thier numbers are so few.Ones on the left,the other on the right:  Dre-Nath (leader)          Kirs-Giras (leader) Bet-Kahr                      Heith-Rek Mor-Jut                        Kaj-nal Wrak-Oto                     Mal-Rek                                    Pran-Ser                                    Blay-Kral  I dont know what the names mean,but thats ok.Theres also many more clan members,but the authers didnt give them names.Bet-Kahr is the hero of the story on the preds side and Andar is the hero on the humans side.It turns out that all predators are Hish-Qu-Ten,including the Yautja.I know what some of you are thinking:"They didnt say anythinkg about Dachenda being able to change gender".Well,theres this reptile (thats real) who has three genders,1one male,one female and one thats inbetween and they are more evolved then we (saw it on some educational show).
  6. predalienfreak
    I just got my figure in of wolf but I am sadly disappointed. The second I opened it one of the mandibles fell off. Also the articulation is NOT what it seems. The arms dont move and the legs are forever in a crouching stance. Please do not buy this if you haven't allready. It is a waste of money.   :(  
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