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NECA AvP Requiem Wolf Predator Figure

Having just released a boat load of nifty images for their Aliens Warrior figure, NECA has just released its first official image of it’s Wolf figure, unmasked:

20071023_01 NECA AvP Requiem Wolf Predator Figure

It’s a lot easier to see his missing tusk and the acid scars on his face but IMHO it looks a wee bit pale. I dunno if that is the actual paint or due to the photography. Either way, you can see the whole picture here. Thanks to Mark at NECA for the heads up.

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  1. Zero .T
      :-\   He kinda looks weird with those cloths...he looks like he is from the Viking age in those cloths.Nice weapons though,I really like the shurdiken too.   8)  
  2. zen
    Wolf looks like hes about to kick some a$$!.Ya his mouth looks a little big but if your subject to a lot of hits to the face then eventualy the bones get bigger and the musles get tougher to withstand the beating,otherwise one will get a lot of broken bones   ;)  .
  3. Deco
    I really like it. I agree with you GUL KALVO.  It looks like theyve gotten the top of the head right, the eyes etc, but the mouth just isnt there yet. Maybe in avp 3 they'll hit the nail on the head!! lol
  4. Gul Kalvo
    Much better that AVP preds but...The mouth is not right...It is not closed and the extenal-horizontal upper theet are too open. They should close behind external-lower jaw. It is only a toy but, I am afraid we will see on screen the same lame face than in AVP     :-\  
  5. juggernort
    Why the hell cant ADI make the lower mandibles closer together like the original preds, like they are supposed to be. Are they frickin retarded or something, it really isnt that difficult to do, so why cant they just do it!! arggghhh!!!
  6. Chet
    it actually does touch the originals somehow. I think it looks more like Predator 2 because of how his face looks and the eyes but it has Predator 1 skin. But paler
  7. Spoon
    Red eye looks like terminator!!!!  Sucks to see the AVP shoes,  I knew something had to be carried over as they did the first one.  Stan Winston. where are u?  overall alot better then avp but doesnt touch pred 1 and 2.
  8. bob
    i don't think hes missing an eye, i think the red one is his normal eye and the white on is the scared eye. the movie pics were dark and you cant realy tell what his eyes look like.
  9. Chet
    i noticed in the population trailer, his missing eye was on the left. and i thought in the picture of him facing the predalien in the rain. In this figure the missing eye is on the right. Did anyone notice that?
    it looks so cool. that figure is gonna kick some serious aliens' asses in aliens vs predator. cant wait to buy this one when it hit stores.
  11. csutkakoma
    "Fantastic!! That Predator figure looks wicked. I like this Predator figure more than the one that had the opened mandibles. "  I think this figure has two heads. One closed and one opened maindibles. Or maybe this is a different size figure.
  12. Space Disc Jockey
    Fantastic!! That Predator figure looks wicked. I like this Predator figure more than the one that had the opened mandibles. I'm convinced that Wolf's face is very much like the Predator 1 creature, as the Strauses/ADI promised.
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