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AvP3 Already In Talks?

Well it’s been talked about, we all know the sort of direction the Brothers Strause want to go but seems like the train has left the station:

“While the brothers are currently in discussions with the studio about another pic, the studio is taking a wait-and-see approach. If “AVP-R” makes enough money, the brothers will get the green light for a sequel.”

This was posted on Shock Till You Drop, a movie news website. We’ve heard both brothers say they want to take the franchise into the future, where it originated. How and when, that remains to be seen but it would seem they’re very serious. Now we’ve just gotta see how AvPR does. Thanks to Demonio Cazador for the news.

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  1. Charles Xavier
    Doesn't sound like a bad idea. I'm very open myself for an AVP3. As for the Strause Brothers directing again, it really depends on how AVP2 goes (which I'm DEFINITELY seeing on Christmas Day!). Other directors I'd pick taking on the next AVP movie would be perhaps Stephen Norrington, Roland Emmerich, Ronny Yu, Renny Harlin, or Guillermo del Toro. And sure, Ridley Scott and/or James Cameron would be awesome, although I'm not sure if it'd be likely.
  2. Parker
    Oh FFS, no, Fox can't do this, they need better a director for AvP 3.    This movie better fail at the box office, and I'm sure it will.
  3. daniel clavette
    That is truly  cool and i am glad ther are truly happy that there is another alien vs predator movies avsp 3 and  i am big fan of alien,predator   it will will great to see avsp3.
  4. spunkmeyer
    I'm a major alien fan and one thing that appears to be better about this film over the first AVP and A:R is that the aliens are no longer playing the role of COMIC RELIEF.   Was there ANYTHING scary about the aliens in their last 2 feature films?  The aliens basically did goofy things to amuse the audience.  A far cry from the first alien film.  So far it looks like in AVP:R they'll be taken seriously again.
  5. Dual Blade
    People, what do you think the possibilty of AVP 3 to be the FIRST EVER MOVIE totally devoted to the alien vs predator ... I think that would be interesting as hell. Imagine it ...  ... No humans ... ... No dialogues ... ... just pure VS , simple.   >:D     ;D    a match up like no other. Think about it if there is NO words that would mean that they wouldn't have to hire actors who demand loads of money, just hire any large 7ft tall guys who can play BOTH the aliens and predator, this would cost a fraction of the amount. The rest just SPEND on the production.    :D  
  6. Starkiller
    too be honest AVP3 doesn't sound like a bad idea and if the bros direct it, it will be the first alien or predator film to be directed by the same people lol which mite be a good thing in my opinion  Go Strause!
  7. superunknown
    Fox has never brought back a director to do a second A or P film, and they sure as hell shouldn't start now with the Strauses.  Every single previous director, even Hopkins, at least knew how to direct the actors. That's what we need, real directors. People know how to make a good film, not just visual effects guys.
  8. PredKing_Luke
    from the look of the first five minuits posted by darkness the strause brothers have done a pretty good job with this movie and i think its a great idea to have them do another
  9. Dual Blade
    Half of the reason the first movie did well was the first time you got to see both alien AND predator in the same flick. Although the movie did well most of the critics slayed it off.  The brothers have got an up hill battle with not just the critics but most of all the fans. To let them know that THEIR movie DOES indeed go back to the old school ways of movie making but most importantly provide a good, well balance film that draws on the strengths of what both first movies did.  I say good luck to them because I feel that they actually knew EXACTLY how to handle this.  It will do well, believe   ;D  
  10. msn_recon_marine
    If people are members and they want the movie to fail why the hell are they still members .... are they even fans at all?  I believe a true fan takes the good with the bad. In alot of ways its like being a sports fan you stick with your team and never change even when they have a bad season.  You dont change teams when things look bad ... through thick and thin if you are a fan.   ???  
  11. AVP
    that would be great if the brothers and cameron work together to create something that's more badass than aliens. (aliens was the best thing since this new AVP which will kick ass as well.)
  12. Xenomorphine
    People who feel negatively about the film should be allowed to do so, just as those who feel the need to praise it should.  If either of those extremes do so in a non-constructive manner, however, that's when the problems start.  Telling one 'side' to go and commit suicide is a classic example of how not to post... If you're tired of hearing some viewpoint or another, then just ignore and don't read it.
  13. Commander Griker
    WTF why are people wanting this movie to fail are total jack asses what you like paul andersons AvP  that wasn't even original or true to the comics AvP R is just STFU ok im tired of hearing bad remarks towards this film i think this film is turning out nice and original love the score and the feel
  14. Guest
    Already did It Akuma, the moment I saw the trailer. It's not stupid at all.  SiL seriously, what is wrong with You? You behave like somebody stole the franchise from You and changed it. SiL = Giger? At least You seem as paranoid as he is.
  15. Hicks
    Has nothing to do with how much people bad mouth it, but everything to do with how much people go pay to see it. Remember, it is a business.  I'm surprised this came out, it was supposed to be on the down-low.
  16. Commander Griker
    The Strause Brothers said that they are both fans of the Aliens vs Predator 2 PC game and the Aliens moive   thats how i always pictures Aliens vs Predator as a kid cause thats how the Alien movies were and thats how the comics were  I realy want to se AVP3 based on the AVP2 Pc game Andrew Harrison as the main character i want the Colonial Marines  back   it could be set after the events of Alien 3
  17. venomp2
    well, the few advertising could be a bad thing(which I highly doubt it is) or the bros. and Fox are deciding to keep it under raps until it is the week of its release.
  18. Skull Collector
    Wow I'd be for an AVP3. The take to space/future would indeed be cool.   It is frusterating that AVP-R is getting little advertisment. If not for me being a fan and checking the net, I wouldn't have known until around now either, and thats only because I've went to the theaters and picked the right movie to see that happened to have a trailer (Thats not even a good trailer. They should have done the population count one). Myspace needs to do some advertisments or something. It would help with how many people go there each day.....
  19. 0PIY
    i hate to sound so pesimistic(spelling) but i really dont think its gonna happen unless the publicize this more to the public because i only saw one TV spot so far... i wouldnt have an idea this was being made if it wasnt for the internet...  i say more TV spots and hellz yes we will get what we want... since its prolly too late for that... i think its up to us to spread it with word of mouth.
  20. Creeper
    wow who ever anomymous is need to quit this site if they are gonna be an asshole bout the movie. avp3 would be a great idea cause then they could take it to the pred home world or a major space battle.
  21. Anonymous
    the brothers suck butt BUTT BIG FAT BUTT they kill wolf he is a legend and they frekin kill him then frak them!!! if u dont post this with in 6 threads ur favorite toy will get broken OWNED NOW POST!!  and if they make another one have the freking predator live
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