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AvP3 – Really?

So, the Brothers Strause had always talked about doing another one but they’ve since vanished from regularly appearing here. Well, according to Shock Till You Drop, there’s another one coming:

“An anonymous source over at 20th Century Fox got in touch with us over the weekend to relay the news another Aliens vs. Predator sequel is a “certainty” at this point. If you recall, the brothers Strause – who helmed the Christmas release Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem – stated Fox was going to take a “wait-and-see” approach to a third chapter, furthermore, that the story would have to continue in space (details). “AvP-R” grossed a worldwide total of $128.8 million; $41 million domestically. It hits DVD on April 15th (specs and art). No word yet if the Strause brothers will return to the franchise.”

I’m currently waiting back on word from our own sources. Thanks to Chocolate Man! for the hint.

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  1. manufanatic
    I'm all for another AvP movie as long as the Strausse Bros and Salerno have nothing to do with it, they set in a futuristic setting and they don't link it to ANY of the other movies... I mean the Alien movies, the Predator movies and forget about the first two AvP movies.  Oh and what brian posted is ridiculous, weird and rubbish. Only a retard could think that would make a good film.
  2. AVPVT
    I dont understand why everyone wants to see a AVP movie without humans alot of people going to be bore (except for you guys) and no one going to see a quiet movie only you can hear is the Aliens and the Predators thats it. Oh and Iam back    ;D  
  3. brian
    they should make a predator 3 and it should come out in janurary 20th 2011 or janurary 2010. A great movie  would consists of the following. 1.150 million dollar budget 2.really good story line 3. great directors 4. in space (predator homeworld) f**kin humans at all (0%) 6.have the predators fight other space creatures or find other space creatures and that would lead to the future.but no aliens because then it would be called avp 7.make it 2hours and 30 minutes long 8. have alot of predators not just 3 or 5 of them. like hundreths of diffrent ones 9.spend alot of time on everything makeing the picture look really real. 10. include all of the predators life with its weapondry a few ships not just 1 big stupid 1, blood(green), vision modes, and everything else that has to do with the predators. 11. make the creatures the predators will be fighting a match of predators making them really strong or maybe stronger than both alien and predator, really musculer and ugly looking. 12. these other creatures are just going to be in predator 3 and maybe if the film does good in the box office, the movie studios will have them in other sequels making a predator 4 and 5 at least. 13. include where these creatures are comming from and if they have a world of themselves then include that if they dont then explain how they came here or landed on the predators planet or the predators landed on theirs.
  4. simon
    There are four good Alien movies, 2 good Predator movies, and oh one good AVP movie and one utter trash AVP movie, and that trashy film is AVP 2.
  5. PyroAcid
    i think most here whould agree how hard is it to look over 80s and 90s action moives and work form there? becouse latey sence 2000 all action and scifi and horror flims have lost there orginalty  "not oh well evrerything form here on in is going to be a copy of something i mean all of them and when directors see what " the hype" is with action moives or any kind they kind go with the fad witch is bull sence we all know anything that becomes mainstrem is normley is half ass or cleshe or just waterd down its like  trying to make a porn with out the nudity then being told you got cut back the moneing in the flim by 30mins so all your left with is a side boob lol
  6. pyroacid
    form watching action  moives form the era 80s and 90s  there was less teenage crap in them and if there was it was the troubled youth and yet they were mature and had the writters gave them balls. not mtv kif crap to draw in that type of attuidnce. if you want "green " you greedy f**ks make bring back the balls the flim makeing insted of worrying about who your going to offend and use better writers i tought the strike was to help get better stroys no shityer ones.
  7. shred predator
    to simon from post 202:(what the hell was fox thinking?) thay were thinking about george washington, lincoln, franklin or anything green! alien 5 or predator 3 or nothing at all- leave it in peace!
  8. simon
    I thought AVP 1 was alright, but AVP 2 was and is utter  complete shit!  no AVP 3, especially with those two fat asshole brothers who can not direct and a lousy script writer.  No more weyland and Yutani inclusions, no link to 'Alien', how about keeping some of the mystery??!!!!
  9. PyroAcid
    well they need to make preds do more of the mimicing thing they did in pred1 and 2 " not saying the same lines but you get the idea. and make the aliens smarter and more humans being killed by both preds and aliens.  many here are saying same  to hell with the intent kit crap its like the stuff you see on the sci-fi ch.  blood and gore dont mean jack if you dont got a epic stroy to go with it.
  10. Disappointed Fan
    Alien vs Predator Requiem was the worst movie that I have ever seen. What makes me more upset is all these fake positive posts made by FOX employees. They sound so fake when you read them. It really is sad. All I have to say to FOX is why don't you try to make a GOOD alien movie? Seriously? We know this is a foriegn concept to FOX. We know FOX is just milking the franchise for money with these lousy productions because they know they can get away with it because people loved the first two aliens and predator movies so much. But why not make a GOOD movie? They might actually make more money. Why take the route of ripping people off every time with these awesome trailers and marketing schemes only to leave people in shock with disappointment. I just don't understand FOX. I guess I never will.
  11. Simon
    I do not want to see another AVP movie, they totally messed up the whole series with the second one's ending and the overall result of the fim.  It was also horrible.  Never thought I would say this but the first AVP is far superior than the crappy second one.    Space jockeys should BE in ALIEN 5, NOT ALIEN VS PREDATOR 3.  I do not want to see any prequel shit in avp 3 to Alien, that is just stupid and insulting.  Either make a avp 3 that has nothing to do with space jockeys, and not a prequel to alien or predator and disregard the ending to avp 2 and make a better avp 3 than avp 2.  Or just make a Alien 5 and Predator 3 already.  Also, the strause brothers should have nothing to do with avp 3, alien 5 and or predator 3.  What the hell was 20TH CENTURY FOX THINKING?!!
  12. darthmaul1
    In my idea, i suggested to bring in Adam Baldwin and his character from Predator 2 and he could be working for weyland yutani, and maybe bring in Jake Busey as Peter Keys son from Predator 2. They have to do 1 more, to tie the predator with the alien series, then after that they could go to any time or place for AVP or Alien or Predator.
    Cool, always knew AVP3 would be made, it did well in the boxoffice 128.8 million, 41 million domestically. Even when it hits blue-ray/dvd stores it will make even more money. AVP3 in space, you can't go wrong there. The brothers did well with a small budget, first time film.   AVP3 should be way better. I can just imagine how good the space marines will look like this time around.
  14. PrincePorno
    I'm so fuc*** mad about this news. The ONLY "GOOD" THING in AvP-R was the motion trucker in the first 2min of film. The rest was the worst nightmare ever. Characters - F TEENS with practicly no names, sherif retard, camera ride was a disaster. One moment bathpool n a second later powerplant. Dialogs have their power. HE WAS SKINNED ALIVE!!!! LOL. This is olny few crapy thing. MSG To Strause Brothers: Watch Carefuly Alien Quadrilogy for about 4 to 6 times, Predator 1 n 2 like 6 times. And..... THINK IDIOTS!!!!!!!!! If not, then don't do it. Cameron, Scott, even Spielberg.... dear god help us!!!
  15. JesseD
    No, they need encouraging fans to make a good AVP. And like Paul W.S. Anderson did something that good, the Bros. Strause did great.  I don't know if any of you realize, but Alien was made on $11,000,000. Aliens on $18,000,000. Predator and Predator on $18,000,000. Predator 2 on $20,000,000. A3, A4, AVP and AVP:R on a average of about $45,000,000. All these GREAT films were made with a small budget by todays standards. A 'real' budget?   I can tell that I'm getting nowhere.
  16. Max Power
    Well, that sucks. Or well, it was pretty obvious. I mean, why would you kill a milking cow? Still a dissapointment though. I just don't like how they fiddle with the Alien universe.
  17. Lee
    That is how my idea for Alien Genesis came about.  The prequel to the first Alien movie ends right when the Nostromo lands on LV-426.  Thus, the viewers in the audience get the tie-in they were looking for, and, knowing the series, understand all the events that are to follow in the rest of the films.
  18. darthmaul1
    They need to link the 2 series together i have sent an idea to fox, james cameron and 2 writing companies but of course heard nothing back. But the movie should take place on earth one more time but end it with a ship crashing on LV-426 to link it directly to the first alien movie.
  19. rchin1
    Noting was wrong with AVPR Krogo, it was f**king awsome, the rest of people are just stuipid,  what would you have done with AVPR? not every director can make fans happy you known so stop saying its bad for avp. if you improved the movie and people didn't like it how would your reaction be so see not every director can make anybody happy so would you all stop saying its bad god dammit  avpr was good I don't see what big f**king deal, just because it was dark,  its a alien film it has to be dark. AVP3 Brothers Strause    :)     :)     :)     :)     :)     :)  
  20. blackhawk
    If AVP 3 is going to be better be GOOD!! and please get some decent directors and a better story line!! (hoping hollywood is reading this) all hollywood cares about is the $$$ they make on the franchise!!
  21. Lee
    Instead of making another ridiculous Alien vs Predator movie, why doesn't the studio focus on making another Alien movie?  For example, "Alien: Genesis."  That would be the movie title I want to see.  It would be a prequel to the first Alien film.  We would see the aliens home world, the space jockey's home world, and how they both came together to end up on the alien planet Ripley and her crew stumbled upon.  I've been saying for years I wish Fox would do an origin story.  The studio is running out of opportunities.  More movies like Alien Ressurrection or Aliens vs Predator II are going to kill off the Genesis concept before it ever gets started.
  22. JesseD
    You all need to except that AVP:R was great. It has its flaws, but get over it. Seriously. Grow up. Everyone's gotta start somewhere, and they got to start with AVP. Lucky them, that's an honor to work in the A and P franchises. Although Paul Anderson should have kept his nose out of it.  An AVP3? I like the sound of that. A space setting? I like it. They need to work the Marines into it, and have an all-out war between all 3. Maybe they should disregard A3 and A4 and AVP and AVP:R, and act as if they didn't happen.
  23. garettm
    i love the joke and sarcasm on this thread   ;D   it's great.  honestly, i'm glad there's goign to be another AVP. However, before that it would be cool if FOX did a P3 or A5 first.   I'm just nervous they are going to have a crappy story again.  I didn't like how the story developed in AVPR.  It had so much potential but the bros. and salerno f--ked it up.  Let's hope a good writer get in the mix this time instead one who ends a movie with a lazy bomb.
  24. Krogo
    Awsome.  You know, all of you people saying that there should be a new alien movie: there have been 4.  Yes, 4.  Aline 3 was crap.  With AvP, you get both.  What was so bad about AVPR?
  25. steveo
    yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssss   ;D       ;D       ;D       ;D       ;D      ;D       ;D       ;D       ;D  
  26. Rob - - - - - - ski
    Heres a list of directors that are high profile these days for well reviewed and well earned at the boxoffice movies that should be the new director:  Francis Lawrence (Constantine, I Am Legend) Tony Scott (Ridleys brother) (Enemy of State, Man on Fire, Deja Vu) M. Night Shyamalan (For Alien 5) (Signs, Sixth Sense) ?Coen Brothers? (No Country For Old Men) Joe Johnston (Hidalgo, Jurrasic Park 3) Edward Zwick (Last Samuri, Glory) Chistopher Nolan (Prestige, Batman Begins, DarkKnight) And so on.  All of them will do a better job on directing and/or writing
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