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Strause Brothers For AvP3?

Can’t believe we’re even discussing AvP3 already but Greg Strause left a couple of interesting comments on the IMDB Boards. It’s no secret the Strause Brothers tried to go after the first AvP before Anderson came along. IMDB User Docta_Jekyll was asking about this and if any elements of their original pitch made it into AvP2. Greg Strause said: “Yes, we did pitch on the orig. We’re saving that idea for the future….”. SiL then asked if they had the intention of returning to the franchise and Greg replied: “I guess that all depends….”. Interesting nonetheless. I wonder what their pitch involved.

Update: Greg: “Well, Colin and I are not the final authority on this, but that would be our preference. The problem with movies that take place in space is cost – they require huge budgets, and are hence quite risky. There have been a good share of big budget sci-fi bombs over the last few years… but ultimately it will depend on the sucess of AVP2…”

In other news, Colin has been giving away a few more details in our forum this week. Firstly, no news on an AvP2 website, it’s still too early for that; There will be similar sound effects to the originals in AvP2; The Predator will get some new equipment/weapons in AvP2; The Predator wristblades will be like the original Predator and not as long as they were in AvP; the Predator’s thermal vision will definitely be blue and not orange as in AvP but there will also be other visions. There’s a lot more stuff on the forum, check out this thread where you can submit your questions to Colin.

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  1. Tom
    Xenomorphine,    "Even that isn't 'warfare'. You can't engage in an eactual war against something which has no concept of the same. "  ---  Are you kidding? The USA invaded a thrid world country and is still there..  "Aliens are just excessively territorial and will viciously defend themselves in every way they can "--- That sounds like human beings to me...  ----And the Comics are not crap, they are the whole basis of these movies anyway.  The comics and videogames (pertaining to AVP)  generated the fanbase which is here today.  I know because about 12 years ago I was one of those people reading those comics and wasting countless quarters on that arcade game, been a fan ever since.  ---Somewhat agree the first comic was the best.
  2. Xenomorphine
    But with the exception of the first, the comics are crap. :)  Even that isn't 'warfare'. You can't engage in an eactual war against something which has no concept of the same.  At most, it would be an 'open hunt', because each of those creatures would more than qualify as something worthy of taking a trophy from. But that's not the same thing as somehow trying to declare war.  That was one of the things which does not make sense in the film of 'Starship Troopers'. The book depicted the things as intelligent, hostile arachnids, able to use technology, but by making them ordinary beasts, what was the point of declaring war on them? You might as well try and declare war on hurricanes. :)  Aliens aren't like Al Qaeda. There's no figurehead which has made some sort of media statement about declaring war on a nation. Aliens are just excessively territorial and will viciously defend themselves in every way they can  In any case, there would be far easier ways of getting a host implanted with a Queen and ferrying it out of there, with their level of technology!
  3. Nukiemorph
    You hear that guys?  A decent budget = a sequel in space. I don't wanna hear anybody boycotting AVP2, then complaining that it's not based in space.  ...See this movie; give it money.
  4. Tom
    Xenomorphine,   According to the comics...the Preds do engage in warfare for the sole purpose ...the capture of the Queen .... read the comics titled AVP : War.  The Queen is actually the most sought after trophy obviously...  Comics show that aliens are the most valued game, agreed.  However, I like to think that the Preds are a bit more resourceful than strictly relying on Plasma cannons.....die grid die
  5. Cellien
    AvP3 should be that Humans are on an infested Alien planet and trying to eradicate like in Aliens... then a Predator shows up when you are engrossed in the Alien vs Human struggle!  Like this stealthy assassin that is impossible to pin down cause of his stealth abilities and technology.
  6. Banman
    Well, apparently, the Predator we will be having in Avp2 will be a more experienced Predator... And I understand the movie only having a Predator, because it will allow more stealth and hunting moments... Though how would he be able to face various xenomorphs at  time still puzzles me... Just hope they will not do a too-human choreography (though the rooftop scene hints that) which many disliked in AVP when Scar did that jump to stab the Queen...   The prob with Predator is that the more you show him on screen, the more human he appears... That is why they showed so little of him on 'Predator'... That is why though I like the more stealthy, horror, hunting approach of AVP2, I have my reservations about the mult-aliens fight scene...  Going back to subject, I think too that it is too early to tell if AVP2 will succeed enough for the Bros. to think about doing a third installment...  And Fox never did repeat directors before, so that fact goes against them... Apart from Bryan Singer in X-Men and X-Men 2, I don't remember any franchise having the same director or directors for two movies in a row...
  7. bronconose
    God point Xenomorphine, the Predators do consider the Aliens the strongest in the universe.  Why else hold them for the rite of passage like you said, they could use humans, but they only use us as hosts, and one Alien took two preds down by itself because they didnt have their plasma cannons, cause Aliens are cool like that  ::)    That doesn't mean though, even though i hate to admit, they couldn't take down at least 3 or 4 with a shoulder cannon.  Though it would be hard for them.  But they definetly couldn't take down hundreds without a care, except as a last resort with a bomb but they would die too   :P   Aliens rule    :P  especially Runner   ;D  
  8. Xenomorphine
    Som epeople seem to prefer Predators being in open warfare. That's not how they are. They are hunters, specialising in the track of individual or small groups of particular targets. They will never be shown in a 'war' situation against humans and would have no reason to be against the alien creatures, which are simply just naturally aggressive and territorial. Aliens don't have any need to understand the concept of political doctrine and the like. They don't go to war, any more than an average wasp or crocodile would.  Predator fans should understand that their favourite creatures do, like it or not, regard Aliens as THE most hostile and challenging prey in the entire galaxy. They respect the Alien, because they KNOW precisely what it is capable of doing.  If Predators were not cautious about Aliens and could truly take down hundreds of them without a care, why would they involve them in a rite of passage? It would be like the United States Marines giving recruits a rifle and telling them that they would qualify if they can shoot a porcupine. :)  Either Predators respect the Alien enough to consider it the most worthy prey in existence, which means they realise how difficult it is to dispatch one, or they don't hold these trials and consider them like any other prey.  Yet we know that the trials are held and that means they consider the things extremely dangerous.
  9. bronconose
    this is seriously just becoming f***ing gay.  Everyone keeps dissing AVP, i admit it wasnt as good as it could have been, but it wasnt terrible.  The first half is actually good especially the fight with Grid Alien and Celtic Predator, what ruined it is when the Predator gave the girl the Alien spear and head shield and that it was PG-13 not R.  I think as soon as people heard it was PG-13 they started kind of hating it.  And about AvP 3 being only about Aliens and Predators, that would be pretty good, but there wouldn't really be a good story or anything, because Predators nor Aliens can talk, but it would be good if it was like half an hour to a 3/4 of an hour dedicated to Aliens and Predators fighting, no humans, but humans still have to be there at least half to 3/4 of an hour for a good story.  And Aliens rule   ;D     :P  
  10. Spoon
    So glad this site has intelligent people and not just spam posts. AVP Is a alien and predator fans nightmare movie. 2 weeks ago it was on citytv in HD and i had to watch it but i always forget how BAD that movie is becuase i just love aliens and predator. I just wish AVP can just be earesd from existence. That movie only gives my friends the power to make fun of me that i love aliens and predator and its pissing me off!   I know they loved predator 1 though :)
    It wasn't bad at all, in fact it's a pretty cool sci-fi movie!   I just think once rumors start and opinions invade forums most people start to believe them like mindless zombies. All it takes it for one person to say something is cool and you'll be surprised how others will believe them off the bat   ::)    A lol of people thought AVP was cool when it first came out, and then in due time enough people said it sucked and other's who liked it started feeling different about it.
  12. Krycek
    First of all, The Grid Alien got the drop on the Chopper, that is why it killed Chopper so easy, then the Grid won a very good and even fight against the Celtic, Celtic should have won but it didn't kill the Grid fast enough while it was in the net. I don't understand why people can complain over the fact that the Preds were killed too quick in AvP. The Preds didn't take the advantage when they had it. Yes that movie sucked but don't cry over the fact that the Preds lacked the killer urge that the Aliens are imbedded with.
  13. Kyra
    I think having AvP3 set in the future is an awesome idea~     ;D     ;D    Only thing is..  I'd like to see a lot MORE of Predators AND Aliens...  and a lot LESS of humans....  after all..  the movie is called Alien vs Predator...
  14. Tom
    I think that they should stick to the comics storyline....Or, make it in the near future right before Alien took place on LV 426.   RANT ON: AVP was such a disgrace.... They made the Predators look like sissies. The director was so pro-Alien, they killed two Predators off in the first fight scene.  The gestation period for chestbursters was insanely short too.  What ever happened to the Marines???  They play a great role....instead they had Scientists and a few Haliburton security...Directors, Producers, you all need to go read the comics, and review the original movies... May'be then youll create a decent storyline that makes sense ......RANT OFF:   Alien 5 ?  Gee, I don't think it could get worse than Alien 4 .....Could it ? .... Predator 3 movie .....that would be awesome.
  15. pmaz11
    I agree, I wouldn't mind having an AVP3 but it will depend on whether or not AVP2 lives up to our expectations and I full heartedly agree that if AVP3 come out that it should be set in the future....around the time period of aliens or before, because I think we need that feel of aliens in space again.   and I think a lot of people want to see predators in space and or on another planet, perhaps LV426 (actually it could take place before aliens and right after alien before the atmosphere processor is built, etc. and the predators just fight the aliens)  - Anyone have thoughts or opinions about this???
  16. Nukiemorph
    Steve, we've seen one AVP movie... we don't know how the aliens will be depicted in this sequel really.  But yes, they did feel like extras in the first film, which one of the things I didn't like about it.  It was much more of a predator film...  The humans need to die off halfway through an AVP movie... and AVP3 needs to be set in space.
  17. Steve
    I think Predator movie is due for a 3rd.  AvP shouldnt reach 3 before predator. Plus Theres to much going on with 3 races fighting each other and only 1 race speaks.  I rather see a nice war of humans vs predators for once.  To me AVP movies feel like the aliens are just extras.  It doesnt work but I sure as hell enjoy at least one good movie with all 3 but doesnt need sequals.
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