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Strause Brothers For AvP3?

Can’t believe we’re even discussing AvP3 already but Greg Strause left a couple of interesting comments on the IMDB Boards. It’s no secret the Strause Brothers tried to go after the first AvP before Anderson came along. IMDB User Docta_Jekyll was asking about this and if any elements of their original pitch made it into AvP2. Greg Strause said: “Yes, we did pitch on the orig. We’re saving that idea for the future….”. SiL then asked if they had the intention of returning to the franchise and Greg replied: “I guess that all depends….”. Interesting nonetheless. I wonder what their pitch involved.

Update: Greg: “Well, Colin and I are not the final authority on this, but that would be our preference. The problem with movies that take place in space is cost – they require huge budgets, and are hence quite risky. There have been a good share of big budget sci-fi bombs over the last few years… but ultimately it will depend on the sucess of AVP2…”

In other news, Colin has been giving away a few more details in our forum this week. Firstly, no news on an AvP2 website, it’s still too early for that; There will be similar sound effects to the originals in AvP2; The Predator will get some new equipment/weapons in AvP2; The Predator wristblades will be like the original Predator and not as long as they were in AvP; the Predator’s thermal vision will definitely be blue and not orange as in AvP but there will also be other visions. There’s a lot more stuff on the forum, check out this thread where you can submit your questions to Colin.

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