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  1. kommander696
    Hey Everyone.  Im the dude that took that photo. In answer to Wolfs Girl question YES it was in Auckland! In North Shore's Albany park and ride bus depot to be exact :->=  ** wolf girl give me a pm or email some day huh.  If you live near I do I would like to meet up with you and talk predator! **  thanks to everyone that takes interest in this post, and thankyou to everyone at you guys are textbook examples of great dedication and for that I salute you in it's entirity!  -|- Adam  -|- aka PredatorNZ -|-
  2. The G-man
    Nice   ;)   Hope I will see some picture on the busses in Belgium    ;D   The Release over here is 18th of January, I just got Exams then, that sux   :'(   but I'll sneak out of my room and go watch the movie hell yeah!!   ;D  
  3. Wolfs Girl
    I'm slightly calmer now. If I had my car, I'd be out there right now looking for this bus! They do it all the time here. I remember chasing one with an add for Planet of the Apes on the back when that film came out. f**k..I am uber excited now, I'm going to burst!!!
  4. Wolfs Girl
    OMG!!!! Where in NZ did you see this??? Please say Auckland???? OMG I will FREAK if  one of these busses passes me on the street!!!!OMG./so its definitely set for Jan 10th!! damn!! *passes out*
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