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AvPR Article in Empire Magazine

There’s a new article about AvPR in this month’s Empire Magazine. Empire spoke with the directors and some of the cast from the movie. There’s also a couple of new pictures: One of Kelly aiming a gun out of a helicopter and the other of her daughter Molly running in the rain.

20071027 AvPR Article in Empire Magazine

Thanks to War Wager, you can find a transcript of this article in the forum and the scans here. There’s a couple of interesting points. Empire have the budget of AvPR listed as $40m (estimated). Think on, AvP’s budget was $45m. They’ve also got an interesting timeline and have the events in AvPR listed in 2007. Hence, the film takes place in 2007, and not in 2004 like in AvP. This could be a mistake though.

Edit: Nevermind, AvPR does take place in 2004 straight after AvP.

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  1. Mr. Teal
    zen dude! you make me laugh!!!! no way, that sounds like a game. AVP2 take place straight after AVP.  looks like we all goin back to crappy 2004    :P  
  2. zen
    Heres my take on it:The predalien gets loose in the ship,the ships scanners read pred and alien DNA so it asumes its a pred with a trophy(or something like that),the predalien gets big and starts killing preds.Knowing they cant take it down(or maybe they wanted to keap it alive)they leave the ship.Except the guidence system gets damaged and it heads for last known landing(subsequently crash-landing on earth),the star-drives fail two-thirds-way through flight so it then take three years to come to earth.The preds track star-drive radiation until the point where the other ships drives failed,they then hunt for the ship and find out that it has crash on earth.they then dispatch Wolf to clean it up before it infects the planet.
  3. Guest
    i dont think the xenomorphs should look different there better normal, and plus they came from humans anyway, even if chet put em in the hospital patients first
  4. modprecar
    The movie takes place straight after the first & were the predalien grows rapidily & rips threw the rest of the preds untill the ship dispatches it's section & crash hits earth 1000miles per hour & wala WOLF the lone ranger is to rescue with his cleaner gear. but guys one thing we have forgotton about is what are these new aliens got a look like i mean the ones that have been breed by the PREDALIEN what do think?
  5. King-Koopa
    *SPOILERS* d predalien inpregnated d other preds n make d ship into a hive n it crashed..d preds had aliens on board for sum reason and finally jim carey has been added to d cast to play d part as bruce!! i think AvPvB will make a gud movie
  6. Starkiller
    Im really optimistic about this movie as i am a huge predator and alien fan...but if this film is rubbish i will never forgive fox and will wash my hands with the whole alien and predator thing. Please strause i hope you bros have a made decent movie?
  7. Starkiller
    So the movie is set in 2004 straight after AVP. I was hoping the movie would be set in 07, But i suppose a pred-alien on the predator ship for 3 years would be silly. Have to wait and see!
  8. PredKing_Luke
    mabe the aliens on the pred mothership created a big colony and killed off most of the predators and took a long time to fight them off and survive and eventually escaped to earth in an escape pod but was highjaked by the predalien.   ???     ;D  
  9. SuicideDoors
    Empire have been complete f**ks about this film up until now, with their staff ridiculing people on their forums who are verging on optimistic about it.  They can shove there poorly researched article up there ass.
  10. Sulaco
    Top 5 ideas for avp-r Super hot chicks with guns! Nonstop jokes from the pizza delivery kid! Flying aliens! A short fat bulky predator {something new} Definatly a pg 13 rating again!
  11. gameoverman
    QuoteUm, this movie takes place right after AVP, so it ain't 2007.
    Well that pretty much confirms that the ship that crashes is from the AVP mothership, although it was pretty much suspected all along.
  12. Optimus Virus
    Sounds the pred-alien the one from avp yes or not? i like the fact it is set to current date..but not sure how it gunna pan out...have to wait and see.  Rock On!
  13. Xenomorphine
    No, he didn't say anything like that. It's a recent rumour based oon a quote taken out of context. :)  Nobody asked him if he wanted to direct the concept or not. What he refers to, in the interview, is lamenting that nobody asked him to return and direct an 'Alien' film.
  14. Dual Blades
    Darkness, could you clear something up because am confused ...  ... I have heard that Ridley Scott ACTUALLY wanted to direct Alien vs Predator, is this true???   If the movie turns out to be that successful what do you think the likely hood of him maybe wanting to do AVP 3?? a man can dream    :D    # NOTE : Strause bros, please don't take this by me wanting anyone else to doing this, we haven't seen the film yet BUT of what we've all seen I think that you guys would be the great choice for the third film.
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