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AvP Requiem Rated R

According to Box Office Mojo, the MPAA has officially rated AvP Requiem as R! Music to my ears. It was rated R for violence, gore and language. It’s not on the MPAA website though. I’m surprised we got the rating this early. I thought they were still working on the film and will have to resubmit their cut when they’ve finished. Either way, it’s R, and that’s what matters. Thanks to SiL for the news.

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  1. Anonymous
    Personally, I don't care what it's rated as long as it has a good storyline, some decent action, and some great special effects. Yeah AVP kinda sucked but that wasn't because of the rating it was because of a flawed plot.  In my opinion, the thing that made Pred 1 great and Aliens great was the way the story was told from the human aspect. Up against creatures that are intelligent strong and difficult to kill the humans have to overcome something. They have to survive and they have to outsmart the alien.  Everyone's first instinct seems to be - have the preds and aliens fight get the marines in there and have them caught in the middle - but I think that's foolish.  Nobody (well maybe some people) wants to see 2 hours of gore and killing there has to be reason behind it, there has to be challenge, and there has to be a story.  That's why so many horror movies suck, the makers just say "ok let's get a pretty girl in there and have her chased by a maniac for the movie"  Anyways I'll stop ranting now.  The trailer for AVP-R looks great and I'm excited to see the movie. I just hope that the story is good.
  2. predator rocks
    a snake in my oppinon is a bit to much for a movie, i would say it would be to difficult to take seiously, no arms ect. on the other hand it might be ok    ;D   i wouldent care so long as theres a pred in it lol i mean i was quite happy with the first one loli know it was shit and all but it was so long since i heard a predator.
  3. Xenomorphine
    A snake would work fine. Pythons and anacondas would be more than large enough. A spitting sobra would be particularly interesting, as it would be a biomechanical serpent with massive fangs and the retained ability to regularly spit acid like a weapon. :)
  4. Optimus Prime
    I think were goin over the top! lol a pred-alien's fine, maybe another dog alien but a gorilla, ox, bird, badger, snake etc it aint guna work, maybe three 'hybrids' in this movie but 1 or 2 will be fine!  where's the green band trailer? and we need more production stills! come on!
  5. Xenomorphine
    A bird would be easy, but if an Alien goes that way, it would have no arms. The wings of birds are the skeletal structure for the arms.  I would much rather see a snake or big cat or crocodile, if the place happens to have a zoo.
  6. scarface there are rumors that there might be a ZOO in the town, so i hope we dont see too much diversity...but if the brothers expirement a little with the hybrids, who cares? all in good fun, and opening up multitudes of new possibilities for the alien species.
  7. Ex-Con
    I hope there isn't a flying alien, that's just stupid! :-( lol a predalien is good! its kind of what the fans wanted, & maybe a dog or ox alien...that's o.k because it kinda pays homage to alien 3. Lets just wait and see. i just hope there's not loads of differnt types of aliens because that just taking th piss..
  8. torque160_bh
    R-Rated! wohoo! but we kinda knew that coz thats what brothers strause said from day one!   oh well at least it officially, hope the movie r-rated everywhere!  hhmmm what other hybrids can there be?  its set in gunnison? any thoughts guys?
  9. comandante
    I don't understand why a predalien couldn't be a queen, too.  If aliens take on the characteristics of the host, then aren't they ALL hybrids, with the standard "drones" being human hybrids (that would explain the human-scale limbs, rib-cage, teeth, and jaw, not to mention the human skull embedded in the face of Giger's alien)?  So, if the alien hive in ALIENS was all bred from human stock, and the drones are known to change with different hosts, shouldn't the queen change as well? Don't get me wrong, I'm not psyched about a predalien queen, just because I'd like to see a "standard" predalien drone before complicating things any further.
  10. zen
    They said they wanted it to be as long as predator,maybe even longer!.But no,the flying aliens does sound very cool!   ;D  .I also have a bunch of those toys myself!!   :D  .
  11. zen
    AVP is my 3rd most favorite movie,but i think those two preds deserved to die.I mean come on!.You should always mind your seroundings,wether theres a threat or not!.but it was sad to see scar get killed.He was a true warrior!.Just look at those ten fools who went into a hive with no burners!.All but one got killed!.Yet he went up against a queen and he lasted that long!.A truly sad ending........
  12. thegodfather
    My flying alien idea really is kinda stupid, the face hugger to be attached on a bat or bird would seem very silly but hey when in rome. How long did the brothers say the film will last, Hopefully 2hrs minimum and 2hrs 15 max!
  13. zen
    And also,the queen is entirely queen,not predalien queen,not super king,not super duper queen,just a simple queen,no more,no less.that is unless someone has a comic i havent read yet.
  14. zen
    Also i see a lot of people saying about the predalien being a predalien-queen:Take $10,go to a book store,buy aliens versus predator:prey,read it and you will see that a drone can turn into a queen,but the queen is fully mature in less then 24 hours.Obviously the predalien is there for more then a few days.That whould be more then enough time to gather two or three hosts for the face huggers.They whould then go into the sewer to start a hive.The predalien whould then wait for the new drone whould be selected to be the queen,but not the predalien(regardless of "protector" class),the two drones will help the queen to set up a hive and the predalien will collect more hosts(cows,bears etc...).You should also buy the book alien3,these two books will help prove my hypothesis.   ;D  .
  15. Aran
    Xerxesz: It'd be a shame to know that the other Preds will be killed by Aliens. just hoping they'd die in true Predator fashion & not get killed off as easily as in AVP 1.     :'(  
  16. zen
    Its hard for me to think of a flying alien,but only in north america,where all you got is tiny bats.But there are:dogs,cats,rats,cows,horses,alligators(bu t i dont think theres gators in that town),rabits(furry rabits of doom),snakes(maybe too small),wolverines,bears,ground hogs,pigs,gofers,sheep(haha,an alien sounding like a sheep!   :D  ),mountain lions,wolves,dear,moose and goats.Maybe if you had a large crane or goose,or if someone has a very large pet bird one might find a flying alien!   ;D  .But out of all of those possible hosts i whould'nt just settle for humans and predators!.i'd take the cows,bears and wolverines!   ;D  .
  17. Krycek
    Ok, I know all of us us had the toys growing up,( Mantis, King Crab, Wild Bull, Rhino, Snake, etc) and they all made cool versions of toys for us kids. But thinking in movie aspects of it, there really can't be a big range of hybrids. The facehugger still has to latch on to it, therefore it has to have some mass. So there can't be a winged alien because I can't see a bird of any kind having an egg inside of it.  And by the way, I'm putting the debate to rest. The coolest toy was the Night Pather alien because it looked like the dog alien.
  18. Jonesy
    They WANT the R rating to distinguish this movie from the last one. If it got rated pg-13 by the MPAA theyd add stuff to get the R if they had to. They know how disappointed fans are with the first AvP movie. Sometimes an R is better for business than a pg.
  19. warchant-D
    im not sure if anyone else noticed this or not but just after the guy is impaled by the tail towards the end of the red band , if you watch it in frame by frame or in normal speed whatever, it appears that this may be a glimpse of one of the so called possible other hybrids or something, as it appears to have some sort of silicon looking webbing or mane that flares out around its neck when it's mouth opens.not too clear, but it doesnt appear to be the predalien as it doesnt show any glimpses of dreds in the picture and its mandibles wouldnt flare out that much? the silicon looking material seems to vibrate as such not depicting a solid jaw line structure such as a mandible.
  20. Optimus Prime
    I dont think it will be a dog alien! because in one of the interviews with the puperteers they said they got a special suprise! for the fans..  so im thinking the pred-alien we know, a dog alien is too predictible. It was originally an ox hybrid in alien 3 but the dog was used instead! so it could be and ox or boar or whatever!  just wait and see?
  21. Krycek
    I dunno about a flying alien, I feel that would like be too cheesy, but I would def want to see another dog alien speed through the halls of the hospital and picking people off
  22. thegodfather
    Thanks zen, When the GB trailer comes out I wonder if someone very clever will mix the two trailers together, that'll  be cool. In the RB trailer you can hear a dog whilst the clip of the search partyis seen (someone said dog aien ala ALIEN 3) I'd love a Alien with wings like the flying queen alien toy from 1993 but not a queen but a warrior winged alien.Does anyone think that more Predators will appear near the end or is this just having the one Predator? I forget.
  23. Xenomorphine
    The Dorman picture inspires no enthursiasm in me. The lower jaws are out of proportion, compared to the upper. Aside from that and the hair apparent stuff, it just looks like an average Alien.
  24. youngest predator
    I'm sooo happy! Even though the other Aliens movies were R now both alien and pred are now. I just love sci-fi R rated movies. Also,  sci-fi PG-rated movies.
  25. Elder Predator
    "sighs" Thank the lord it wasn't directed by Paul Anderson AvP was really a muck up But AVP-R This has Gotta be pretty good. Blood, Gore and chestbursters YEEEEEHAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!    ;D     ;D     ;D  
  26. scarface
    just imagine the bloodshed on the directors cut...this will be almost the calibur of the original alien.....TOTAL PROVIDENCE.   ;D     ;D     ;D  
  27. yaujta
    i agree with optimus prime, the predalien wud b enough and any other hybrids wud b cool...... jst  as long as they dont go stupid with them, i meen, earlier sumeone said they wanna see things like boar alien etc.
  28. Krycek
    @ Carnalien, I kinda get tired of people using the saying " The first Alien wasn't gory and it was a great movie, so the other movies don't need to be gory." Maybe so but I don't think any of us are expecting AvP-R to be Alien. I just want to be entertained and the more gore the better, even more so after the first AvP lacked the gore needed to please the fans. So in that respect it is amazing to see how brutal the R rated trailer was.
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