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AvP2 R-Rated Trailer!!!

Here it is! The moment we’ve been waiting for all year. The AvP2 R-Rated Trailer first made its way onto Youtube. Not sure how it got there. IGN then officially launched it at 1AM in perfect high quality. There’s even a HD version for you to download. The Official AvP-R Website also went live. (Only contains a link to IGN though).

20070825 AvP2 R-Rated Trailer!!!

The trailer lasts for 2 minutes and shows lots of amazing stuff. You can find 10 caps on the next page. You can find 80 HD Caps in the Gallery.

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  1. Sulaco
    I'll always be pissed they made AR with Ripley... I love how they ended it in A3... fans boo because they killed off Hicks, I thought that sucked too, but it set the mood Fincher style. I won't start on the newborn and AvP, that just sucked! So did that French director stepping in.
  2. scarface
    well...   ???  ...the newborn was more of a one-time deal...and it was emenslly powerful(my spellings screwed up today, sorry)but i still believe it wouldve been too risky to do anything else with the newborn seeing as its something spawned from the AR's peticular that movie did kinda suck..but i liked the new ending   ;D     ;D  on the uncut one...
  3. Angelita
    For God Sake let the Predator survive!!! Let him be the one standing on top crushing the Alien Queen. I would like to see more of the fear that this character brings on screen. Yeah then you could call it a good AVP2. But Shit happens.....    8)  
    i've seen the previews for Aliens vs Predator so many times that i lost count and it's so cool to see the blood and the gore return. i just hope if its a success that fox will give a green light for more sequels for the Alien and Predator movies. I am a die hard fan of both franchises myself and collected everything from action figures, trading cards, model kits, video games, dvds, vhs, and other stuff. i think all of us aliens and predator fans should go out and punch out paul anderson for saying he's a true fan and give the brothers who are doing the new one a huge hug if it goes well with all of us on this awesome kick ass website dedicated to our favorite sci-fi creatures of all time LONG LIVE ALIENS AND PREDATOR!!!!!   ;)     ;D     8)     8)     8)  
  5. Internecivus Raptus
    This'll be everything the first wasn't, you can already tell, I mean the trailer alone is R. This'll kick ass for sure, that whip was so sweet, the only thing I don't like about Wolf is the duckbill mask from Pred 2. And yeah Reiko does remind me of Ripley. I hope those scenes in the trailer with the military means a return to the  Alien(s) kind of battles, with the military being massacred. The Alien busting thru the window at that guy was awesome too. Can. Not. Wait. Till. Christmas
  6. scarface
    after aliens(ressurection doesnt count)...its good to see some army on alien/predator action.....but i really want to know if the predalien will have feathers like in the game and get stronger with every battle it would of course be totally invincible after al the gore i just to see green band though...   ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  7. Sulaco
    The budget is smaller then AVP but they did great things with smaller budgets back in the day {alien,aliens,predator2} Every alien/predator movie had different directors with different visions too. The brothers look to be spot on with me, but I would also like to have it dark and depressing {Fincher} style!
  8. tHe_wOLf
    Overall, I really liked the trailer.  First rate.  I thought the atmosphere was spot on, and the violence and gore are a great sight to behold as opposed to the first AvP (no violence = lame.)  The only gripe that I have is that the blood looks incredibly fake.  Very obviously CG.  I hope that they add some better effects for this - otherwise, I guess I really won't mind.  Can't wait for December!
  9. Deco
    I am a die hard fan of both franchises and I really have to be honest, the movie looks incredible cheap.  If fox had of just bit the bullet for avp 1 and set it on a distant planet in space (I mean that from a budget perspective) they would have given faith to the fans and thus, created new ones. The sad thing is that while this movie will undoubtadly be better than the first, its look its 'straight to dvd' like. Prominent evidence of no budget. So sad too given these movies are Fox's most recognised achievements.(star wars aside)   My fingers are still crossed however and believe me, with more promise than they were upon viewing the first trailer for the avp directed by Paul Anderson.  Later guys :-)
  10. warchant-D
    hey, a couple things i noticed that i was curious if anyone else caught or knew anything about.  -first, in regards to the predator handling the two aliens at once, if you look low you can notice hes apparently pulling them up out of some water or something so maybe that has something to do with why they might be somewhat immobilized, maybe by something he may have done to the water just prior?  -second, im not sure if anyone else noticed this or not but just after the guy is impaled by the tail towards the end , if you watch it in frame by frame or in normal speed whatever, it appears that this may be some other possible hybrid or something, as it appears to have some sort of silicon looking webbing or mane that flares out around its neck when it's mouth opens.not too clear, but it doesnt appear to be the predalien as it doesnt show any glimpses of dreds in the picture and its mandibles wouldnt flare out that much?  Also if i recal one interview mentioned possibly multiple alien types, as well as the fact that the movie specs and bios sheet on the site even has 'hybrids' and 'predalien' listed as two seperate things altogether.   :o  
  11. Thiago (Sao Paulo - Brazil)
    YESSSSSS!!!! Superb Superb!!! Excelent job of strause brothers!!! The Predador is awesome!! Fantastic!!   Amazing!!!!
  12. pretrixalated
    here's what I think...A3 was a guy finding out that he had a cancer in his legs AR was that same guy finding out that he could never walk again AvP was Paul anderson breaking that guy's legs ensuring that he could never walk again and finaly Aliens vs Predator:Requiem is that guy being visited by Jesus and making him all better and now he's able to play football and run for hours on end!!!   ;)  
    I love seeing the PREDATOR kick those alien asses. Don't get me wrong i love the first two alien movies and ( not so much alien 3 and AR) and I love both Predator movies, but lets face it, the 1st AVP was too fake how that one alien killed two preds right off the bat and how Scar was snuck up on all the time. The preds are the hunters and have weapons and are smarter than aliens. The pred should kick their asses more. By the looks at this prievew it looks right with the pred kicking their asses. I LOVE IT!
  14. zen
    OOOOHHH!.I just got a great idea!.In predator:forever midnight,the preds have a gland called the kill gland,which creates a substance that makes the predators frenzie!.they keep this substance in check with a speical drug,otherwise there capable of going on mass killing sprees,unihilating any and all things in sight!.That whould be scary if the predalien has the kill gland!!   :o  .
  15. Elorrra
    It's hard to imagine... Half-Knife. How did she hang him there in the first place? Why did she need his skin for? Playing sheep? Nah... It's a Predator's work.  If she did that then the guy (I mean what is left of him)would lay in the ground.   ;)  
  16. Half-knife
    That really looked good all four times. I love the whip, but I wish they'd stop with the chicks behind Army weapons. Any way, looks like the Predator has a lot of people in his way throughout the movie! Double shoulder cannons, shurikens, whip and an alien in each hand. It doesn't get much better than that! Can't wait!
  17. zen
    I agree with Mr.Fox,nchurch81 and Bio Mech Hunter!.Just because one does not like something does not give them the right to rag on it to the point where one ruins it for everyone else!!!.I despise people who like to do that!!!!!.   >:(  
  18. Predboy
    The trailer is pretty good. Im just worried whether the movie is going to be like the originals or an action flick filled with mindless gore. Im also worried about whether the aliens are put in the film as shit to scoop up or actuall threats to the predator. Well, cant do anything except wait for the movie to come out.
  19. Bio Mech Hunter
    I agree, with you guys. People need to lay off Anderson and the first film. Let. It. Go. Overhyping and incessant, rabid fan reaction is only ruining for everyone who's thinking with a level head.    ::)     :-\     Don't pass final judgement until we've actually seen the film, guys. Not the trailer.    ;)  
  20. thetias
    IM LOVIN IT!!!  But the predator sounds do not sound right. Not when cloaked and not the predator sound in the end of the trailer.  The sounds on the website are the correct ones.  I hope its just the trailer that has these new pred sounds.   Everything else was great!!!!
  21. Xenomorphine
    Firstly, Praetorians suck. They just do. There's nothing they can do an ordinary Alien can't and they're at a disadvantage, if anything: they're not as fast, can't go up walls and jut make bigger targets.  Secondly, if it is one, the directors need to explain why none were seen in 'Aliens'.  Thridly, if it's a Queen, where are the other arms? We all saw Ripley's chestburster. It had a crown and two sets of arms.  Fourthly, those who are still going on about Anderson need to get a clue. Stop comparing these things. It either has got something to do with the first, thereby acknowledging it, or hasn't and therefore should not be compared.  Do you honestly think the guy is going to watch this and "kill himself", as so many of you appear to think? No. He'll probably think it's good and decide to watch it, like everyone else. He won't care.
  22. Torgo
    Though the trailer looks kick assed.. be cautious.. It all boils down to character and a plausible connected story with some continuity..  All the pretty explosions and blood can not save a movie.. even if you add tits to the mix.. if there are none of the aforementioned qualities to the movie.  Look at Star Wars Ep 1..   I want this to work more than anyone.. but i have been burned by the studios too many times to get my hopes up, just to be angry, battered, crushed and disappointed in the end.  Keeping fingers cautiously crossed.     :-\  
  23. Sulaco
    I can say f**k ANDERSON because I'm a longtime fan, All the die hard Alien fans were robbed after AR and the newborn. thank that f**ked up french director for that!
    I'm calling AVP2 AVP1 for now on   ;)    but guys seriously, stop watching the trailer over and over again, don't juice the movie out before you see it.   I just hope FOX doesn't make all these new cool trailers showing more cool stuff. If they show the makings of AVP2 I'm not going to see it! I want to be surprised.   Guys I think AVP2 is going to be so cool it's going to make the franchise finally stand up again on it's own two feet.   It's going to show the world again that Aliens and Predators are still the best monsters in movie history and they are going to be here for a very VERY LONG TIME! f**k retirement, it's not over yet!!!   ;D  
  25. ultimate predator (india)
    I think the movie rocks. It really looks a lot better than AVP1. Both the brothers have done a great job. I have great hopes for this movie. I do believe that it is tough for one predator to take on all of them, but i also believe that nothing is impossible.
  26. YutaniDitch
    OK, seen it a few times...  Though afraid to go against the incredible general feeling of extasis, I should point out that this is a trailer, therefore the movie may well be something else... Also, the acid burned guy twitching is over the top, and the Resident Evil Apocalypse ripoff scene is here after all...  So, before overestimating the movie from just one 2 minute trailer, we'll have to see the acting, pacing and overall alien and Predator behaviour...   A trailer, no matter how good it seems, is not the movie... Remember that...  I, personally, did not like Wolf hunting both humans and aliens...So much for my stealth approach theory... and it sure looks way too much for one Predator to do...  The handheld cannon is here, and there are continuity issues that this trailer raises...  we'll see how it unfolds for real in December...  Until then, I think it would be wise to maintain cool heads because we also saw good trailers for AVP, but the story depicted as well as character development left a lot to be desired, not to mention the fights' chorepgraphy...  The trailer looks good, bt I am more concerned about how the story and the tension builds and how it unfolds..not just a quick succession of the movie's greatest hits...which is all a trailer is about to spice up interest...and from the looks of it, it did it's job..  So, 4 more months to go...  ;)  
  27. predmaster
    Notice at the end of the trailer it just shows "ALIEN VS. PREDATOR 2" NOT  "alienS vs. predator: REQUIEM" not sure what thats all about.
  28. SHREK
    i dunno wat u lot r on about but anyway if that big alien is the predalien where are the dreads...   ???   im not really likin the looked better in the picture released a few days ago...
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