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AvP Requiem Complete!

AvPR has officially been completed according to co-director Colin Strause who posted the news on our forum:

“We wrapped up at 9:30 last night. All that is left to do is watch the final film Sunday to make sure there isn’t any technical issues with it. I just want to say a huge “thank you!” to everyone who worked on the film, and I can’t wait until all the fans get to the see what we’ve been slaving over for the last year and a half.”

Greg Strause also made a similar thread over on IMDB and apparently the movie will look quite different from the trailers. They finished colour-grading last night and the prints start getting made next week.

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  1. frisco
    I knew it was coming after AVP. I thought about it. There should be a fight on Earth. It is finally here. I will be at AMC so early to see this movie they'll think I slept there.  Peace!!!
  2. Deco
    Zen: Ah cool, sounds like it could be a good mash up! Go a step further, I meant, actually name your "BAR".  give it a history, give your characters a reason as to why they go there.One of your characters might go there because his father used to bring him as a kid? He could be in the bar at the start of the story [setup] and it may turn out that the wine celler under the bar, is the perfect place to take refuge from the war, once the Aliens and Predators show up [Payoff]. This is not a suggestion for your story more of an example as to what I meant!!!    :)   Im from Ireland and there are plenty of bars here as you can imagine! But lets take that concept alone, in America (if that is where your story is set), there is a huge love of the Irish drinking culture, so your bar could be called 'Guinnesses'- this gives you a name; the history could be that a poor Irish owner in the 40's bought the bar with all that he owned and turned it into a massive success. People drink there for two reasons, they love the story, and they love the Guinness!!!     :D   That is a light hearted example but im sure you understand what I mean. lol
  3. zen
    Deco:Ya,i have "FREEZER" and "BAR" and other stuff like that.Mine is just on earth,and the first half-hour or so is like a Hallmark sunday night original special.Then the pred(s) and alien(s) show up and people start disappearing and getting killed and everyone is fighting for they'r lives,so hopefully it will go well   ;D  .
  4. zen
    pred5: zen | 14 Nov 2007 13:17 38  Semaka's right,all the aliens are hybrids except the face huggers and maybe the queens(i said maybe).  I also have a new theory.What if the temperature has an effect on the aliens?.You know the old saying"form follows function" so maybe in very high temps(above 60)the aliens are more skeletal(,just look at the new aliens heads)and in lower temps(below 60)they'r more smoothed out(like the aliens in AVP),could that be possible?.  And what if humidity effects them?.  That prison planet was dry and hot.  Acheron was dry and cooler.  Antarctica is dry and cold.  And Gunnison is warm and humid.  Please dont get mad at me if my theory does'nt sound good or if i left something out by mistake,i'm just trying to come up with a theory that makes everyone happy.  The preds might have different races,acording to the movies they've been around for over 6,000 years,we humans have been around for at least that(I say this because they have temples out there in real life that are over 10,000 years old,but noone is ready to beleive it yet),and we have dozens of races,just look at the Ainu and the native-americans.So to me it whould make sense that the preds whould have different races   8)  .
  5. pred5
    i like every thing their doing but im dissapointed about how none of directors of the new alien movies or AVP stuck with the same features, for example in Alien it had human like hands then they changed them into long fingers for the  other films. and in avp the predator didnt have the small tusks that stick out from the bottom of  the bottom mandibles like in pred 1 and 2.they shouldnt change stuff like that because it doesnt make sense when u look at em. i mean wut r they subspecies or something?   ???      :(     >:(  
  6. Deco
    Zen:  Be sure to note the following when your writing a script: If there is an inanimate object of significance, (like the houses you were referring to) give them names. This is common with cars in movies but there are often names given to houses. It helps in directing the reader more quickly to the location of your setting.    ;)   It may sound bizarre but believe me that is just one tip to making your script more sellable.   My script is going well actually. It revolves around a conversation in 1987 which is intercut with the life of a man who is trying to vindicate his dead friends name, in 2007 - (which leads him to the war between the Predators and the Aliens.) twist at the end is nice. Its set both on earth and in space.    ;)  
  7. zen
    Deco:My script is going awesomely good!.Ive got over a dozen people finnished,i'm almost done with the next dozen and after that theres at most 2 dozen more(Its a small town of about 50 people or so).And hopefully by this time next week i should have a scene completed.Its a realy cool scene involving an alien!.In my mind's eye its pretty awesome!.And i've also got the layout of the town finnished,i just need to ad houses where-ever needed and tomorrow i'm going to start work on concept drawings of an alien hybrid!.I'm also figuring out how everyone dies.How about your script?.How far have you gotten into it?.Its O.K. if you dont want to tell me,i'll understand   8)  .
  8. Deco
    Zen  Dont take anything anyone says in this forum too personally. There are us; who just want to have a little laugh and a joke in the run up to the movie discussing it and there are others who are just out to make trouble. Just ignore it and chat with those who are happy to make civil conversation.  How is your script coming along?
  9. zen
    Hey Darkness,i've been in my room since thursday working on my script,and i was on a roll.But today i finaly got a chance to come here,as usual i went to the last place i put a comment in,which was comment #73 in FANGORIA ISSUE #269-DEC18.Then i saw comment #82.I thought"WHAT THE F**K!?!"so i went into the next one and there it was,#21.I tried the next one and there was another one,#19.I tried the next one and there was nothing,so i did the one after that,the  AVPR PSP GAME FOOTAGE and there it was again,#18!.Then i got into the IGN AVPR PSP REVIEW and i saw the comment by Rafael S."PS Thank God zen is not here any more.I was getting very irritaded".I tried checking the one im in now but i could'nt find anything,so now i'm left asking myself"WHAT THE F**K HAPPENED!?!"because i've been in my room since thursday working on my script and all of a sudden theres comments in my name everywhere!   ???     ???     ???  .
  10. SHREK
    if the ending of the psp is the same as in the movie then if the ending is kinda crap some1 posted the ending of the game at planet avp so it cud b the ending of the film also
  11. Starkiller
    This movie is going to be good but not great. I agree with xxx, but too be honest we can all stay optimistic about this flick it will have some good parts and it will be way better than 2004's avp. Lets just wait and see.   Dont forget the star's of this movie arn't the (bad) actors, but the wolf, alien's and the pred-alien. At least it's 18 (r-rated) its darker, grittier and more action packed and both the predator an aliens look better than anderson's vision and the bros. are trying to take back to the original's. So at least those are some good points about this movie.   Im just hoping AVP3 will be set in space and in the future and be the alien vs predator film that we all want
  12. SHREK
    i am lookin forwared to this movie and i think it will b excellent, but sure theres parts that lookin kinda crap 2 me but i find it funny how ppl get so offended wen sum1 makes a negative post   ::)   its only a movie
  13. enrique
    you're saying xxx is an asshole, but this guy is right - the story is shitty, acting - please ... pred looks like retard, and alien is just f**ked up...  it cant be good ...  marines didnt kill aliens or predator in both movies, but highschool class of 2008 ,silicone posers will kick some ass ...  gimme a foocking break .... Salerno is an dumb asshole, period.
  14. john
    This film is going to get nailed bc of this release date. I hope I'm wrong but you have films that will have repeat bizz and family films plus big stars. The Golden Compass,  I Am Legend,  The Kite Runner,  Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story,  Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,  The Bucket List, National Treasure: Book of Secrets,  Charlie Wilson's War.
  15. Ty
    Hey Creeper. The aliens rule over predators. Of course the predator/wolf predator will die.   >:D   The Pred-alien will take care of him.   8)  
  16. xxx blows
    xxx why post shit if it is gonna be negative.  If u think movie is gonna suck dnt see it and have nothing to do with it u stupid asshole.
  17. Starkiller
    For us u.k fans how bout releasing the LA Comic Con Clip on the uk requiem website, now that would be a xmas present! I really cant wait till january not just for the movie but the advertising, it has to be a good fill now before the movie.  Go Strause!
  18. Starkiller
    I agree witho some of the above comments regarding advertising. Im the uk so it will be a while before they advertise here, but at least in america and other countries with the december release they should start doing t.v spots, posters & billboards, teaser trailers and just interviews and stuff with cast and crew etc. December should be AVP month    :D  
  19. Gabe
    it's good that this movie finished because they need to hurry up and advertise this movie more world wide instead of fan wise so much because people didnt even heard of it like other fox movies
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