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Okay, we have a few more tidbits of information about AvP2. Co-director Colin Strause was talking on IMDB.

  • Firstly, he finally confirmed that the aliens in AvP2 have more than one finger and that the production still was just a really bad angle. A debate about this can be found here in the forum.
  • He also confirmed that there will be some “pretty nasty” deaths in the movie. Sounds good to me.
  • Finally, there was some rumours about the AvP2 trailer being shown with Die Hard 4 which is being released at the end of June. The rating still hasn’t been confirmed by the way but I’m hoping it will be R like the other three. Anyway, this rumour is still unconfirmed. There’s not a lot of “solid info” at the moment.
  • On the plus side an edit of the movie is in place and they are making tweaks and adjustments to it. “It’s a gritty film that is quite intense and mean.” said Colin Strause.

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    I think you shouldn't post here IF youa are willing to sell it... and if you did, you should register your copyright first, to be safe...  Either way, it only depends on your aim for that screenplay: just a fan script or submit it for consideration by a studio, in which case you should register it to avoid them stealing your idea and make it their they tried to do with O'Bannon's script...
  2. Deco
    If I was to post my screenplay up here - Im guessing that it would void my copyright? Can any shed a little light on this please? Thanks    :)  
    i agree wit weyland up there who said it should be based in the future, everyone makes movies in the now......THE NOW BLOWS!! it needs to be put in the future with all kinds of new things
  4. Deco
    It is these references I refer too - I have scripted what I believe to be a fantastic ending too - I really have to execute it though. I am half way through it at the moment so I will post it on here when I am finished!!!
  5. Deco
    much away but lets just say that the fact that these three characters 'know' eachother has a pivitol role in Dutches fate (in my story) aswell as having a large role in the conspiracy that I have created- My story is more about conspiracy and deceit which explains WHY the predators even come to earth in the first place.  Also, my main character pays a visit to Harrigans family to find out what happened to him after his  encounter with 'the Aliens' (if you catch my drift). IS he still alive? is he dead?? lol
  6. Deco
    RIJOENPIAL - Well my idea is not so much as to use the characters as a means of continuing their stories by having them 'star' in a new one but more so to use their pasts' and their Histories to explain (A) where they disappeared to (B) WHY they disappeared (because they havent featured even as references in the other movies) and more importantly (c) use the LINK between their histories both in each of the previous movies and a history that I have created off screen, as a MAJOR catalyst for the story I have in mind. I will give you an example of something in my script- example - In my story - Dutch and Peter Keys ( Gary Busy from Predator 2) served under the same command as General Philips ( the general from Pred 1) in the war. This is the kind of link I refer to - I dont want to give too
  7. Mr.Hyde
    They first came with a story about Predators building pyramids (which totaly suck but was a bit useful for the non-fan) and now there comming with a story about a little town in colorado.I dont know about you guys but i think this sequel is going to be a huge movie disaster and it would ruin the Predator's image
  8. Originalsin
    I must say that the aliens have looked different in every single movie along with the predators. I really don't care if the aliens have one finger or not. I just want this AVP movie to be better then the first. I also really hope that there is a trailer coming out soon for AVP2
    I ask this because Dutch and Harrigan are, well, older... too old for action flicks, at least... but i am looking forward to your liason between the two franchises... Just hurry though...     ;)  
  10. Deco
    Hi Guys, does ANYONE agree with me when I say, I would love to see an AVP movie that interconnects all of the previous characters and their story-lines in a way that binds the respect and greatness of the original movies. I have come up with a really interesting concept where I have manged to intertwine all of the main characters  from Predator, predator 2, Alien, Aliens and AVP and where their focus's in the past lead to a fantastic story of conspiracy and action. I am currently writing the screenplay as a pet project and when it is finished I would love to post it up here for you guys to read. All the best,
    I know, I know, I apologise...  I always try to kep it short, but one idea attracts others and by the time i realise it, it is already a testament...  The various posts are actually one big one that, for legth constraints, i divide into several... I try to keep them readable and with a flow, but I understand they can be boring as hell...  Sorry again about that, guys... I'll try to keep them concise and sharp...     ???     ;)  
  12. JaredK21
    Yeah I know...and not only that but they are always freakin' essays...  I never read it.  No offense or anything but jeeze. Keep it short and sweet.
  13. jarp
    please give us a teaser fast....I finally want to know what I can expect of the visuals and filming style. doesn't really matter to me when the movie is going to be released, but some idea where the movie is going would be great.
    This is more than a marketing strategy, it is plain delaying the inevitable, which is the earlier they give away the plot (synopsis) and trailer, the more people will scrutinise it...they don't call themselves 'fans' for nothing...more than their personal wishes, they know their continuity, they know the movies inside out, and that is exactly what Fox is fearing right now: that the more info the fans have, the more exposed they will be... and so, they delay the movie till December, with a trailer mid year...and still with no synopsis... I even fear that we will be entering to see the movie without knowing it, but that would be too obviousbecause it wuld clearly state that the story was the dissed one from early on... which would be unforgivable and from which Fox would never recover... or maybe not...  AICN is there to keep us real...and I appreciate it... Their review was on the nose regarding AVP and their remarks of AVP2 early script was a review of a movie fan and someone who knows what he is talking about... And I wish I had their resources... They are being our voice of reason, exactly to avoid the 'sheep-like' mentality...'MUST SEE MOVIE...MUST SEE MOVIE... MUST SEEE MOVIE...' Damn, tripped on that AICN guy...' Where am I?  hey, why a I in this theatre watching this movie..? Bleaarrgh, OC guys...!!!??? let me out....let me out...'...          :D  
    So I say again: If AICN hadn't reviewed the script, you can be assured that would have been your AVP2 right there, no matter what the desinformation from FOx tells you... Why then would FOX force AICN if that script was abandoned like they said...? Why would Shane Salerno be maintained as a screenwriter after his first script was so criticised for being an offense to the fans and viewers in general...? Why are they being so secretive about a movie that will never be in the pantheon of good and memorable movies...? Why the desinformation, the info in drops, with no trailer until July...? Why is there no synopsis yet? WHY?
    I knew a year before that BB would be awesome, just by reading the cript, but when i actually saw it, it blew my mind... the action, the actors, the directing, all top notch... And i am sure you all have a movie whose script you read and that was still or even more interesting than on the script... It is normal... What you see in the script is the dialgoues, mostly, with stage directions that can help you visualise it, but still need to be seen to assert how good the visuals are, namely, how the actors act, their expressions, body language, etc...
    Okidoki then... straighten that out... gotcha...  There is no point FOR YOU, but there is for depends what you value more, the trip or the destination, form or content, FX or story... Knowing a story before hand does not destroy it..if that was so, then after seing one movie, it would have no more use, now would it...? What differentiates a good movie from a bad one is that a good survives everything, the reviews, the test of time, the modernization of film resources, everything... Like I said, Batman begins survived, in my mind, and actually made me longer more to see it, the visual aspects of it... I think this AVP does not even qualify to stand with BB in comparison, not because of the script, but because of the depth that BB has and AVP2 will certainly not have... they are in too different leagues, despite being comic characters... the Story and script treatment is amazingly different, which is easily understandable... For one, Warner is not FOX, thank goodness... second, Chris Nolan is not PWA or the Strause Bros,being so much better director... Third, BATMAN is a far more successsful character in the boxoffice than an Alien or Predator ever be... Those are just facts...
  18. Newsfop
    There's no point in going to see a movie at all if I know exactly what it's going to look like, what's going to happen, and what secrets are going to be revealed. If I did, it would be like opening a present when I already knew what would be inside it. I come from an older generation of film goers who see it fit to claim the right to bitch AFTER we have seen the movie. You wait until all the pieces are together before you tear it apart.  I never read anything on Aint It Cool News on the basis of ethical and fundamental reasons.
    Being cautious and assertive never harmed anyone... if you go slow into the precipice, you will see it and back off in time... if you rush, you won't...   Besides, why the hell do you think movies are done in the first place...? To MEET your expectations or to surpass them...? You KNOW that from the beginning...   I have seen too many sequels to know they're lazy, unoriginal and especially money-driven stereotyped movies... The only way they fight it is more over-the-hill action, nearing the preposterous... That is what you expect from this movie, right? More aliens, more predators, more gore, more closeups on the aliens, a skinnier Predator, an 'Aliens'-like Alien, right...?  Well, what about the story...? WHo cares what the Aliens or Predators will look like if the story fails miserably...?   I am sure you never even gave any thought to the AICN script, you know why...? Denial... It is easier to go and see it if you dismiss everything you know... and you know plenty already...the story is obviously flawed, with Aliens on Earth, something Brandywine was delaying exactly because it would KILL the franchise... The threat of Aliens on Earth was far juicier than them actually being here...  So, Newsfop, like I said, don't worry, I am not gonna shoot you to stop you from seing it... Just remember you will not have any moral grounds to criticise it later because you CHOSE to ignore the signs...
    ...Which should be taken as a hint by us...  Any movie that WILL make a lot of money regardless of it's quality should be scrutinised on a preview analysis... why do you think there should be previews to the press...? Too much money is involved and we have the right to know beforehand if the movie is worth our hard-earned money ! Why else do you think I am being demanding...? "Because I want it to fail..."? What kind of an argument is that? I WANT a decent movie... I want a movie that doesn't spell 'rushed, on the knee, and especially money-driven..."... Fox has been doing that for far too long and it is time we, the real movie fans, not Alien or Predator fans, to make them abide by the product they are shoving down your throat and mine!  DO you want another AlienRes...? Do you want another AVP...? Then keep giving them the benefit of the doubt, especially knowing how disgraceful the first draft was... Do you think mere rewrites will do the trick? Everyone knows that the first draft is the one more creative, more original and with the furthest incubation time... two or three rewrites...? Ok, have it your way...
  21. Newsfop
    I sometimes get the feeling that many on this board want the movie to fail regardless of how many updates are given. Any mention of progress on the film is then debated toward the negative. "Oh the brothers are inexperienced. Oh they talk a big game but won't deliver. I'll believe what I hear when I see a trailer and more pictures." I've just about had it. What, you think it's easy to live up to the expectations two popular franchises and at the same time? At least these guys are getting their say in everything rather than getting badgered about by the studio execs. Mr. Fincher all but divorced himself from the project he worked on in '92.  Dammit, just chill!    >:(  
  22. Punk19
    This might actually be a good film, I'm not saying great because it is too soon to tell right now. If the rumour is true about a trailer in June, then the release has been sped up a bit. In other words, *beep* on, bring on AVP2
  23. Predboy
    Preds stalking aliens like they do to humans would be amazing. I hope they put that happening in the movie, but I dont think its going to happen because the predator and alien franchises show that preds and aliens seem to always know if if something is wrong or someone or something is around them trying to get them, like in avp when the alien was sneaking up on the scar pred and he knew it was there and sliced its head off. As for the aliens they always travel in numbers so I'm pretty sure that one of them will figure out that a pred is stalking them and it will eventually lead to them wrestling each other trying to kill each  other. But preds stalking aliens and them not knowing it would be pretty hot.
  24. JaredK21
    I don't know about you, but I like the idea of a suspenseful AVP... That's how I've always imagined it. The same way Preds hunt humans should be the same way they hunt aliens. In fact it makes the hunt even more fun because aliens are so good at hiding and evading.   These creatures are all about stalking and attacking from out of nowhere. I've always wanted to see how the two masters of "graceful" killing deal with each other. A full on war of aliens and predators is lame. A wrestling match is too PG-13ish. I want to see smart killers have unique encounters and ways of killing each other... I think AVP2 will have both.   I keep standing by the Brothers because I enjoy their work and their passion. I don't think they are being cocky, but rather confident. I would sure want them to be confident...and they are.
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