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Hydraulx AvP2 Update

As most know, Greg & Colin Strause own a visual effects company called Hydraulx. Well, their website has been updated with a little bit of info about AvP2. Most importantly, check the title out. First time I’ve seen it written like that. Maybe, it’s a sign.

“Hydraulx is the sole vendor for Twentieth Century Fox’s AVP2: Aliens vs. Predator directed by the Brothers Strause. AVP2 stars John Ortiz, Johnny Lewis, Steven Pasquale and Reiko Aylesworth and features Tom Woodruff and Ian Whyte as the Alien and the Predator. Look out for more exclusive updates in the coming months…”

They mention exclusive updates so I guess we’ll have to keep an eye on that website. Hydraulx also did some visual effects shots on the new Fantastic Four movie. I have to admit, it looks very good. Can’t wait to see it. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

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