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Hydraulx AvP2 Update

As most know, Greg & Colin Strause own a visual effects company called Hydraulx. Well, their website has been updated with a little bit of info about AvP2. Most importantly, check the title out. First time I’ve seen it written like that. Maybe, it’s a sign.

“Hydraulx is the sole vendor for Twentieth Century Fox’s AVP2: Aliens vs. Predator directed by the Brothers Strause. AVP2 stars John Ortiz, Johnny Lewis, Steven Pasquale and Reiko Aylesworth and features Tom Woodruff and Ian Whyte as the Alien and the Predator. Look out for more exclusive updates in the coming months…”

They mention exclusive updates so I guess we’ll have to keep an eye on that website. Hydraulx also did some visual effects shots on the new Fantastic Four movie. I have to admit, it looks very good. Can’t wait to see it. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

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  1. Orion the hunter
    ^ It's not even worth mentioning, predators are obviously the superiour species... aliens look pritty f**king sweet, but predators are just simply god like warriors.  F**K THE BUGS!!
  2. predx
    its good that they put one pred and...aliens suck they ARE mindless bugs whos only purpose in life to protect a big fat ass bug bitch but....i like the aliens films but predators are superier and have more story behind them its just my opinion   :D  
  3. bob
    OMG, I love the title ALIENS VS. PREDATOR, I think it rocks hard and I hope that this isnt just a spelling mistake on Hydraulx's part go clin and greg go
  4. DCHZN1
    As long as the Strause Bros. remember these two simple formulas, it'll be great:  Predator+godlike=wrong Alien+mindless cannon fodder=wrong  :D
  5. Danger Close
    I like the ALIENS vs Predator title, but I don't think the general public will get it. It worked the first time only because it was a 1 word title. This title is perfect for the fans but will be lost to everyone else.
  6. ILovJesus
    WOW da bros sck makin da tagline "No peace on earth"?! Make it like "Survival of the fittest" or dis is better "They arrived...." SNARL ALIENS WIN!!!
  7. Cellien
    The Predator movies were just one Predator.. AvP1 shoulda stuck with that, and so should this movie.  I like the Aliens and Predator creatures the same.. but I for one easily believe one Predator would own one Alien all day long.  IMO, it would take lots of Aliens working together to conquer a Pred!
    You all realize that it is one predator, right?  One predator is featured for most of the movie.  Sure, we might see others for less than 5 minutes, but it is still one predator.   I hope to God that it is the final title.
  9. Pvt. Hicks
    I just hope that the Brothers have a back up tagline, just incase it DOESNT( :) ) have a Christmas release. (wink wink)  Colin if you're reading this can you PLEASE get on Fox's ass about the release date?
  10. MetroidMatt87
    Yes! KEEP THE TITLE TO ALIENSSSSS VS PREDATOR. This is the best title for it so far. Dont mind much for the AvP2 in front of it. Just keep it at AlienS vs. Predator and ill be as happy as a little girrrrrl.
  11. Bio Mech Hunter
    Well, I have to say that I really don't like the Alien(s) vs. Predator tag line for the new title. It seems like it's just one more hint that the Strause Bros. are going to include only one Predator and portray the Aliens as mindless mulch.  Oh, for the love of God, I hope that's not the case. Because there's going to be a legion a pissed fans crying out for their blood. lol :P
  12. jimmylace
    I doubt it. Survival of the fittest...which featured heavily in salernos first draft was probably omitted by the bros. they know what theyre doing. no peace on earth is still the tagline...its growing on me a bit-kinda like live free or die hard
  13. Highland
    Anyone noticing a trend here? AVP2 survival of the fittest- slated by fans, changed to AVP2 No peace on Earth-slated by fans, changed to potential AVP2 Aliens vs predator-wanted by fans.  Maybe our voice on here is louder than we think?   ;)     Good news though, if true.
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