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AvP2 Predator Designs Info

One of the main criticisms of the first AvP was the Predator designs. A lot of people were disappointed with the look of the face designs as well as the bulkyness of the Predators. As we found out a while ago, the Predators will be re-designed from scratch for AvP 2 and I’ve been sent a few more details about this from a reliable source:

-The Predator face designs will actually be made out of silicon rather than the stuff they used for AvP to make it more realistic.
-The Predator(s) will also be taller and stealthier rather than the short, bulky look in AvP.

Hopefully, the Predators will be a lot closer to the designs in the original movies. I know I say Predators but there will in fact only be one for the majority of the movie. I’m not sure about the beginning and end of the film though. E.G. if the Predator ship crash lands back onto Earth, we may see some at the beginning.

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  1. Deco
    Hi everyone, I think ideally we would like to see a Predator 1 design versus an Alien 1 design - or as near to them as possible! When I heard Anderson was involved in the first film, I was doubtful - when I heard the Strause brothers were involved in AvP2, I was hopeful - Plot aside, I reckon these visual effects are going to be mind blowing.
  2. beeko
    i think the strause bros are going to do great job with this movie, even though everything appears to be going slowly(releasing info, trailers etc) the more time they spend on effects etc the better it will be, avp seemed to be very rushed towards the end i think it was something like 4 months from end of filming to release if i remember right
  3. Ermac
    -The Predator(s) will also be taller and stealthier rather than the short, bulky look in AvP. Even taller than last time? The Predators in AVP towered over the humans, now they're gonna make them even more so? Dayum...
  4. Hicks
    Yep, the silicon will be nice as it will make the flesh look more realistic.  Just to note, the Alien designs will be all original as well (obviously influenced by the previous films, mind you.
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