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Predator 2 Artwork – AvP2 Predator?

Saw this last week but I didn’t think it was relevant. How wrong I was. AliensOnline posted Spanish covers of the Alien Resurrection and Predator 2 definitive edition dvds. What’s interesting is that the Predator used for the P2 cover resembles the one in AvP2, don’t you think?

20070321_02 Predator 2 Artwork - AvP2 Predator?

I thought it was the one from Predator 2 or at least a slightly different variant of it. But if this is from AvP2, why would Fox use it on the P2 DVD?

Update: Confirmed By Colin Strause.

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    Dudes, anyone of you who saw the extras in AVP, saw that the prob was ADI's suits, which were too muscled, too bodybuilder... The Pred 1 and 2 were more glued to the skin, more athletic, slim and elegant... maybe it's the materials used, maybe Stan Winston's design had their little secrets that ADI didn't remember or never mustered...The fact remains that with the new silicon-based suits and mask, the Pred will seem more liefelike and not appearing just a guy inside a rubber suit...
  2. Ermac
    I can't believe they're still going with that dumbass "Blooding" nonsense from AVP. Just when I was starting to feel better about this movie.
    I'd say the pred looks awesome, kinda scrawny though, preds are suppose to be like tanks...not sticks, still looks pretty sweet. I just wish it would give a full alien shot...hopefully its as good as the pred
  4. leprechaun62689
    Since it is CONFIRMED by Colin Strause that is the Predator from AVP2 and those are markings on his helmet.....maybe such markings are clan joining rights by defeating other predators in combat.....i.e. wristblade markings.
    You should say "the VERY BADLY cut version"...sheesh... I saw the original on VHS and then when i saw the DVD cut, i almost fainted... "What the hell happened? were they drinking or something...?' because it was so badly, clumsily cut that i thought 'Hey, must be a PG-13 version or something...hehe     :D    But thanks again, Darkness, Lovely Man...You sure are well worth your money... By the way, i saw the PWA video, Darkness...You were right about the fake sites... I do apologise for my is not good when you have to filter EVERYTHING  you destroys self-confidence, right? But enough of that already...  Keep up the good work, guys...
    Also, has anyone said why Fox cut portions of argualbly the best action sequence i have ever seen (the Dutch crew assaulting the Rebel base) ? That and the gore parts, so clumsily cut? I wanted to know if there is a DVD with the original Dillon-arm-firing version?
    Uh, guys, I know this is not the right message board, but could you help me with something...why is Elpidia Carrillo credited in both Predator movies? She was the rebel in Predator, but who the hell was she in Predator 2? 'HELP...I NEED SOME HELP HERE'  Neo     ???  
    Also, about the bulkiness of AVP Preds, they were armoured, which tends to make people bulky... Also, it would be unrealistic to devise all Preds with the same physique... It looks like the had was superimposed on the body, probably fan's art...but there is one way to know for sure...just wait till it is on
    It looks weird, although it is certainly AVP 2 Pred's mask allright...the same scratches' disposition, same weird top, although completely disproportioned... but i agree with wolfboy, the first pred's mask was huge, though much better crafted than this...the mouth piece vertical las it appeared in Pred 1, not angular as in Pred 2 and AVP, was a much better design...more alien-like...
  10. Cihbar
    Hmm good point. it may be that it was photoshopped over it. maybe its the P2 body and face without mask and the AVP2 mask is covered over it. Watch the lines. Just a theory.   ;)  
  11. CheezySpam
    that's awesome. and if you compare it with the production still it is definitely the same predator from AVP2 right down to the 3 scratch marks on the lower "mouth" part of the mask.  However as most people mentioned about the head being to big for the body? It looks like a shot of the mask was photoshopped onto another body (and poorly I might ad) then masked the colors together with red... Still looks good to me!  (BTW:  The cover for Alien Ressurection sucks... why of all images did they pick that one   ???  ??
  12. RidgeTop
    This is movies... this is a fictional franchise, and in all the games, and movies (except for AVP) the preds wore armor, but not a ridiculous amount, they wanted freedom of mobility, this design is great, and has upped my hopes for this movie.
  13. Xenomorphine
    The second one seemed to have enough armour for most of the shots on the subway train to ricochet away.  That, however, was an environment where it could afford to pick and choose. It could go invisible and stalk where it cared to.  Not the same as going up against certain other creatures which tend to spray a fountain of highly corrosive fluid in the direction of whatever might be able to open the carapace. Going up against them would require a lot more armour, because confidence is no protection against something more volatile than sulphuric acid.  It's chemistry and physics, not bravery. :)  This is why Klingons would never last a second in the real world. They beat their chests and pick up massive blades instead of guns and run blindly into battle. That's not bravery. It's getting killed in a much easier way.
  14. RidgeTop
    perhaps, but I dont care if he is thin, thin is excellent compared to the bulkyness of the AVP design, this predator looks totally bad ass, I dare say the best design yet, and the dreadlocks are actually correct instead of completly long and covering the predators shoulders (which was stupid).
  15. Ermac
    Maybe the Predator looks thin because of the angle of the DVD cover. As you all know, when you rotate an image round, that image becomes much thinner.
  16. Mr. Weyland
    Predators are very over confident with there ability to win, this is why Arnie, Danny glover and Grid alien killed a predator, because they seem to stand and look at there foe right before they themselves are killed. the predator thinks that it as won but thats its weakness.
  17. uhhhhh
    GOOD freking spot man Darkness.  That pred has an UNCANNY semblance to the AVP2 pred.  Look at the eyes, the way the mask dosen't  fully cover the jaw line, the spikes on the top of the helm, the markings.  He also has the leather strap across his chest.  GOOD spot!
  18. Xenomorphine
    If you went to any war zone with less armour, it wouldn't mean you were more brave, it would mean you were more likely to get killed.  the only exception is when it weighs too much. Soldiers in Iraq usually remove much of their body armour when fighting in urban areas, for that reason, as they are more agile.  The creatures, however, were shown to have material which weighs very little.  If that creautre is wearing less becuase he or she's feeling corageous, then he or she is just very stupid, as well as arrogant. :)
  19. Frosty***
    He is no dout the one from the first AVP2 production still, he also looks slimmer & has no stomach armour (like AVP), does this mean we may see a more agile, stealthy & aggresive predator, like Predator 1 (jumping throu trees etc). Just to expand on that, if he has less armour, it may mean he came to earth with no intension of hunting Xenomorphs....    ::)  
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