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Interview with Morris Chapdelaine

There’s a reason AvPGalaxy is one of the best, and it’s all these gifts we bring you! Consider this a belated Christmas present to the community. I recently got a chance to have an interview with Morris Chapdelaine, a puppeteer for AvP2. Take a peak:

AvPGalaxy – What was your favourite scene in AvP2 to work on?

Morris Chapdelaine – There were a lot of favourite scenes but I have to say that the battle on the rooftop was amazing! We worked on it for over 2 weeks and it was brilliant not only because of the sheer number of creatures involved, but because of the tense nature of the sequence and the choreography of the fighting. There is some stuff that has never been seen before- weapons, gadgets and hand to hand combat that is sure to pique everyone’s interest.”

Sounds pretty damn good! I’ll say – he’s peaked my interest. You can read the full interview here.

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  1. Deco
    Hi everyone! This is an incredibly interesting interview. I like that they are keeping the lid on this film for now............. Im going to try an avoid this website until the movie and be totally blown away when it comes out in December......... See you all tomorrow
  2. Darkness
    IRT Predpant: Yeah, we emailed all movie news sites as we figured they\'d want to know about it.  IRT Alex: Yeah, your email is invalid. I tried sending you one but it bounced back.
  3. Darkness
    You've really got to start and use the same name Alex when you post comments. I never liked that sort of thing in 2004. I know you registered but you never activated your account. You email was invalid too. What is it?
  4. Predalien
    Man i hope it kicks the first AvP movies ass because it was disaponting to the fans but this one sound like what the first one should have bin rated R
  5. Commander Griker
    it sounds like there will be more then one type of Alien maybe a PredAlien DogAlien or maybe they will just infest a Zoo and we will get all kingsof animal Aliens
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