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Juan Riedinger AvP2 Interview

Alien Experience have done a new interview with one of the actors in AvP2. Juan Riedinger will be playing a character called Scotty. The interview doesn’t reveal a whole lot of info. But the part about the character he’s playing is interesting nonetheless.

AXP: Without giving too much away, can you tell us a little about your character ‘Scotty’? Like his relationship with the other characters for example?

JR: He’s a bit of a half-wit who works at a sporting-goods store with his buddy Earl (Rainbow Francks). The two are caught off guard by some commotion, and crazy things happen. I think that’s about all I can say.

I’ve gotta say I’m disappointed that Rainbow Francks didn’t get some form of military role in AvP2. I really thought he would have.

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Comments: 21
  1. Hicks
    QuoteShareeka Epps, I know nothing really exciting, but I demand you give her props for responding! The other two havent gotten to them yet.
    Certainly. It's nice when they're willing to work with the fans. She's a talented actress, should have a long career ahead of her.
  2. Pvt. Hicks
    Im sorry if I came off far 1 out of the 3 has responded and im waiting for a moderator to ask me for it so they can post it...the cast member is....  Shareeka Epps, I know nothing really exciting, but I demand you give her props for responding! The other two havent gotten to them yet.
  3. Hicks
    Clown...good one  Well, with ravings like that you're only going to be taken as a joke...  If Juan decided not to do an interview with you that's his call, nothing to do with me.  What can I tell you, best of luck with the other three.
  4. Pvt. Hicks
    Clown...good one    :)    Anyway, I am interviewing four cast members, but it's three now, since they interviewed the same guy I was on the same day and basically the same questions, they just got to him earlier.  *breaths heavy sigh*
  5. Hicks
    Quotef**k you Alien Experience! You stole my interview!!! I was going to interview him, but he declined, "you guys already interviewed him".
    Huh? Anyone know who this clown is?
  6. Ermac
    So these guys are like a couple of Clerks slackers who suddenly get caught up with Aliens and Predators? This franchise has gone so far downhill it's beyond parody.
  7. Hankerson
    I love Rainbow Francks on “Stargate: Atlantis”! He’s got some experience when it comes to blasting aliens. You can bet your but he’ll kick but and take names.
  8. Danger Close
    He was the VJ that day, I was passing through, having just finished a military course (Para-Trooper), and he helped me get on TV with Ed the Sock. Later I was outside and chatted with Rainbow and got a picture. At the time he only went by Rainbow Sun.
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