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Interview with Ian Whyte about AvP/AvP2

Another week, another interview. This time we’re bringing Ian Whyte to your screens! Most of you might remember Ian Whyte as the man behind the Predator’s mask for Alien vs Predator and has currently finished AvP2. I recently got the chance to interview him:

“AvPGalaxy – Were there many changes to the suit for the second film that might have made it easier for you to wear? I mean, the first suit did look rather bulky.

Ian Whyte – Absolutely! Apart from little design stylisations to make the character unique, the new costume is entirely reminiscent of the original; it was very tight fitting and was designed to make the Predator more svelte, lithe and athletic in appearance.”

Ian talks about his experiences on AvP1 and AvP2. Be sure to check out the entire interview.

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  1. InnerChaos
    It's good to know a fan of Sci-Fi Horror is the man-behind-the-mask. He sounds humble and eager. Therefore, a much better performance. I enjoyed the acting of the Preds in the first AVP (although nowhere near comparison rights to the original Pred movies), but apparently I haven't seen anything yet.
  2. uhhhhh
    FREKING AWESOME  "I wanted to play him with supreme confidence, unmatched skill at arms, with the wizened, grizzled, experienced attitude of a veteran warrior."  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ASDKJASHDKJSDHkjlasdhfsdafkjlhasdfklhasdf h32lkjhasdfoiuhA(S)DhakjsdfhsasdfkljASDLK   THANK GOD!  this movie is going to be REDICULOUS!
  3. AB2K
     :o I Love This Quote By IAN!!! And So Does A lot Of Other Members Here I See!!!  ::)
    ( Quote From IAN WHYTE That Got ME SUPER-HYPED!!!)
    OH BOY!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!   ;)
  4. pmaz11
    I love Ian Whyte's dedication/modivation to the predator character even though he said it was hard and tough to do scenes, he hung in there and wasn't a pussy to do what the strause brothers asked. ;D This movie sounds freakin sweet!!!!!
  5. Meathead320
    Ian is cool.

    I also just want to mention here that there are two other actors who would make a good Predator, and may be even MORE mobile than Ian.

    The most demobilizing part of a Predator costume is the muscle suit. Even a leaner looking Pred still needs relatively big muscles. Not like a modern Pro bodybuilder like Jay Cutler or Ronnie Coleman big who are so thich they can hardly move, but a Pred still needs to very muscular by human standards.

    Any how, the two actors I had in mind are Conan Stevens ( 7'and 330 pounds, and Nathan Jones 6'10" and 340 pounds.

    If any one here has seen Jet Lee's Fearless, Nathan Jones is the Giant American Wrestler.

    He was also seen in the beginning of the Movie Troy.

    He looks very muscular, while still being lean enough to move at his height.

    No need for a muscle suit, and the guys can still move freely.

    I think 6'10" is about the minimum height to play a Pred. If not him Conan Steven would be Perfect for the role. Check out the recent pics of him on his site.,com_gallery2/Itemid,32/?g2_itemId=73,com_gallery2/Itemid,32/?g2_itemId=78,com_gallery2/Itemid,32/?g2_itemId=81,com_gallery2/Itemid,32/?g2_itemId=6115

    They guy is huge at 7 ft tall, but still not so muscular he looks like he is not functional.
  6. locusta
    This note in the interview :The Predator in AVP2 is completely different again, is imo the evidence that there will be just one lone Predator. COOL!!!!!

    The Interview is great and you guys RULE!!!!!!!!!
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