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Interview with Ian Whyte about AvP/AvP2

Another week, another interview. This time we’re bringing Ian Whyte to your screens! Most of you might remember Ian Whyte as the man behind the Predator’s mask for Alien vs Predator and has currently finished AvP2. I recently got the chance to interview him:

“AvPGalaxy – Were there many changes to the suit for the second film that might have made it easier for you to wear? I mean, the first suit did look rather bulky.

Ian Whyte – Absolutely! Apart from little design stylisations to make the character unique, the new costume is entirely reminiscent of the original; it was very tight fitting and was designed to make the Predator more svelte, lithe and athletic in appearance.”

Ian talks about his experiences on AvP1 and AvP2. Be sure to check out the entire interview.

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