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Ian Whyte Interview

Forum member echobbase79 has done a short interview with actor Ian Whyte about his time on AvP Requiem.

Compare the working styles of directors Paul Anderson and Bros. Strause?

IW: …Both Paul Anderson and The Brothers Strause were complete gentlemen and joy to work for and I would have no hesitation in working with either of them again. When you consider that this movie (AvP-R) was the brother’s first crack at a full-length feature, what they have accomplished is nothing short of genius and I was astonished at their experience and professionalism. AvP had a huge budget and we must have shot enough footage for two separate films, but on AvP-R the brothers approached every shot with the utmost care and attention and if you want to gauge just how much care and attention has gone into this film, just consider that it has been in post production for an entire year.

Check out the rest of the interview in this thread.

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Comments: 13
  1. Pred34
    Wow Its funny how bad Paul A. screwed up these franchises so much that Haters hate Fox 4ever. On the other hand i know this movie can never live up to us real fan's expectations only cause the originals were so bad ass, but i still think its gonna b a good movie. I think the Bros were given a mediocre script and did the best they could and we will have to wait till the 25th and see what happens.  By the way WOLF so far KICKS ASS !!!
  2. mace-in-the-face
    Actually, Krycek, I believe Dingo's brain will be splattered everywhere. Piss off, because all of us "haters" are right. You know it and it scares you that Fox has the balls to piss on your beloved franchises victoriously once again and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.
  3. Krycek
    8 days until the all you haters get your head exploded because of this movie's glory. You better tell your mommy to get the mop and bucket because your brains will be splattered.
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