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New Gina Holden AvP2 Interview

There’s a new interview with Gina Holden (she plays Carrie Adams in AvP2) over on FEARnet. She talks about her character and her time filming the scenes.

Do you have a favorite memory from the set of Alien vs. Predator 2?
“I’d have to say that sitting with one of the aliens behind the scenes waiting to do my scene was probably my favorite memory. The alien was just so big and, I hope I can say this but, it’s a really big ordeal for the guy to get into the Alien costume so he had to stay in full alien mode all day. I remember yelling up to the air hole, “Are you okay in there.” But aside from that it was such a surreal excited experience. It was a dream come true I just remember thinking how am I here?”

She goes on to talk about working with the directors and that she’s a fan of both franchises. Thanks to JK and Xenomorphine for the news.

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