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New Gina Holden AvP2 Interview

There’s a new interview with Gina Holden (she plays Carrie Adams in AvP2) over on FEARnet. She talks about her character and her time filming the scenes.

Do you have a favorite memory from the set of Alien vs. Predator 2?
“I’d have to say that sitting with one of the aliens behind the scenes waiting to do my scene was probably my favorite memory. The alien was just so big and, I hope I can say this but, it’s a really big ordeal for the guy to get into the Alien costume so he had to stay in full alien mode all day. I remember yelling up to the air hole, “Are you okay in there.” But aside from that it was such a surreal excited experience. It was a dream come true I just remember thinking how am I here?”

She goes on to talk about working with the directors and that she’s a fan of both franchises. Thanks to JK and Xenomorphine for the news.

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Comments: 32
  1. YutaniDitch
    I have to say I pity Tom having to wear that big PQ suit and head...I wondert how he's gonna pull it off...he complained that he is older so all he does is get through the shooting day...And then they make him wear all this...Poor guy...   ;D     :D  
  2. Bomb The Bass
    Whenever something new appears on this site, you guys have always got something to complain about..just chill be happy. She's okay looking in modelling shot's but not in hollywood form i agree with Uranai. but who cares she's a nobody! jus an actresss in this movie who gets whacked!   The movie is less about human's and more about the these creatures war (or beef!) so lets just chill!  This iz 2 all my peeps...represent our set! Westcoast     ;D  
  3. Krycek
    To Xonomorphine: You're right, no one is looking at Wolf and saying wow because they are too busy complaining about the fact that the face of the Pred doesn't match the face from the original. Cry me a river... About Gina, if she is the waitress, isn't that her in the trailer being really really really close to the Pred-Alien ( or Queen whatever you guys plan on complaining about). I have faith in the Brothers and I am guessing that she is going to get an inner jaw set to her face. Relax people, this will be the movie you are waiting for.
  4. Uranai
    wow you guys are blind she is ugly as hell shes not even that hot maybe in the modeling picture but in hollywood form she looks like shit (face the facts)
  5. death in vegas
    i thought this was supposed to be an alien and predator website, not a "gina holden is hot" website, serz if its girls u want then this is not the website 4 u. can we just talk avp?
  6. Xenomorphine
    Unless you mean you want her to be in awe of 'Wolf'. Which, let's face it, is not going to happen. Nobody in the film is going to look at this invisible, hulking slaughterhouse of a thing and smile and go, "Wow, gee, golly gosh! That guy's so cool!" :)
  7. Meathead320
    I am waiting for the forst actor to say "I am just here for the money and my career, I HATE these kind of movies"   ;D    They are always saying "I'm a fan too". Every last one of them. You can count on it in any interview, like they are off an assembly line.
  8. crypto84
    I think she's hot as well. It's a shame that most of the time it's hot women getting killed in films and not ugly women. Aren't these films supposed to show that anyone can get killed including ugly people?
  9. YutaniDitch
    In those sets of clothes, ANY woman is hot...   ::)    And she is not that hot...cute face, chicken legs, and tabula rasa...  And she'll get creamed by the Predalien... in her waitress uniform...bad way to go, hein...?   ;D  
  10. Optimus Virus
    The interview didn't really tell us anything (probably because she doesn't know anything) the fact she was told what to do on the day and everything was kept a secret, i suppose shes eye candy in the film and get's whacked by an alien..  Rock On!
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