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Obsidian Visits ADI Studio

Alien RPG developers, Obsidian, recently took a trip to ADI studios. They didn’t specifically state what they went for but the chances are they went to get some inspiration for their upcoming game:

20061220_01 Obsidian Visits ADI Studio

“Yesterday Trent Campbell and I went to visit ADI, a visual effects studio that was heavily involved with the production of Alien3, Alien: Resurrection, and AvP. We snapped some kewl pics in their display room. Click for LARGO versions. Special thanks to Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis at ADI for the tour and permission to post these suckaz online.”

You can check out more of their impressive images on the Obsidian forums.

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  1. Alex Villalobos long fan of AVP galaxy
    I REMEMBER WHEN DARKNESS CLOSED DOWN THAT SITE HE WAS SO DISAPOINTED ON THE AVP MOVIE man I have bin waiting for this site to com back online   IM SO GALD TO SEE IT BACK ON LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE THAT SITE  I honestly thought the site was closed and deleted form the internet
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