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Alien IGN’s 13th Favorite Movie Franchise

Over the past few weeks IGN has been naming it’s top 25 movie franchises. IGN recently named the Alien franchise it’s 13th favorite:

“Despite the progressive deterioration of the films, the Alien franchise is one of those series that inspires argument no matter how casual a fan one is. From its precedent-setting choice of leading-lady as action hero to its continual use of idiosyncratic directors for visual flair, the movies have always had style ”” even when they had little substance. Meanwhile, James Cameron made the best film of his career with the second installment, which could rightly be called a war film as much as a sci-fi or action tome. But whether your tastes run to Cameron’s pyrotechnics, Ridley Scott’s elegant horrors, David Fincher’s muscular storytelling or Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s impish sense of humor, there’s something here for everyone.”

You can check out the rest of the comments over at IGN’s article.

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  1. Depredador
    "Ridley Scott's ALIEN" is the best for me,  but what about a  new  ALIEN  film with Ridley conducting the orchestra.  I KNOW  is only a dream.
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