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  1. Heavy Metal Spike
    The August 12th date is accurate - it's when the bootleg hits the streets    :D    Latest rumours indicate that a member of the press at the advance screening is going to smuggle in a camcorder cos he's so pissed he can't trash the movie in advance.  Oh - and that 5th poster ROCKS!!!! - way better than the official one!
  2. J
    THOSE ARE THE MOST HEAVIEST POSTERS I'VE SEEN.     I can say honestly that I can not remember a time I have been excited about a movie ... ANY MOVIE! and I can't believe it is now a matter of days before we get to see it ...   ... I SIMPLY CAN NOT BELIEVE IT FOLKS, I just can't!!     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
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