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AvP Premiere Cancelled?

According to Cinescape, the premiere of AvP, which was supposed to be today at Grauman’s Chinese Theater has been cancelled. With this report and what Lance Henriksen said, it appears Paul Anderson is still working on the film.

“ALIEN VS. PREDATOR had been listed on the Mann Theaters website for a scheduled movie premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater today, August 10. However, the listing has now vanished, and the scooper that sent us the news has informed us that the premiere has in fact been cancelled. Perhaps there might have been a kernel of truth to those rumors after all… “

What I don’t understand is how the MPAA could rate an unfinished film but Alien vs Predator is still scheduled to be released on Friday.
Thanks to BoB for the news.

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  1. Jonesy
    I think they, Fox and the MPAA, probably have an understanding about what it takes to make this film PG-13, so they could still be working on stuff that wouldn't effect the rating.  It seems incredibly late though; like someone else said, how are they gonna get the reels to the theaters? I don't know anything about that though so who knows. I'm also surprised that they didn't have at least a near finished film for the premiere that they could have shown; its bad publicity - they must be making major changes.
  2. BKB
    Now how the hell does this happen when I already have tickets I purchased just last night before going to work for Thursday night, Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon?? If it's not finished, how the hell did they sell me tickets to it?? Has this ever happen to a movie you can recall in the past before it's release date??
  3. Somebody
    Do not fear!  Paul Anderson and FOX know what they are doing!  This movie will be done one way or another.  Prepare yourselves - the greatest battle the universe ever seen is about to hit the big screens   YEY!!
  4. Predgirl aka Lavon
    If its not showing on the Friday then why all the TV spots are changed to instead to August 13 to now Friday. I just seen some saying on Earth Friday.  Also I checked my local theater website like I said before and it has AVP on it and the times its showing for Friday and also Saturday which thats the day I have to go see it.  I thooght to shine some hope.  I hope its out Friday because why show an unfinished flim.
  5. Orion The Hunter
    I don't exactly think they will change the PG-13 rating to R at the last second. But we can hope for the R rated version of AVP on dvd when it comes out.
  6. Orion The Hunter
    WIll this mean it won't show on August 12th for the preview showing. Because I just got a ticket for it from and now I'm worried that I'll have to drive 2 hours just to realize that the canceled the showing. I need to know.
    Paul Anderson didn't premiere the movie because critics would have said the movie sucked.(im not saying the movie sucks)And if it gets bad ratings it will likely not attract people to see it. Plus Paul Anderson has made lot of shitty movies. I'm a little scaried that Paul willl f**k up another movie.
  8. Somebody
    Here is proof of AvP being edited: Okay. Play the AvP trailer and stop it at 1:51. The image is suppose to be Celtic on the ground. Now, open the Celtic vs. Alien fight clip, and go to position 0:34. The ALIEN IS MISSING IN THE TRAILER!. Lol...kind'a wierd, huh???
  9. G-Dog
    Yeah man, that would seriously shut those assholes up (over at AICN) and others like them that think this movie is stupid. IF he pulled some shit like that to please the fans for real, shows eveyone what type of fan he really is. This is all assumptions and what not though, we'll see this Friday what the hell has been going on with AVP finally.
  10. G-Dog
    I think Paul is trying to pull something good here with this "editing" process. We might be in for a surprise! I'll be damned if Paul lets them (FOX) take any other thing(s) away, I get that feeling from the comments that Sanaa Lathan and Lance have said about paul and his dedication to this film.
  11. G-Dog
    who knows man? (topman) I don't think it would be that hard I mean throw in a couple of deleted gory human death scenes that I know Paul shot anyway, and bam, there we have an R-Rated movie I think. Post # 29 lets us know that yes it can be done..
  12. shakermakerman
    Is the rating system a law?   No, the rating system is strictly voluntary and carries no force of law.      Can a rating be changed?   Yes, the rules permit movie producers to re-edit their films and re-submit them in hopes of receiving another rating. Producers may also appeal a rating decision to the Rating Appeals Board, which is composed of men and women from the industry organizations that sponsor the rating system. A two-thirds secret ballot vote of those present on the Appeals Board may overturn a rating board decision.    I JUST COPY AND PASTED THAT FROM RATINGS .COM
  13. G-Dog
    YEAH BABY!!! my theater posted AVP times for FRIDAY!!! f-k yeah!!! (not midnight on the 12th though, bummer) not that anyone here gives a shit about my times............
  14. flonge
    Bringer of Death: You are right, but you have to admit that there is more voilence, gore and blood in PG-13 in the year 2004 compared to 1979.
  15. G-Dog
    J, about the R rating, i'm just talking out my ass. I figure, MPAA already rated this movie PG-13, so, Paul is still "editing" this movie? you know what would b really funny to me? if we see bloody as hell bodies hanging upside down and seeing the predator's blades cut down into one of the guy's head......get where I am getting at????    ;D    Bringer, breathe man!! LOL! good shit.
  16. sexualpredator
    hey Bringer of Death, how can they call him an ugly sob instead of an ugly mf and still try to make it look cool? thats a classic line of continuity
  17. Bringer of Death
    I dont know why the hell you people keep insisting that if Alien 1 were at the theater in todays time it wouldnt be rated R, well the fact is is that the directors cut was released last october and got an 'R'  rating so i dont know what the hell you people think your talking about but an alien being breaking through some human beings chest and loads of blood and gore shooting every which way is a deffinate R rating 100% no matter what way you look at it.The only reason AVP wont be R will be due to the lack of harsh language and human graphic death scenes.The fact that were going to see florecent green blood and yellowish acid blood is not looked apon with such repercutions like it would if it were depicted as red human blood.So stop trying to say that alien 1 pg 13 material in this day and age because facts are facts and this was proved that it is indeed still RRRRRRRRRRR material.
  18. Somebody
    I don't think that this is related to MPAA rating. AvP got a PG-13 certificate.  Paul Anderson is just looking over and over again the movie, to make sure that everything is okay. If he finds some problem, especially CGI related, then he will correct that! It's a good thing that Paul really takes his time on the movie.......I would rather see a finished product, than a unfinished product on the 13th.....
  19. vamp
    there is always the fact that it would b 'r' if it was in 1979. Because Alien was rated 'r' back then so it would be PG-13 today because the requirements for an 'R' rating has changed. So to conclude it is probaly just as good (im hoping better) than the other movies. i may b the one of the youngest avp fans but i know wat im talkin about
  20. G-Dog
    Its still coming out on the 13th. Got to have faith I guess, it just seems as though its too late for tweeking to me. And yeap, goes to show you how serious Paul is about AVP, really is his dream come true as well....
  21. Oh
    Yeah, but with Riddick they cut it down to a PG13 from an R,    with AVP it would have to be the other way round, but who cares   I GOT GREAT EXAM RESULTS    ;D     Yay me!!
  22. tribalcore
    not that it matters but the movie batman forever was finished the day before its release date. but gotta give paul anderson credit at least hes putting his time and efforts into this to make it as right as possible. guess we'll have to wait and see
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