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Report From Comic Convention published a report on the San Diego Comic Book Convention and apparently, the audience were treated to a sneak-peek at Alien vs Predator and they greatly appreciated the footage:

“Alien vs. Predator, in which two big-screen villains face off Aug. 13, enjoyed huge applause during its footage montage. “These are the fans you want to impress,” said star Lance Henriksen. “Because if they don’t like what you show them, you’re cooked. These guys know how to use the Internet.”

Along with that, the website attached a clearer shot of the Alien and Predator faceoff as seen above. Thanks to BKB and Izzet for the news.

Update: IGN FilmForce also had something to say about the event.

“The Alien vs. Predator four-minute battle shown during the Fox presentation. People thought it was pretty damn incredible, too. They weren’t too keen on the “talky scenes” that were shown alongside it, but the fight was beloved.”

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  1. Baseman
    The Actual movie Premiere will be here in Hollywood, CA and the MANN Gorman's CHinese Theater.   That sucks though that my AVP buddies outside the US have to wait so long.     ???  
  2. Predgirl
    About how long the movie I wouldn't trust yahoo that much.  I was checking my local theater which is call CinemaCenter its in the USA if you go online and look at the movies it shows the time and rating to and I was calculating some of from the yahoo time which most of them was wrong especially the new movies that just came out.  The Cinemacenter site had the correct times, but yahoo had the wrong times so there.  I thought to share some light things and for abdul I hope you right about the time what theater does you friend works for just wondering.
  3. Baseman
    Celtic Predator:  I know that the pred shown here is not the Celtic Pred, but if you read my description of the scene in the PG 13 forum, the Celtic pred fights the Alien that is seen face to face with this other pred.
  4. HellAlien
    Terhou, the reason is simple. I was chasing some preds for dinner, they r tough lil bastards. I lost an arm in this one. But dont worry it will grow back.    ;D   Eheh   Oh and sandman, AH AH AH ! very funny, not cuz Fox has done a BIG HELLISH MISTAKE !! that i will be sick cuz of it. I havent been able to eat any preds for a lil while but its cool now.   Anyway, this comic thing is great news. we needed something like that to get our confidence a bit higher eh. AVP will be awsome END OF STORY ! Like i said in tha past, a rating wont kill a movie, the movie itself will.
  5. MoBiUG
    So then... By my reckoning, when I finally SEE the film on October 22nd I'll already have all the toys, and have read all the horrific reviews and probably know the ending because of the damn internet.
  6. Xirmatul
    Lord HamsteR, I know and it's kinda tempting but I'm not gonna do that. You said it. I wanna watch AVP on the big screen, with THX dolby surround when I see it for the first time. I don't wanna see some low quality video on my small monitor screen. But thanks.
  7. Lord HamsteR
    Xirmatul-if you wana see AvP in cinima youl w8 till Nov 4th but iam prity shore the movie will be on vidio,vcd and on internet much erlier the October even!!  btw i think that Lance is wrong..cous the game fans and alien\predator fans where preing fore thise movie and from what i have saw in trailers the movie will be better then 2 class spider man which had 120 milion fore making the movie!!
  8. Xirmatul
    Cetanu, you don't know how lucky you are. August 13th is just a couple of weeks. I still have to wait until November 4th. Damn europe release.  It's great to hear that fans liked this preview screening.
  9. Cetanu
    Is it me or does the lighting in that shot make the two badasses a bit too pale. Quite frankly the shot that that I've seen in all of the trailers had better visual quality than that. I really cant stand it anymore, having to wait till August 13th. If you remember baseman's report on the footage, the fight that started shaping up between Celtic and the alien sounded like one that would win at the MTV movie awards for 'best fight'.
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