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  1. Hell Alien
    Cuz that what we want. to be surprised. Cuz I dont just want to see a remake of preds and aliens. I want more stuff, more knowledge. Like that movie will answer so much questions, will make knew ones to but it will finaly answer so much.
  2. Hell Alien
    Beside I dont think that Im the only one thinking like that. If they are to put an predalien in the movie, better do it at the end but not that end. Just about before you see the final with the queen. Like if the movie last 2 hours= in the last 20 mins of it.
  3. Hell Alien
    I hope there will be one, cuz now we have a chestpredbusta but no pred alien. I say this cuz I dont want ant of ya guys to think that THERE WILL BE A PREDALIEN. cuz if not for any reasons, ya all be very disapointed. So what Im saying to myself is that there will be no predalien or lil chance of it. so if thers one, then fine will be cool. But if theres not, then fine will be cool too. The movie will rock anyway. Predalien or no
  4. Variable
    We know that there will be a Predator/Alien because we are into this stuff and read all the articles. We are expecting one. All  the other people of the world who dont  keep up to date are going to see this thing in the movie and think its cool and scary. They arnt ready to give away the movies biggest suprise.
  5. kyle_kurtz
    dumbasses if they showed a predalien thayd give it away, if the even do, its be kept under wraps, omg plz ppl get an education, oh wait, some common sense, ok?
  6. Grrrrrrr
    Predator looks great. Not too much of him shown...  But I argee with those who say the alien is not so good. They could have done a better pic even with their animated puppet they have. Gezzzzz....  The shoulders of the alien look funny like too bulky or just not made right.  Othwise more items to buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  7. Rusty Nails
    Predator Punk: "They both look awesome and I'm seriously thinking about buying the Pred one to put on my bedroom door. Nothing like waking up to see Pred staring at you. " Lol, I have recently bought the Predator teaser poster and I put it right above my bed so everyday I wake up I see a big ass predator staring down at me.    ;D   Nice.  -Rusty Nails
  8. Rusty Nails
    First of all, how the f**k do you guys expect the alien from Alien to move around and do combat with a predator? It's big, clumsy and mechanical looking and certantly NOT fitting in this kind of theme. Remember that the alien is adapting to its environment (Ash says it in Alien man..) so the way it looks now is pretty damn neat if I may say that.  If they would use Scott's design in this then I'd just puke over the movie seeing that big clumsy suit jumping across the room fighting predators. Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome design, but better used in movies such as Alien, not a COMBAT movie between three different species like this. Maybe the design from Aliens would've worked, but the head wouldn't really blend in that good with the pyramid, so a smooth-head would prolly be the best move to put on them.  Control: "why not? dont tell me cuz its a spoiler." Okay I won't tell you that. - Peace out people.  -Rusty Nails
  9. Venenoso
    that Alien is brown, they probably based it on the AR design which i don't get, since most ppl disliked the AR design/or prefered the other Alien designs.  i'm pretty sure PA had nothing to do with those posters, but why should he, he's probably working his ass off now with the editing & sfx-crew, it is really up to fox to promote the movie. Still its kinda lame that we don't get real posters of the AVP Alien, thats what i want to see
  10. avpmaster132004
    Alien from A:R was my favorite then Aliens design but they should just put A:R head on Aliens design   ;D  That would be awome!!!!   8)  
  11. Variable
    I will definetly by the predator poster. Not sure about the alien. It doesnt even look like the alien from AVP. Its a shame. If it didnt look like the AR alien i wouldnt have a problem buying it.
  12. Alien Emperor
    Scott's design rules all, The giger's alien looks to much robot with all tose wires and cables in the head of the alien and with ALIENS i miss the smooth head.
  13. Lurker
    I think these posters aren't going to be showing up at your local theatre anytime soon.  They look like ones you'd fine at at the poster store at your local mall.   Almost every genre movie has them,   and AvP is no exception.
  14. Pvt Hudson
    REAL PREDATOR! AMEN! AMEN! man, i keep getting banned from other AVP board because all they do is moan and groan and bitch about shit thats already been explained or something so it frustrates me and i explode! and their only excuse for htis movie to be bad is how come its on earth, it ruins the continuity, and i gotta explain it for the 100th time over and over again!
  15. avpmaster132004
    everything looked perfect to me exept the alien should be more black, have dorsal spines, and not have a purple mouth!!!   >:D   but over all i think this movie shall inspire a series of avp movies!!!!   ;D     P.S aliens rule over predator( :   :)  
  16. Hell Aliens
    Actually, they are suppos to represent the things that we are goin to see in the movie Yautja W. But like you said they are not the actual movie since in the movie, everything is seeming perfect as for the aliens and preds physics. The alien on the poster dont look like the one in tha movie that much.   But for the mask thing, even in tha movie ya can see that its a bit like falling off the face.
  17. YautjaWarrior
    I personally like the posters better than the white one, (the pred looks really cool) but they're still just the POSTERS people... not the actual movie.   :-\  
  18. Hell Alien
    Hey sandman, I think that you misunderstood me. I was actually saying that the pred was looking pretty cool like that. With his thumb pointed at him. He look bad ass. A pred with attitude. Well he got even higher in my coolest things on earth. He was 5 now he is 3. Me first then avp then tha pred. Eh eh.  And one last thing, do ya ppl think that the mask of tha pred is almost looking like he is gonna fall off any moments? I mean look at it, hes almost slepping off the face of tha pred.
  19. Venenoso
    sorry but i think these posters are bad, looks cheap, a Pred standing like a model or what and with those blueish colours in the background surrounding, it should only be like that on the logo "AVP" imo. What i would really like is two sort of 'clean' posters of each Alien & Pred, in full size (so we can see the whole), not with all these colours. A little like the official poster, but not necersarily with white background. Oh well thats just the sort of poster(s) i wouldn't mind buying, but these ones, not a chance.  Anyways from the footage we've seen from the film the Aliens looks very good, and no need to comment on the Preds, they look awsome, so i'm still very positive & excited   ;)  
  20. Predgirl
    Hey I think both posters are cool so whats the big deal they are only posters people.  So there is some problems and how would you like the Predator to pose just make him stand there and look clueless.
  21. Predator Punk
    They both look awesome and I'm seriously thinking about buying the Pred one to put on my bedroom door. Nothing like waking up to see Pred staring at you.
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