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Sigourney Weaver on AvP

Over at, they’ve had an interview with Sigourney Weaver about her new film The Village but they couldn’t resist bringing up Alien vs Predator in the conversation:

…Which reminds us — “Alien vs. Predator’ is also coming out this summer. Was Weaver asked to participate?

“Oh, I think they knew my point of view. The reason I died in the third one was to avoid any more conversations about that. … Though, unfortunately, I was brought back to life for the fourth one.”

But even though she’s personally had enough of carnivorous space creatures, she wishes the fifth film well. And she knows who she wants to win, too. – “Oh, the Alien, of course.” says Weaver.

It’s a bit of a back-track for her considering she was against the idea of AvP from the beginning.

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  1. Arnin
    Well, one thing I have to say is this: The commercial for Resident Evil 2 was really good, I saw it when I went to Van Helsing yesterday. So maybe they've learned their lesson? Or maybe some simple math?
  2. Arnin
    Well, one thing I have to say is this: The commercial for Resident Evil 2 was really good, I saw it when I went to Van Helsing yesterday. So maybe they've learned their lesson? Or maybe some simple math?
  3. AvPFrEaK
    I don't know.Basically all I have to say about this movie is that I am glad that someone finally had the balls to put the AvP mythology to film.Yeah i know its paul anderson blah blah blah.i personally would have loved someone liek james cameron or ridley scott to do it.but hey, at least paul showed some bravery and just made the movie.hey most people dont realize this but wut he he took alooooooot of guts. i may not agree with his proposed ideas for the film but i wont judge the movie until i see it in august. until then...thnx paul    ;D  
  4. The Papertang
    oi who the hell comes to a AVP fan site then dises the movie u soud like i dickhead armon, if u think the movies goin to be crap then dont see it     >:D  
  5. armon
    i think that the avp movie is set in between the second and third alien movies or maybe im wrong what i think is if they had made andriods with red blood i thought they would of kept i.e ar "call" the droid .in respect to how the film is going to turn out i think that paul anderson writing his own script was a bad idea i mean come on the only reason this guy got to direct this movie is beacuse everyone thinks he is good at converting video games but the original books where out long before the videogames and the books are fantastic he should have got steve perry to do a screenplay from his book "prey" and had lucy liu in the lead role this book is fantastic the predators team up with humans to defeat the aliens and alien queen if you read the books the predators are alot more loyal to the hunt and will kick the aliens arse no questions asked . If he had read any of the books he would of used them i just dont seem to get how the predators managed to keep these pyramids a secret if you read the "cold war" book predators cant stand the cold they are cold blooded beings and need the sun hense this is why they always hunt in the summer it is true that the young predators train on aliens also know as hard meat but not on earth in some stupid pyramid. humans are the ultimate hunt to the predators because we have weapons and only fully trained preadators are allowed to hunt humans so i will see how it turns out but i think its going to be a popcorn flick for the kiddies and so fox can get as much money as possible out of us i think the film fans have been waiting for years for is going to turn out crap but the fans dont really count do they.   8)  
  6. The Papertang
      8)   hey it seems that im the new guy on the block so eny one that wants to talk to me about aliens or predator what ever turns u on ... lol well im more then happy to talk about stuff and i think that the predator will win cause he is made to hunt and kill but thats not up to us i would relly be thankful to who ever adds me to there msn by they way my msn is    8)  
  7. Epileptic Peanut
    Hi everyone, I've been an Alien/Predator fan for a long time and I've also played the AvP games.  I'd just like to make a recomendation for those who haven't seen the trailers yet, not to watch them.  I've seen only one so far and it was good.  But I watched every trailer available for the Matrix Reloaded when it was new because I couln't wait for it to come out.  This, in turn ruined my cinema experience while watching it because I've already seen all the good bits.  So if you want to really enjoy the AvP movie, try to watch as few previews possible.  Epileptic   ???  Peanut
  8. Weapon X
    Man you swear alot wich is not needed.R u trying to make people think your a big tuff guy or somthing? you just sound like an idiot and i highly dobt anyone is going to want to talk to you or add you to there contacts on MSN.   ;)  So quite with the tuff guy act, nobodies buying it especialy me.But I will agree with that this movie will rock.
  9. Alieor
    The aliens rule. I totaly agree with you Ripley.And the Predators suck,using all of their h~teck weapons.The aliens always fight with their own body.
  10. Aliminator
    WOW, alien fanatic, you sure don't know what you are talking far, predaotr has 5 VISIONS!!! thermal, electromagnetic, pred-tech, neru, and...hmm forgot the last one...  ~Target Eliminated~
  11. Aliens fanatic
    Alien will win because they are cold blodded creatures and predators can only see in heat vision  (anyone remember when arnold got covered in mud in Predator 1)?
  12. Cyber Shadow
      >:D   I want Predators WIN and I do hope AVP does not ruin both series that have been made so far. I hope they will not give much detailed info about the origin and/or preds and alies life it
  13. elspin
      :)   oh, and as for the acid, in the old stories predators armor was made out of the same stuff the aliens exoskeleton was made of, so it was immune to acid. But they woar full body armor when fighting aliens, for obvious reasons.
  14. elspin
      :)   Despite seeing Lance Henrikson at this years wondercon and hearing his assurances that this story is one all at its own and doesn't borrow from the other aliens vs. predator stories (like comic miniseries and novels) it sounds an awful like a combination of them to me. The whole deal in the snowy region of the planet is from a series called "predator: Coldwar" where a Predator ship crashlanded in siberia and the americans and the soviets (they were still soviets when it took place) raced to destory the preds but more importantly get their goodies.  The "teenage predators" was done in the original AVP miniseries of comics (also a novel adaptation called AVP: Prey) in which young predators and their commander (a grizzled veteran) went to hunt aliens as a coming of age ritual. In the extended avp series predators (as it turned out) where the ones responisbile for spreading aliens throughout the galaxy so they could hunt them. In that story a female heroine human ended up forging a kind of unspoken alliance with the last pred (the commander) and attempted to destroy the hive, I bet that is what happens in this movie. This Lex woman will end allying herself with the head pred ( the making of featurette on the sight already refers to him as a major character) to destroy the aliens and save her human companions. Pred's are obviously the lesser of the two evils. Stll this is all my speculation based on the information, but Fox loves to rehash old and proven stories ( i mean it is a Aliens and predator movie) and we'll see. I'm not worried though, Henrikson also said there is already a contract for a second AVP and another alien movie too. So if this one sucks Fox has to chances at redemption. And even if it sucks it's sure to be entertaining still.
  15. Predgirl
    Now thats fuuny shakermaker with the suit wearing it just to scare old ladies.  To Aliminator thanks for adding me to your MSN    :)  
  16. D1S
    About the wrist blades being so much longer: They're fighting Aliens with highly corrosive blood. They need to be able to slash them from a bit further away than they would a human.   And about the shoulder-burners beingthe size of "bazookas": The story says that they are young preds on a manhood ritual. They probably have bigger guns because they are inexperienced and need the extra firepower.
  17. shakermakerman
    sighs predgirl... i know what the space jocky is and all about the bio war ship he his in i was just wondering what it had to do with a v p.....i know u mean well but im a very big fan of alien and i know the ins and out to all of it .. maybe not so with predator but still a fan im making a predator suit as i allready have the armer and mask.. then i can run about nottingham scaring grannys loljk
  18. Predgirl
    Hello to Aliminator yeah you can have my MSN name just click on Predgirl ok.  To shakermaker the space jockey is from the first Alien movie.  Everyone is making this theory that the jockey was someone for the Predators, but he is not so don't ask ok   :)  
  19. shakermakerman
    Jase every one has there opinions buts your im affaid is in the minority... can some one tell wtf is going on all i can see i jocky this jocky that wtf has the space jacky got to do with a v p??? or is it an other spoiler from our so called friend?
  20. Predgirl
    To Bringer of Death I just got your email and repleyed back so hope to hear from you soon.  Also my MSN name is the same as my email address I also included that in my repley.   ;)    Yeah and thanks again about my pic of my Vamp girl and the alien too.  Your also gave me another idea for the painting too with the rescue crew of the Preds.  I wasn't going to include them becasue they were just in my dream until now I have this big idea in my head so I got to get cracking here with my idea and your help to thanks    ;D  
  21. Aliminator
    I TOTALY AGREE WITH PREDFAN AND PREDGIRL, i mean i hate negative whiners, gosh... so annoying and irratating. they are gonna jinx that movie...  predgirl, may i have your msn messenger or e-mail(embarrased/blushing)   :D  
  22. Bringer of Death
    Hey there Predgirl sorry about that   ;)  I got you r message and I have to say that your new pic your doing sounds pretty cool.The one with the girl vamp in the hive and the Preds are coming to rescue her.Also I thought your concept of the female preds not having mandibles was pretty unique.I'm glad to hear you do infact have msn because that way if we want to chat we can just do so back and forth rather than sending emails.I'll email you soon and if you want do the same me and hook me up with your msn email address.   :D  bye bye
  23. Predgirl
    No one here loves to think positive just negative boy if you sooooooooooo worried about this movie then take my advice DON'T SEE THE MOVIE   >:D    It is simple as that people.  I don't care if its lame, terrible or has cheesy action scenes or not I'm still going to see this movie no matter what is wrong with it. I love the characters and at least it has a story for it.  To Bringer of Death if you're there did you recieve my email yet or just forgot me, and yes I have Msn messenger I just never used it because no one I know doesn't have it thats all so you can chat with as long as you like.   ;D    So people stop hating and start loving or something this is the only thing I don't like is complaining.
  24. flonge
    It's not about pessimism... But It's hard to trust a director who hasn't bade any really good movies yet... Andersons best movie is worse than Alien 3 , I think, which I consider to be the worst Alien or Perdator movie...
  25. flonge
    Jase: the music will be symphony... Anderson said so in one of the featurettes..  The only problem I have with this movie now is that anderson seems to be doing something similar to RE, which by the way was ok, wasn't bad, had potential to be a really good movie, but simply wasn't gory enough... or scary... Anyway Aliens and Predators are great creatures in movies because of their different skills, which are based on the coolest concept I've ever seen on film. But I feel the claustrofobic Antartica setting is redusing their playground. I mean a predator in the jungle uses 50 feet tall trees to hide, and so on... An alien in LV-426 uses the cool buildings with different levels, and ventilation complex and so on... But in this pyramid... I can't understand how the aliens and preds are going to be cool...  For instanse, why haven't we seen a cloacked predator on the previews... are they not using stealth... this would very dissapointing, since that is one of the predators trade mark to hunt, with stealth...  And the aliens how are they supposed to hide on walls and melt things when this happens in a pyramid,  * I hope they have a base or something...* And how big can this pyramid be? ... We'll probably never see a predator hunting from great distance...   Now when it comes to weyland it could simply be that he has made himself half machine/droid, and he simply bleeds red, this would explain A3 ending... and AVP if he survives...  After what I understood from featurette 3 I think there's going to be a team of droids with which are Weylands... now.. If the shooting scenes are going to be similar as RE then I will never forgive Anderson. Because that is the most boring action ever made, the shooting in RE. I mean , I think even RE fans agree with at least the shooting being a miss in RE. Anyway, the droids should have granedes and some different weapons... I saw a G36 in the featurette, but man why havn't he shown us some more details about the weapons or the tools of the droids, maybe some *prebeta motion detectors* some nightvision..? flashlights, helmets, bodyarmor, flashbangs, all these small thing makes the action cooler, combined with the alien and predator weapons... BUT I SUSPECT this will be some more ANDERSON lame action with no, brains.... like RE just small shots at a time, with no lucid overview of the battlefield.. or any sort of idea of what the HELL is happening to the characters... I hope Anderson have learned from P1, P2 and A2....
  26. Jase
    This movie will most certainly be shite. It capitalises on the franchise in order to pull some big bucks for the producers. The way I see it, Aliens went wrong as soon as they gave the project to Joss Whedon. I mean really... Who wants to see Ripley get it on with the alien Queen. What a pile of horseshit. And that baby hybrid one... for christs sake.  Predator 2 was also a pile of steaming horse dung. This new movie... well... My guess is that it will have some cool effects and a crap script. They may even have some rubbish nu-metal bands doing the soundtrack. If I hear system of down during this movie, I will throw my drink at the screen.  I really have nothing against this new movie, I will go and see it just like everyone else who loves aliens and predators. But seriously....  If this movie is actually good, then I promise I will punish my bad judgment by watching aliens 4 again and if
  27. Aliminator
    (giggle)   :D  i think predgirl likes me.... anyway, back to the topic: is space jockey really the creator of aliens? and why are we calling them "jockey"???
  28. Predgirl
    Awww thanks there Aliminator.  To dmac yeah your right about people moaning I'm not moaner really I usually keep it to myself.  My point is if you don't like what your seeing then don't watch its simple as that. To Vekin your right about Anderson he even said he wanted to make this movie before the concept came up.  I believe with all his knowledge possible he is doing his best to make this movie happen and work for us the fans. Also I like want he is doing and so what  he did some bad movies at least they were entertaining to watch at some points.  So please people just be happy there is an AVP movie to go watch.     ;)  
  29. JTrebat85
    well I not sure about this whole bishop being an android in ALIEN 3 because if he is suppose to be an android then why does he feel pain.  He leaned over and felt his ear.  This is all just a mistake its just going to confuse the average viewer.  If Anderson wants to make bishop an android he'd better clearify it CLEARLY.  I don't know how hes gonna do that when the film is suppose to take place in the past.  Why not just say hes a clone, or that they froze him before he died of cancer.
  30. Vekin
    Paul Anderson stated he is a big fan of the Alien and Predator films. He also said he has thought about making this film for years and also while he was in film school. So I think somebody this passionate about a movie knows the kind of style this movie should have. True his movies before have not been the best. But he probably has more motivation to do this film then any of the films he has done before.
  31. dmac
    i know people have a right to an opinion but it drives me mad as soon as any1 starts getting 'concerned' to quote some1 on this page.GET A LIFE and stop acting like an idiot. these pages now is just all about moaning and the same will happen after its been and gone, even if its the best film ever u r going to complain. it annoys the life out of me, dont know why they bothered to make this film when people moan like this? i cant wait and to put it better GREATFUL!!
  32. Red_Beard
    I think that if Bishop Weyland is still alive at the end of the movie, it will actually help explain something that was kind of forgotten during Aliens.  In the movie Bishop seemed to become a bit akward after the alien species were found.  He was always studying the alien facehugger, and when ripley talked to him he seemed uneasy, like he knew something they didn't.  In the film I originally thought that this was to make the audience unsure if they could trust him or not.  But now it could be possible that Mr. Weyland had programed all of his robots to look for an alien species like the one he encountered in Alien vs. Predator.  Maybe?  Yes?  No?
  33. Aliminator
    damn right, kiler kakashi and predgirl!!! i love you both!!!   and ajustin6, if you gonna be disappointd, then don't watch then, and i can't wait to watch RE Apocalypse!!!!   :)    also, i bet that avp starts thousands years ago, like "the mummy", and then to present...OH!!! CAN'T WAIT!!! and who cares about the costume and originality..geez, single-minded, intolerant morons :"boohhoohoo...i gonna cry becasue the movie doesn't look oringinal..." geez, grow up!!!
  34. Rage
    @JTrebat85:  Some of your points are ok but: THE JOCKEY SHOULD NEVER BE A SERVANT OF THE PREDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is absolutely Chickenshit!!! It would ruin the whole Alienmythos. Fox should go down to Hell if this happens. And all who wants to see this too!
  35. cobracommander
    my expectations arent high but i hope im wrong + this film is good, i personally think the movie should have followed the novel, an exellent read.
  36. Predgirl
    Wow everyone has an attitude problem.  Well to ajustin67 I know were you coming from, but don't base the movie here on the game that was a totally different concept.  This movie is based on the other movies ok.  I never seen Resident Evil or played the games, but I think this well be a good movie for what I'm seen and yes I'm 20 so band me out because I'm with the younger crowd.  When I was young I watched both movies Predator 1 and 2 I knew it was rated R I nobody stopped me.  Now if the kid was from 7 to like 12 or something no they should not watch this or unless with a parent or adult.  About the 5 teenage Preds well their nothing like us as teenagers they are part of a different culture for one different species ok.  They were raised to train as hunters not play XBOX or listen to music on CDs or go and play sports and hang out.  The Predators are a warrior race not like humans who spend time being a kid until adulthood.  I appreciate you concerned of the movie, but I 've been a fan since I don't know when so at least don't mad at people who are younger than us because you think its going to be a kids movie most movies are seen by teenagers and adults alike so don't hate. To Killer_Kakashi you got some good points out too for the movie.  To Bringer of Death just wondering did you get my email.
  37. Bringer of Death
    Also I could have sworn I read or heard in one of the featurettes that the teen agers are the ones on the pyramid and that the 5 older ones come to clean up the mess they left so to speak or somthing like that thats why we will see the Elder Pred and the others..Scar, Celtic that I believe to be adults.But I could be wrong so dont take this as fact from me but as my opinion.    ;D  
  38. Bringer of Death
    Good points there KILLER K I agree with pretty much everything you had to say there about the Bishop thing.I believe that The Bishop was still an android  in 3 but had there red fluids instead of the milky white in case of injury and just as a fail safe incase Ripley didn't believe he was indeed Human. He could show her his blood or may have predicted that he would have been indured showing he has red bodily fluids to reasure her it was safe to give up the queen inside her.Also I am 21 and alot of other people on this site are OLDER than 18 so dont be nailing everyone on here with your know it all attitude, everyone is intiteled to there own opinion and ideas so chilax and just be greatful this movie is actualy coming out after so many years in limbo.
  39. Killer_Kakashi
    Ok, Yarah, I'm gonna explain how it all works. When Alien3 was made their were no real plains laid out for AvP. So the story was written that that was to be the real Bishop. But because of the knew film, the story changed to this.  Charles Bishop Weyland founder of the Weyland company died at some point during or shortly after AvP. Years later after the company underwent some changes and began to develop knew computers (synthetics) they decided to make a series model with the looks of their founder, out of respect is my guess. A whole line was run off. then a knew line was put together, an attempt at making synthetics appear more human, by changing the flued to a different color and modifying systems. It is entirely possible that this "special" model acts as a representative of the companies executives. That is why he has so much control over the others their. They use the new bishop to try and convince ripley to let then have the Alien. the plain fails and so ends the films.  The reason he tells ripley that he's the creator, is because of two possible reasons. A: He is programmed to believe he is the creator. B: A ploy by the company to give ripley more of a connection to him and a better chance of retrieving the alien. or this other reason i just thought of that makes a connection to AR. C: this model did create the previous Bishop model. He is one of the original Synthetics that began the whole Synthetics building synthetics. Kinda makes sense when you think about it. Explains why the first Bishop was so kind and helpful.
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