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Sigourney Weaver on AvP

Here we go again. Over at IGN FilmForce, Sigourney Weaver had a chat about Alien vs Predator and who she’d like to win between the two creatures.

“I hope Alien beats Predator, because I don’t want to see the Alien get thumped even in a digital Whatever It Is.” She doubts she will rush to see Alien vs. Predator when it opens. She also admits she was fine with the fact that Twentieth Century Fox didn’t pursue her to appear in the film.

“The whole reason I died in the end of three was that I really didn’t want anything to do with it, I just didn’t get the point of, after three good movies, making a kind of videogame movie. And I still don’t, except that obviously Fox stands to profit mightily from it and I hope they do.”

Three good movies, did she say? As for Alien 5, she keeps saying the same thing: “I don’t think I have time to do another one.” What else is she doing? I also tried to find a more capturing picture of her (as seen above) but I saw a clip of her latest film, The Village, at the weekend and I have no idea how someone like her can be in a future Alien 5 film.

Thanks to AvPWorld for the news.

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  1. J
    Lex is it,    BUT  at least lets finish this Saga first ( FOX, just finish this off, Res. was nearly as good as it should)  Ridley Scott or James Cameron for number 5   ;D  
  2. J
    pn2501, I just think how the fourth one ended was with two much of a question mark. Now, by NO means am I saying they should start doing Alien 6-7-8 and so on ( although that would be good   ;D  ) but so many, and I do mean MANY of us would've really just like to know the mysteries surrounding the first movie, I would at least mark the end of Ripley's chapter then this will start the new franchise off -  - Alien vs Predator.  Number 5 should be the last, then we can all know whats what, hopefully all our curiousities would have been dealt with.
  3. WB
    I like Sigourney Weaver.  In fact she is in one of my all time favorite movies, Death and the Maiden.  But If she cannot recognize and respect that this is not a movie based on a game, that this is not Freddy vs Jason, then she needs to sit this one out.    I understand her distain for guns, but the hardcore marines and war-approach was one of serveral things that helped make Aliens(2nd film) a success.  In Aliens, it was all about setting up an enviroment, an atmosphere, dictating the rules, before then breaking them.  No matter what firepower the marines brought, from the very first encounter, the marines were running their ass off to get away.  It helped build respect for the nature of the Aliens.  I hope she had no influence in Alien3 and Alien Resurrection concerning the role guns played.  But in my gut, it pains me that there is some truth to that theory.  AVP is war again.  I just hope Paul Anderson understands how to prey upon our basic insticts and can create an enviroment that helps to play up the stengths of the Alien and Predator's natures.

    Personally, I would like to see the Alien series continue without Weaver because her character has been through enough suffering and her story should finally be put to rest but I'm not about to pounce on her because she wants to do another one and she isn't into a crossover movie. That's ridiculous. She's done too much for those films to suddenly turn around and beat up on her because of her opinon.
      I agree.  But if she leaves the series, I hope she does not have to much of an influence in the future directionof the series.  She brought alot to the first two, even three films, but Alien: Res took the series into an uncomfortable direction, mythology-wise.  And the "Ripley" char in the 4th film does not bring any of the strengths from the Ripley char fromt he first three films.  It is only a crutch used in an effort to help bring some of the formula for success from the past films.  Alien: Res-Ripley is nothing more then a tool for marketing and piss-poor writers.
  4. iamthemob
    I personally think that Alien3 was a fitting end to the franchise...but Resurrection was a more interesting interpretation than we're giving it credit for...and besides, each movie is better considered as a project of the director and writer based on the theme. Whedon's interpretation worked for what he was doing, as did Fincher's and Cameron's. And besides, Ripley shouldn't have anything to do with's time for the monsters to shine.   On another note...does anyone know about how much influence/credit Dan O'Bannon's getting for the whole Alien temple concept or storyline?  I've been wondering...
  5. The Reverend
    Lol first of all pn2501 i shall own fox or they will be on their knees begging me to produce the Alien 5 movie with my kick ass story line i got going, MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you all shall remember my name. anyways i dont think Sigoney can do much to help with anything in a new alien film, dont you think?
  6. pn2501
    I'm a long time reader, first time poster.     J | 03 Aug 2004 18:2024 Come on Sigoney, AT least ONE more time!    At least do this last one one more time THEN call it aday, theres just too many unanswered questions ,( especially with the first movie).   JUST END IT ON A HIGH!!  Sadly in the Hollywood system that
  7. Predgirl aka Lavon
    I have nothing really to say about Weaver and I heard about the movie The Village.  At first the movie is probably ok until the end then it sucks a$$.  I knew what would happing anyway.  So I just want to see AVP now 9 more days.
  8. Saint Sinner
    Her involvement with this franchise should've ended with the second or third movie, but she just HAD to do that horrible fourth film. Sadly, there are actually people who think the "clone" Ripley's story should be continued and furthered with Alien5, but that's the last thing I'd personally want to see done. ANYTHING continuing where Alien: Resurrection left off should be completely ditched, infact. It's like the old saying goes -- You can polish a turd, but it's still doo-doo.
  9. El Diablo
    What's with all the hating on Weaver?    ???    So she isn't looking forward to AVP, big deal. The rest of us who have been waiting to see this movie for years will still enjoy it. It's not like she's going to sway the box office with a little soundbyte, right? She is still a wonderful actress who contributed heavily to the success of the original Alien films (I don't think they would have the same impact if she wasn't in them).  Personally, I would like to see the Alien series continue without Weaver because her character has been through enough suffering and her story should finally be put to rest but I'm not about to pounce on her because she wants to do another one and she isn't into a crossover movie. That's ridiculous. She's done too much for those films to suddenly turn around and beat up on her because of her opinon.
  10. HellAlien
    Well, its not so surprising to hear that from Sig eh. Anyway, the key that would put A5 to the level of Aliens or even higher, would be to put a good plot with Sig, cuz look in A3, nothing brilliant there exep Dillon. AR ? = bullshit. Even Johner was kinda crappy.  Sig wont do a movie by herself, you need to have her sorrounded by good actors. Look in Aliens, Hudson, Hicks, Newt, Vasquez, Almost all of the plot was good. We believed in them. They were the heart of the this movie( of course the aliens were kicking ass ! ) but you need damn good actors in a movie like Aliens.   Avp it will be the same, if the actors r good, it will make the movie go higher. But if its like AR or A3, it will be a dumb movie that wont get more appreciation then AR.   So if they make A5, make Ripley die in it and i mean DIE !!!!!!! Like i duno she could c the blood sample they took for cloning her then she would destroy them all. Thats it no more Ripley aftre A5. And you would need good actors that could support her role. + aliens that looks better than ever, no more poops aliens. Good action + damn good suspense. The motion trackers were giving Aliens a very tensful atmosphere. They would need to make something like it that could build the tension bit more.   The thing would be not to make A5 like Starship Troopers, if they do that, they will kill it from the start. They need 1/2 ST and 1/2 Alien, so that we have good action and good tension and suspense.  It would be damn possible to make Ripley back in A5 but she will have to c that SHE is not the alien franchise. That SHE will not make A5 a succes. They will need something like Aliens and Alien, the plot, crew, director etc...
  11. J
    G-Dog, Sigoney doesn't know the merger well between these two colossal beast, she doesn't understand fully about how these to creatures have created such a franchise EVEN BEFORE THIS FILM!  Don't be too harsh on her people, once she sees the movie am sure she'll look at the movie differently.  Alien 5 WILL happen, fullstop   ;D  
  12. Oh
    Whatever happens Alien franchise is already been done enough I think, at MOST 1 more film, then leave it.  Predator 3 would be a better idea or AVP 2
  13. Shadow of FUS
    Who cares about Weaver? God I never liked her.Only reason I ever liked Aliens was BECAUSE of the aliens! Its not about her.She isnt even f**king pretty.She's an old anorexic grandma.Lots of other people out there could take her place as a badass huge gun/mech girl like Tomb Raider.  What could we see in Alien 5? Howabout a great war between humans and Aliens.Imagine a ruined Earth and gigantic battle mechs and robot tanks we'd only see in Sci Fi Anime would be at the humans disposal to battle against the disease of the Xenomorphs!
  14. Darth Garuda
    They won't make more Alien movies after this rubbish is released.  I hated Ressurection, total pish.    They keep changing the creature making only recognise by it's extra mouth.    Why are the xenomorphs in AVP the same design as Ressurection's?   That movies aliens were not pure, they were hybrids as was the cloned Ripley.  They looked rubbish too.    They should bring it back to Giger or Camerons designs.  Not that it matters, 12A/PG 13 this is a kids movie.  Green blood only.
  15. Pvt Hudson
    Its sorta cuz of Sigourney that the series went down the tube! they were ready to cut her a big deal for her to appear only at the end because shed be in a coma in alien 3 and it would be Hicks kicking ass, but nooooooooooo she wanted hicks to die and keep the franchise hers! I have a feeling that AVP will be the 3rd place favorite for most people raning between  aliens, alien and then AVP! but i might put it in second place even though some people will say nothing can ever beat alien!
  16. G-Dog
    To Harry: Guess I should of said you're on crack instead, how's that?    ;D   and J, not to bad mouth her personally, she talks trash about AVP!!!! HEEEEEEELLLLLL NO.     ;D  
  17. The Reverend
    ok to all you people that think she should come back, WHY? what is the point not to mention how the hell are you going to make a movie with her and explain everything about the Aliens, THERE IS TOO MUCH. but really come on she's already a clone and you cant get much further with that, unless you use her as a reference to flach back too what happens after they land on earth and what goes on from their. but other than that it will all be done with out her help, but can be included. but i think i got a pritty good idea of were the Alien could go if they dont beat me to the punch.    ;D  
  18. J
    Sorry bro   ;D  , heh! but if it makes you feel any better I look at myself in the mirror all the time and do you know what that mirror says back ? ....   .... DAMN SON! how can you look so good and be a fan?   LOL        (Still agree though with Harry Turner and MoyasManic)    ;D     ;D   HA! HA!  AVP SOON ....      ;D  
  19. thinkugotachance
    i think that her career is just winding itself down, to the point where eventually shes gonna be begging for another role as im not saying that any of her recent roles have been insufficient, i just think her career peak was ripley and shes going to get old, out of work, and desperate but hey, maybe thats just what alien 5 needs, cause by the time resurrection rolled around she already had a mind-frame of "oh well all my other movies are good theres no way we can mess this up" she jus lost her hunger for making her character challenging and creative...but enough with her im still waiting for that damn trailer with the queen!!
  20. Heavy Metal Spike
    To Biz - R.e post #9 - friggin SPOT ON MAN!  he reason fights between the alien and Ripley were so interesting werer that they both have vicious tongues!  Muhaaahaaahaaahaaah!     ;)     ???  
  21. topman
    she is saying all those negative things about the movie is because she was not approached by fox. hence the quote "She also admits she was fine with the fact that Twentieth Century Fox didn't pursue her to appear in the film". see they didn't PURSUE her

    if fox did come up to her and ask her, she would have said yes i think.
  22. Elf
    Sigourney said that the script for Village terrified her for 2 weeks, to me it was confirmed bullshit when I saw the film for myself, god 2 hours of my life was stolen by that film.  It's time for a new heroine for the Alien movies.
  23. J
    BIG SENT., DOGMAN, both are great fans AND I always love hearin both you guys opinions ( beacause their always all contriversal and shit,    ;D   heh! heh! heh!,-I DO LOVE THAT!)   BUT...   I goy to agree with Harry Turner and MoyasManic on this one, THE LADY HERSELF IS A LENGEND, HOW YOU GOIN CUSS HER LIKE THAT, ( and you both have the nerve to look at yourselves in the morning and call yourselves fans, HA! HA! HA! HA! ,    ;D   )
  24. J
    Now good folk, stop all this bad mouthing her, just becauae she didn't say anything about she would do a number 5 doesn't mean SHE wouldn't.  The moment you hear of her doing the firth installment you'll all be saying ' yeah, shes back ' and alot of licking up shit, so lets stop all this negative karma torwards her, yeah?  She CHOOSE not to be involved in AVP because for her the series would never end, she bowed out allowing for some new talent to step in, AVP is a franchise of its own so it only makes sense to start a new.  She WILL do a number  5.....  its just amatter of time people.
  25. Harry Turner
    G-Dog, no need to be rude, thats just my opinion, i could say your full of shit, but i wont, you just have a different look on things,   and remeber me when they dont make an alien 5 or pred 3, or avp2    :D  
  26. Phil
    I don't think her appearance in The Village can be used against her. In the village no one was allowed to wear makeup. She was old for ressurrection too, but they did her up, as they would for Alien 5.
  27. El Demonio Cazador
    ....My opinion... this discussion is pointless... she can say whatever she wants... doesn't change a thing does it? AvP is about to be realeased as a different franchise,  so... less than 2 weeks to go!!!! to see summer's PG-13 monster movie... oh man...thats sad...but I'm happy at the same time...  as the Rolling Stones say: "You Can't always get what you want".... at least we're getting th emovie...I guess that's better than nothing...  Saludos
  28. J
    Come on Sigoney, AT least ONE more time!   At least do this last one one more time THEN call it aday, theres just too many unanswered questions ,( especially with the first movie).  JUST END IT ON A HIGH!!  ( YES, YES G-DOG, SENTINEL, HELL ALIEN, THINKYOUGOTACHANCE, AND ALL THE OTHERS, i've been gone awhile peeps)   ;D  
  29. MoBiUG
    I've said it before and I'll say it again - I hate their supposed ownership of the characters. That's Weaver, Cameron and Scott. They didn't create the creatures. They didn't creature either universe. It's not theirs. It's certainly not Weavers. She says 3 good films... and she doesn't like the AvP idea. Question - If Alien4 was so bad why did you take it? Surely the script was no better than the film, the basic story arch would have been the same.
  30. G-Dog
    She thinks the movie (AVP) isn't going to be any good without her............. think again biotch! and Harry Turner, got to say I disagree with you and you're full of shit to think that the franchises are going to go down because of this movie. Remember me when Alien 5 and Pred 3 or AVP 2 start being made. As for Sigourney, sure she can be a great (?) actress but to think that we watch the alien franchises because of her, again, you're full of shit. We watch, or at least me, watch the alien movies for the alien kicking ass before they put it down. Same for the Predator franchise, I want to see the pred up on the screen, could give a rats' ass about Danny Glover, although a good actor aswell. (Other movies). And SENTINEL, by your statements regarding  Alien 5 and Pred 3, saying that we seen the same thing before, would you want to see an AVP 2??? If so, why? Haven't you seen the same thing in the first AVP?? (think about that).......
  31. Jonesy
    Maybe she doesn't like that an 'Alien movie' has been dumbed down to a PG-13 kiddie flick too. I'll bet if you'd ask her, thats what she'd say. 'Ripley' wouldn't have anything to do with an 'Alien movie' made for 13 year olds.
  32. Variable
    All we hear from her is negative. She doesnt even call the Predator by name. "I dont have time for A5," what the hell is that? I respect what she did for the alien movies but now it more annoying than anything.    HOOYAH! WAHOOO! YEA MOTHER F******!
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