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Sigourney Weaver on AvP/Alien 5

Sigourney Weaver has once again shown her feelings on Alien vs Predator and what the future holds for Alien 5. Speaking to Sci-Fi Wire today, she said she specifically ‘avoided’ any involvement in AvP:

“Ridley Scott and I have talked about doing a movie where we’d go back to the original planet and get rid of them once and for all. I’m not sure where my allegiances would lie, but that would be the main reason why I’d be curious to go back and sort of see inside of Ripley who would win. We’ve got to do this… We haven’t compromised it. I really did die [in Alien 3] to avoid any contact with Alien vs. Predator. That was why I disappeared after the third one, because I’d heard that was an idea.”

If she really did die, why didn’t she just leave it there instead of coming back to do Alien Resurrection and we all know what a waste of time that was. Thanks to AvPWorld for the news.

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