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Sigourney Weaver on AvP/Alien 5

Sigourney Weaver has once again shown her feelings on Alien vs Predator and what the future holds for Alien 5. Speaking to Sci-Fi Wire today, she said she specifically ‘avoided’ any involvement in AvP:

“Ridley Scott and I have talked about doing a movie where we’d go back to the original planet and get rid of them once and for all. I’m not sure where my allegiances would lie, but that would be the main reason why I’d be curious to go back and sort of see inside of Ripley who would win. We’ve got to do this… We haven’t compromised it. I really did die [in Alien 3] to avoid any contact with Alien vs. Predator. That was why I disappeared after the third one, because I’d heard that was an idea.”

If she really did die, why didn’t she just leave it there instead of coming back to do Alien Resurrection and we all know what a waste of time that was. Thanks to AvPWorld for the news.

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  1. J
    G-DOG !! WELL DONE BRO ( it takes a BIG MAN to settle matters) am proud of you bro!!   ;D     ;D     ;D           now SENTINEL, your opinion hear is valid fan-man, HA! HA!   ;D  , what say YOU?   ;D  
  2. G-Dog
    Can't believe I am going to say this, but good post there Sentinel (#86). Good point on Aliens and Predator movies and about AVP. New age, I can dig that....however, if you are a fan of alien franchise, how can yo unot want another alien movie to finish it off right? Alien 3 damn near killed it. AR just hurt it more. Alien 5 can be awsome and have it finished off right.
  3. J
    Thing is though hudson, some many of us are used to seeing him as ' the rock ' wreastler but I DO believe he has proved himself to being quite a competant actor of his statue, believe me he would be wicked.
  4. sharp
    because alien resurection was a path into the 5th movie which is planned as a sort of big/battle/action film..  take terminator for instance, without t3, we cannot see the obvious signs that t4 will be a full blown action flick that everyone will love..  T3 was a waist of money to ensure the next in the line gains more money..  same with aliens, alien 3 - wiast of money, alien 4, waist of money..  alien 5? if ever done im confident it will be amazing because there is no way anyone would let paul anderson destroy the ACTUAL series.. it would be M rated to the least, show blood, action, violence and a war between marines and all hell.. wateva :D  aliens 5 will be awesome if made... simple
  5. HippiNutbuster45
    K you god damn hippis alien resurection would have been good if you took out that god damn ugly ass white alien! And I agree that killing off ripley would be a good idea if you want the series to survive (thats if she didnt kill it all ready). And any of you who think AVP is a bad idea you haven't goten into the Alien series and the Predator series enough. And if they do make an alien 5 and like SENTINAL  said im pritty sick of that aliens fighting marines shit. Overall i wouldn't mind seeing an alien 5 if it had none of that marine shit and predator 3 would be entertaining even if you did it with arnol schwartsenagar again.
  6. SaNdMaNxX
    jesus more alien movies damn that just f**king ridulous they just went down hill with AR witch wasnt bad but it was bad enough to stop making them
  7. Bg10
    I think that they should make another Alien movie, Alien 5. I think that the last Alien film would be made like the first two, Alien and Aliens. Alien 5 will be awesome! There needs to be another Alien film because Alien Resurrection did not leave the series off with a good enough ending! I really want another Alien film, maybe two more!
  8. JustAnotherAlien
    I only want to see three more things from these franchises. A Predator Alien hybrid, a preatorian Alien, and the Predator homeworld. (And possibly a space jockey.)
    I REALLY REALLY DONT want another alien or preditor movie, i think it is pointless, i think we have seen all that we can see about the alien and  predators, WE need to move on bigger and better things,something nEW ,fresh, like AVP,if alien 5 came out the same time AVP came out, i would want to see AVP hands down FIRST! ,F__k alien 5, it will just be the samething we have already saw,what could you possibley show in ALINE 5 that we didnt see already , aliens fighting marines in a huge war,the aliens space ship and one alien that kills all humans,one alien killing jail birds with no weapons,Ripley brought back to life with the alien strength,and 12 aliens get out and nearly kill everybody on a military space craft, we have seen it all people,the only thing that we have not seen,is aliens on earth,and guess what?AVP is taking care of that. AVP is the new age, and future of the aliens and predators,we need to move on to the new age of these characters and put them in differrent platforms. THERE IS NO IDEA bigger or better than AVP! i dont care if James camron himself told me that i was  stupid and you dont know what your talking about,well all i got to say to him is, your just mad that you didnt come up with the idea,and it just might be better than all of the last alien films that have came out in the past,im sorry..... but AVP has the power to be more powerful and intense than all of the last films put together.AVP is the way and anyone who think differently,im not going to just feel sorry for you,but your missing out!   8)   and SIGORNEY or what ever how you speel her name has just lost all of my respect.
  10. G-Dog
    Good thought.  I am one of those fans that don't want a repeat of Alien. Rahter have more action, than just one Alien again. I think there is too much story to tell and action to give than to have one alien terrorising everyone. I think that is why Alien 3 didn't do that well when it came out.
  11. MoBiUG
    I realise Sigorney, Scott and Cameron were the front runners with the Alien Franchise... but I hate their obvious air of ownership. Sigorney is essentilly poo pooing the AvP universe, but she's probably quite ignorant to it, as is probably the same with Scott and Cameron. AvP has endured several successful years with popular Novels, Comics and Videogames racking in cash for Fox while supplying fans with what they want. It's not some cash in that's been thought up overnight. And I hate their attitude towards it. No doubt it AvP had been their baby it would have been a very different story. Personally, I'd like to see one last Alien movie... but I don't want either Scott of Cameron involved. The only reason the Alien films are so watchable is because each installment is from a different director with different ideas and visual style. If Alien 5 is be a reality. I want it be by someone new. I don't want a repeat of Aliens.
  12. G-Dog
    Excellent idea with an all out war with the aliens and predators there BlgBilly. That would the shit!   About flying aliens though?? Thats crossing the line of copying the already cool story and action, but sorry piss poor acting job of Starship Troopers.
  13. hudson
    J, the rock sucks and should stay away from the pred series cuz he would ruin it! i hate the rock but i still think they should make a predator 3 cuz just 2 predator movies isnt enuff
  14. J
    Heres what I think, after AVP FOX may want to finish the alien Saga with number 5 ( and perhaps a predator 3 as well). If this movie does bigger than expected than they would want to keep the momentum going.   I think a both the franchise WILL be made separately, once they are made than roll on with the start of the new franchise, Alien vs Predator   ;D    P.S. the Rock would be the most idle person to play in Predator 3, he has a chrima about him and just has that ability to deliver lines SO well, not to coney or over the top, I changed my mind ...  ... he NEEDS to be in that movie, o yes   ;D  
  15. Ravager Alien
    I think that there should be a AvP 2 that shows all aliens and preds. like the ravager, the praetorian, and facehugger carrier. the hydra pred and the others. it should be held on earth when aliens ravaged it and preds come to hunt some aliens and they cant kill them all so they get lots of backup and band with humans to kill the millions of aliens and they activate the self destruct thing and wipe out earth, a helluva lot of humans, a good number of preds, and the aliens are dead, but other colonies are living. so with the few remaining preds and humans they go to the alien homeworld and try to wipe them out for good and either the aliens win or the preds and humans. also in the homeworld they should show different aliens. the story should involve the Lex girl to somehow like a descendant. so Alien 5 should just have the end of ripley with a glimpse of the homeworld. and AvP2 should be the end of all the species (and franchises. it should be named something like:                           Alien vs. Predator 2: Obliteration
  16. JustAnotherAlien
    Actually the idea of a flying alien isn't so far off. To the one that compared aliens to ants, did you know that some species of ants can fly? Imagine the possibilities. As if the aliens werent fast enough! That alone might revitalize the "scare factor" of the series. It would be like pitch black all over again. And unlike Aliens, that movie scared the crap out of me.  Just imagine the battlefield: marines fighting aliens on the ground, and their air force fighting aliens in the sky. I think James Cameron could pull that off.
  17. Morik
    Face it ! If Fox will ever made Alien 5 they will only do it with Sig alias Ripley - cause the major audience know Aliens only in conjunction with the actor. That was the case in the last Alien movie. I disliked Resuracton beyond believe. It was like watching your favourite movie series go down the drain for once and for all.  Besides, why does everybody says ALIEN 5 should go to the "homeplanet"? This planet from the first and second Alien movie IS NOT the homeplanet of the Alien Race IMO. This building in which the Aliens were "sleaping" until disturbed by crew members of the Nostromo were a starship, right??   So IMO it would be fantastic dramatic to find the REAL homeplanet of the Aliens. Maybe there they have natural enemies. An expedition could lead into a mission to hunt for natural enemies for a natural weapon against the Aliens.   And YES James Cameron is the only choice for a good ALIEN sequel, he is, in fact, one of the BEST Director of ALL TIME...  Just my two cents here...
  18. BIgBilly
    i would love to see a massive war of avp with thousands of preds and aliens and the preds could have armour that would cover thier wholy body. just and idea
  19. G-Dog
    damn...thats big, thanks for the info. Ever get that preview of AVP from that guy you metnioned a few days ago?  I got a question: who knows how to unlock more of the images for the AVP XD? Or where I can find more of them?
  20. Bringer of Death
    To answer your question  G-Dog, the alien i was talking about looked pretty much the exact same as a normal alien but minor differences and was drawn big enough to grab a normal alien in its hand wich covered from the little aliens shoulders to its knees, so i think it would be allot bigger than the ravager alien in extinction.Though that one is sweet looking too with its huge blade arms/claws , its sweet when it decapitates like 4 guys with 1 swipr of its arm.
  21. G-Dog
    YEah man, if those two worked together to come up with something, maybe Cameron t owrite it and Scott to direct it, or maybe a little of both, damn that would be bad ass. Keep all of the great ones, and of course, like I said before, keep Giger, and Winston to do ll the other god..........  Dunno about the flying and shark alien though bro. I mean, new ones? yeah, or just better improvements of the ones we have already. I mean, too much new creatures will seem...........weird? Its cool though, we'll see what they come up with.
  22. Hell Alien
    Yeah its ok G-dog, I mistunderstood ya there.   :D     But yes the alien was as big as the ravager, i think even bigger tho i dont know how big is the ravager. But the thing is that it was pretty wicked. A bit like the new born of AR, but scarier, badder, and better looking than that prick. But he had that whitish taint that the newborn had. But it was a Hell of an alien. IN fact he was Hell Alien !!    ;)     ;D   Eh eh.  And about those new aliens, i think that it would be cool if we could saw a bit of the wild life that was on the aliens homeworld, via the aliens themselfs. Like maybe a shark alien of 20 feet. Or a kinda eagle alien. Just to had bit more fear .  I dont want to see 20 000 new aliens, just a few that might be cool. And i dfenetly want to see a jockey alien. They could in the meanwhile say a bit more on the role of these giants in the aliens life. Since they go on the homeworld. But Im bit afraid that it might turn out like Starship Troopers. Wich I DONT want to happen. So i really think that cuz of THAT, we would need Cameron for this, or Scott, or both!! Eh eh.
  23. G-Dog
    Hell Alien: I know the ravager is totally different from the alien that Bringer was talking about, that being the Jockey's. What I meant was that it might be as big and huge like the ravager in the game compared to the regular aliens. Not necessarily the same form as in the game, but bringer was talking about how huge it might be that came from the jockey. Cool?
  24. voltz
    I wouldn't go too far with the different types, but I'd like to see what came out of the pilot and that would be something if it was a bigger monster then the queen.   More then anything, I'd like to see the original being used again.
  25. J
    A flying alien?? this rest I liked but an alien that flies?? The idea the threat can come from the ground gives you a chilling feeling, from the sky the danger is to open space, making for easy pickings ...  ... sorry if I can't explain myself properly but I prefer the aliens to scurry about on the ground ( like ants)
  26. predalienstrike.
    Yeah Stan Winston is very good in what he does. All the animatronics of him look very great.  hell alien, Thats a good idea all those different aliens. A flying queen would be very cool. Or a serpent like alien. There are enough alien designs to make, the old alien action figure lines of the past have some very cool looking aliens. a maybe differend from what we used to see. But its good for a new look   ;D  
  27. J
    Stan Winston definately, ( ages ago it was said that he would have liked to work on the AVP project but wasn't asked )  They REALLY need to bring back the KING of animatronics back on board, Stan Winston is the man who can bring freshness back to the Aliens, ( and thats no offence to the guys who have created the aliens to this movie) but it would have been nice to have seen a more metalic - look to the Aliens.  He mosdef. would have given us a whole new look ...  ... bring on the sequel for him to be on board, ( or Alien 5)   8)    As for Giger, need we say anymore about him!    ;D     ;D  
  28. Hell Alien
    Hey Bringer, i love your idea of the unseen true alien. True the only ones we saw were humans and dog. But what about the true alien. I might draw one. And then send it to fox  just in case.   And G-Dog, the alien bringer was talkin, the one from the jockey, has nothing to do with the ravager of extinction. Its an hole different alien. Very scary.   And about the thing of ripley changing from human to alien. I dont think its a so good idea. Mybe a inner change, the instincs and that kind of thing, but dont forget that she is mainly human. More human that alien. So for the alien dna to take over would be a bit ridiculous in a way. I would love to see her 1 last time. In A5, face to face with the empress of the aliens, a big bitch of 40 feet. Or Ripley sacrifice herself, or the empress kills her by a headbite or something.  On that planet we could see all sorts of new aliens. Aliens from unknown creatures, flying aliens, giant aliens, lil aliens. Maybe jockeys aliens!!     Eh eh, we should sent some scripts to fox guys.
  29. predalienstrike.
    J, yeah that is also a option. That she has a mind change. That would be good 2.Does anyone knows if there will be a preatorian alien in the movie? That would be cool.
  30. G-Dog
    I say bring Giger back to create a new look for evolved aliens, and bring back stan winston to create them for Alien 5 and if they make 6. Alien king? space jokey alien? damn, these things sound dumb, but what the hell.
  31. J
    Voltz, I also agree with the setting to be told just like the AVP arcade game.  just take alook at the game and see the potential of this, ALL directors should take note from THAT game.   :D  
  32. J
    Predalienstrike, although abit freaky does have alittle potential. She lowly starts to change into the one thing she fears the most, ( this doesn't nesassarly mean a physical change but perhaps a more mind change, becoming more and more primal, feral, MORE FEARLESS !!!)  And that could be it, from Ripley human to Ripley ALIEN. ( being the whole alien saga to a complete circle).   The one thing she despised is the one thing she'll become, in a way her worst nightmare.
  33. voltz
    Well actually I like my idea of having a backstory to Ripley's daughter some years after where she does pretty much the same job and comes upon the same site the bone ship was found, only to be abducted by the pilot race and leaving a link to where Weyland found the site.  Then Mr. Scott could do the homeworld where Ripley 8 gets a connection to where they're located and meets the original Ripley's daughter who has gone through many changes and could be the key to stopping them once and for all.   As for the earth conflict, I like the idea of seeing AVP take place in the future much like the setting AVP arcade had.  They could still do some of that with 5 to get things started, then I'd like 6 to be the end of it all with Giger, Scott, and Weaver at the helm.
  34. Nyder
    I like the idea of Ripley having another daughter (maybe with Johner??) and she grows up to be an unstoppable alien-killer.  She would even have some of the aliens dna.  Also they could get a young, hot looking actress to play her.    ;)  
  35. G-Dog
    Hey Bringer of Death, reffering to the alien that came out of the space jockey, you mean something like the Ravager in AVP Extinction for the XBox or PS2?   Ever think that it probably was the Queen in Aliens?  Just a thought. Leave orgin of space jokey out of Alien 5 me thinks. Who cares about the space jokey? More info on the aliens.....then again, they might come out with something good.
  36. Predalienstrike
    No flonge, it is not a space jockey. Just a Alien with more human DNA. If it was a Space Jockey it would not walk around like a big silly turkey. Space Jockeys are more advanced beings. If you look at the jockey in Alien it has a very different head.
  37. flonge
    is there a possibility of the last alien creature in AR; that it is a Space jokey??? When I first saw the AR movie in theaters I thought that ,that was the case...
  38. Predalienstrike
    What do you guys think of this idea. Ripleys coming back in Alien 5. But the xenomorph DNA comes more up and up again. And she slowly transforms into a xenomorph. Now that would be freaky. So then her character is going away    ;D   only on a different way.
  39. Roadkill Xeno
    Well honestly, I think the next alien movie should have a new lead (hopefully another younger female one maybe a kid who knows), but Ripley should be in it and die in the end.    :)  
  40. Colonial Marine
    honestly after resurection and alien 3 I'd love for them to go back to what worked...maby make an Aliens:Colonial Mariens movie insted of alien 5 ....I mean honestly I'd love to see somthing about another platoon coming to hadly's hope or somthing like that
  41. BKB
    I mean, am I the only one that could honestly give a rat's ass whether she comes back for ALIEN V or not??? I mean she really should've just stayed dead after ALIEN III instead of all this cloning, DNA bullshit and on top of that, I think the black chick named Lex in AVP is gonna be easily as good as Ripley was... I just don't understand all the appeal for Sigourney Weaver since she sounds like a Premadonna and to be honest: She's in no position to be dissing on AVP when ALIEN:Ressurection didn't exactly fire up the box office and was considered a joke and one of the worst in the ALIEN Series.. I'm anxious to see what her response is if AVP does really well and better than the previous films from both ALIEN and PREDATOR?? Hmmmm...
  42. Bringer of Death
    Galmorzu, click on the picture above of the alien behind newt and it will lead you to the page your talking about i believe giving scotts idea for part 5 and what not
  43. Bringer of Death
    I was just watching the alien legacy in the quadrilogy and in it Ridley Scott talks about how the alien takes the form of the host in saying if its from a dog you have a dog alien ours was from a human so we had a human alien , now what if we havent seen the aliens true natural form? mabey its not like the once we know the ones from humans.Mabey its something totaly different.Now i brought this up before but I would have loved to see what the alien looked like that came out of the space jocky in alien.Personaly i would believe it to be huge, bigger than the queen her self, seeing as how from an average size human being you get an eight foot tall alien now from a 16, 17, even 20 foot tall space jocky you would get a 25-30 foot tall alien/jocky hybrid that would and could destroy anything in its path.This idea was done in a comic i have , aliens apocalypes-the destroying angles and there alien/jocky was cool as hell but what i didnt like about it is that they made it a wild rouge that kills the other aliens.But on this topic even though i enjoyed Sigourenys work on the first 3 alien films she is indeed becoming stale and boring, it is time for a new or new( plural ) lead characters to be born into the alien universe.I personaly dont think she should even be in Alien 5 if it made, screw her you dont need her to finish the story and you dont need her to make the series survive , like im sure we'll see in andersons alien vs predator.No riply, lots of aliens and preds, hopefully lots of blood an guts = all the right things to keep either franchise stong and living.Now if they wouldnt have killed ripley in alien 3 and not cloned her in part 4 then ya i would like her to be appart of # 5 but since shes not even the real ripley anymore it kinda seems pointless for her to want to have the same passion to get rid of the aliens once and for all seeing as how she's practicly one of them now anyway.So i say keep scott involved to do his thing , screw ripley and reitroduce the space marines to find the aliens home world and have them go there to destroy it then get the jocky's involved some how.
  44. Shadow of FUS
    If its gonna be damn scientists trying to contain then its long overdone! Why not for Alien 5 reflect on how the xenomorphs are a plague of worlds and show Earth ravaged.Alien 5 should be like Aliens:Earth Wars
  45. Galmorzu
    No, it's not a rumor.  It was an article where Ridley was being interviewed, and in it he was asked about his plans for Alien 5.  He explained it all right there.  Look around and I'm sure you could find it again.  I originally wanted the aliens to have a homeworld, too, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense that aliens would have been creations.  Everything about their existance and biology suggests that they're a weapon, incapable of existing in any kind of an environment and still be a balancing force.
    i just finished watching the reaction to alien res   some ideas were a prequel with ridley scott on the alien planet and or showing how the derelict landed on lv426 or show the space jockeys reason for having the alien eggs                just an idea      this was before they knew about avp    which will kick butt
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