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Weaver’s Comments On AvP

I really can’t help but laugh when it comes to reporting news relating to Sigourney Weaver but yes, you guessed it, she’s once again made her feelings clear on Alien vs Predator in an interview on

“I always did every movie as if it was the last one. And one of the reasons I tried to die in the first place was to not have to be in `Alien Vs. Predator,’ which looks like a big video thing… I really don’t know much about the Predator, except it kind of looks like a hedgehog or something.”

And when it came to Alien 5, she hit the nail on the head with this quote:
“You know, I love the series. Ridley Scott and I have talked about doing one final one where Ripley goes back to the original Alien. But I think the chances of casting someone in their 50s (she’s 54) as the heroine in a movie these days is slim.”

Like any other Alien fan, I’d like to see Alien 5 – just without the involvement of Sigourney Weaver. Thanks to “Oh” for the news.

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  1. IgnorantLoser
    It's a little sad that you guy are completely bashing Weaver simply because apparently didn't want to be in Alien VS. Predator, as well as that she doesn't know much about the Predator.  It's fairly entertaining to read your long, thought-out, essays as to why this makes her a bad person, but I really don't fell like deunking them today. I'm a busy person with lots to do.
  2. Pregnator
    A well informed Actor/Actress, if they truly care about playing their part to the best of their abilities, not just to satisfy themself but their Rabid sci/fi audience who will be paying money to see them, makes sure they know everything about their character and the storyline to give the best performance they can...From the failures of Alien ressur- erection? and Alien3(AKA pay me millions of dollars to shave my head) ..Clearly Sig Weaver:  A)  Has very little knowledge of the Alien.......However lots of knowledge of the human factor----LT. Ellen Ripley, the company, unintelligent prisoners who could only fight by being bait and lighting fires.  The fun of alien was completely squandered by increasing the human factor, and substracting the alien factor (i.e 1 alien in A3).   B) Namely, less Ripley and more Alien is what everyone wanted.  Therefore she did not have any knowledge of what her audience wanted (namely Aliens #2 where there were more alien then ).  In R-Erection, she realized, OK more aliens, but lets talk about cloning, and Sensitive robots and a greedy military.  How many times are the same concepts of human evil and greed going to be contrasted with saving humanity in an Aliens movie!?!?  The people who see these movies are sci-fi nerds who want to know more about the sci-fi, and less about good and bad of human nature....we know about human nature, we don't know about Alien and Predator Nature.    For instance, I would like to see the Predator home planet, how the aliens/facehuggers were derived, maybe what does a female predator look like (does she wear lipstick on her spider face?)  Who are the space Jockeys?  Last but not least, which "alien", the predator or the alien, is the most powerful force in the sci-fi universe?  Sig weaver, if she does want to be in another alien movie should have nothing but positives to say about AVP....Why? Because Fox is waiting to see how successful AVP is to determine if there is a market for more Alien and/or Predator movies that stand by themself.    A note to directors/writers.....If your going to use humans in a sci-fi movie...don't make them weak, ignorant, greedy and defenseless all the time.  Use humans to uncover Sci-fi secrets about Predators and Aliens....So humans might have some equal that it is not an expected shock that 1 human (which most of the time is Ellen ripley) wins or gets her way.  That is boring.  Look foward to seeing AVP tomorrow, I have been waiting a LOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooong Time.  Go Predators!   :)  
  3. Weyland-Yutani
    Sigourney Weaver and the Aliens have always been the two stars of the Alien franchise.  I'd like to see her again out there in A5.  I really don't think she's mad at AVP because she's not in it, rather it's her own personal disdain for the 'vs.' trend; she did say she hopes AVP makes a lot of money for the studio.  As for 'I died to avoid AVP', I think that is somewhat of a free interpretation; in other interviews she said she just wanted to die to end the series, she didn't "want to be out there on an spaceship, there was an alien onboard, and no one believes Ripley" situation.    For the Aliens franchise, Sigourney probably doesn't remember what a powerloader is, she also didn't remember what Hicks' name was in the 2nd film, so what.  She's done way too many films and stage shows to remember everything.  She's not a fanboy.  Going back to A5, there's a reason why James Cameron refused to write Sigourney out of Aliens because "Ripley is the franchise."  The storyline has been damaged by the atrocious AR, but I would like to see an older Ripley out there facing the aliens one last time, to finally deal with where the aliens came from.  Plus new Colonial Marines with really futuristic weaponry would be cool.  They could explain Ripley being older by noting the accelerated aging that occurs in some cloning processes.  Even so, I think it would be very interesting for once to break the ageist attitudes of Hollywood and have an older woman being a hero.  P.S. Comments about being 'senile' and 'deaf' are rather immature and speak to the crudeness of some fans.
    The Predator doesn't look like a hedgehog, its more of a warthog and a praying manthis or some kind of insect. Sigourney has put on her hearing aidand glass so she can see the real power and danger of the Predator.
  5. Darth Garuda
    She got paid far too much for Resurrection and 3, she had far too much away over what happened to the character.  Why does she act weird all the way through Resurrection and then at the end just change to the normal Ripley?  Seemed stupid.  The Xenomorph has always been the star of the Alien movies, she's pissed because AVP has absolutely nothing to do with her character, she can't influence anything on how it pans out either.  I would want to see her in another, romping around on a zimmerframe.

    Just kidding.    ;D 
  6. macbeth
    Why on earth would Sigourney Weaver watch the Predator moives ? She is a respected actress I would imagine not a great lover of action movies.  For god sake the Alien movies are just her job and I bet she does not look on them as her opus.
  7. Darth Garuda
    A fricken hedgehog    ???   , the only part where a Predator resembles a hedgehog was when it was rising from the water in I.  Predator is one of the best creature designs ever, she's taking the piss out of Stan Winston Studios with that comment.   If she'd watch the movies and then see what the Predator was gonna look like I think she'd see how good it looks.    The original creature was complete shit!   >:D  
  8. ShinCrisis
    e_e;  She really disappoints me.  I don't her expect her to go and do a fifth one.  But, yeah...  She (probably) thinks AVP is a stupid concept.  Something like...  "Well, how about we take other movie franchises and make them fight!?  I mean, come on!  We had   Freddy Vs. Jason and now we have   Alien Vs. Predator .  Are we going to create   Riddick Vs. Darth Maul or   Alien Vs. The Terminator next?!"  I don't expect her to be hardcore about the film.  But, it'd be nice to see more positive comments about her.  It's a franchise that hasn't died out.  And, these Alien fans have been around since 1979 and Predator fans since 1987.  And, now they are like fans of the whole AVP thing.  Games, comics, and novels.  But, whatever... I hope the film is really successful.  I think it will be.
  9. J
    Folks, just because she   doesn't know anything about Predator doesn't make her ignorant. She obivousily doesn't know and understand the chemistry that theses to individuals have with one another, for her she sees this merger more a quick money making idea rather than seeing it the potential sucess   it will be.  Don't be too hard on her, she isn't a devoted fan of the Alien, O yes, she LOVED doing the movies no doubt but for her that was as far as it went, she saw it as a job plain and simple, her role as Ellen Ripley on the set, ONLY.  She has   not rulled out to do the 5th one and quites sees there being possibilities of ending it. Talking with Ridley Scott from time to time on how to end the series properly.   Its up to FOX in the end whether to persue to it or not.   8)  
    Hey just one thing I noticed about Ms.Weaver....        I just got the Alien Quadrilogy 9 disk dvd set and in all the interviews on the DVD's Weaver seems, I dunno, kinda stupid (to put it kindly).       Whenever she is talking about the Alien(s) being on the set she starts talking like a little girl. I mean for god sakes SHE COULDNT EVEN REMEMBER THE NAME OF THE POWERLOADER OR PULSE RIFLE!!!!. In another interview on the"Alien Resurrection" DVD she calls AVP a "stupid idea, and she wanted no part in it". Dont get me wrong I think that she is a good actor and did a great job in the alien saga....but I mean COME ON, she cant even remember the powerloader name! I dont think that says alot about herself personaly...anyways, I've said my two bits.          I just beg those of you who are Weaver fans to not "Michael Moore" me for stating this opinion.
  11. Melmac
    Hey Hunter X   8)    I hear what you're saying.  The problem is she don't know shit about the Predator, so she does not have much respect for the frachise.  If you think about it, for the exception of the Alien movies, she's not much of a star.  To me she has a kind of HALF-ASS persona about her when it comes to her movie roles.
    I'm shor that people don't want to see a 54 year old women fight an alien. And I would want her in AVP if it was the Sigourney that I saw in Alien and Aliens, not some 54 year old women holding a machine guns screaming quotes like " Get away from her you bitch" or maybe Biotch lol. I would want Sigourney Weaver if it was the late 80's, before all the shit movies come out like Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, and Predator 2. So forget about seeing a old women fight an alien.
  13. Heavy Metal Spike
    The Ripley character: Determined Intellingent Informed Aware Works hard to get results  The "actress that shall not be named" Apathetic Rude Ignorant Damned lucky to have gotten the original part  Just goes to show how good an actress she is!    ;)   Ironic she says "Get away from her you bitch" to something else!     :)    PS: Reports at the time suggested her role in 'working girl' was true to personality - now i can believe it!
  14. Saint Sinner
    She's just pissing me off now -- we know her stance on AVP. "Trying to die to avoid AVP?" Does she have selective memory, or is she just conveniently forgetting that Alien: Resurrection was made? The only reason she dislikes AVP is because the story, on the Alien end of the spectrum, goes on without her involvement. I wonder if anyone's asked Arnold who HE thinks will win.     ;)  
  15. Dark Predator
    You know, for the Alien 5 we really don't have/need to have Ripley - Sigourney Weaver. And for her comment on the Predators... I'm sorry but I really don't see the Predator looking like a hedgehog - this isn't Sonic!
  16. Knave Trub
    She's one of the least snooty, and most kind people in hollywood. Everyone has an opinion, and she manages to express it without "f**k you mindless c**t" and other rude insults. For those of you who constantly utter those objectionable phrases, you know who I speak of.
  17. Baseman
    Hey Ripley, Don't be a hater!  Hedgehog.  I love Ripley, I had a pet lizard named Ripley.  I don't know what is up w/ her now a days.  She doesn't see the alien xenomorphs as a force in the galaxy, something with history and direction, as let say, we who have read the comics and played the games.  SHe just sees it as a movie.  o well. BTW, I found out on moviephone that the movie is 87 minutes. Movie still cool.
    i think that the success of aliens f**ked up her mind along with her influence on the directors of alien 3 and ar made those movies somewhat bad       shes a snoody bitch     and all i know her for is ripley in alien and aliens and that is all that i and for a fact everyone else who is an alien fan should remember her  not as sigourney weaver but ellen ripley   she doesnt know shit of what shes talking about  one of the reasons avp is gonna kick ass is because she isnt in the movie to drag or slow it down like in alien 3 and ar
  19. G-Dog
    LOL!!! Ermac that was great. People just do not understand the whole concept of AVP. Do you have to be a fan of the pred also to know what the hell is up with this movie?? I just can't comprehend why people llike her don't understand it.I bet she hasn't even seen the Pred movies.  About the pred, I think the back story that is already placed on the pred and alien movies is messing it up for some poeple. I mean, take the pred for example. In Pred 1 the woman says that he comes and hunts in the summer times when its hot, (in spanish though), and in Pred 2, he hunted in LA during a record heat wave. (pred attracted to heat)...........all of a sudden now we have the preds in the freaking frozen continent. As for the Aliens, well, the alien movies, RIPLEY, a human being, a WOMAN mind you (no offense to females), and one person kicked alien ass, especially in ALIENS, and to think that 1 pred has trouble with 1 alien. Not to mention that if this ws made to be a stand alone franchise, (meaning no connection to the Alien or Pred movies)  why is there a reference to bishop for the Alien franchise? I guess these are the types of things that people are focusing and thinking of that ruin it for themselves. Like them f-king assholes at AICN!!!
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